The NEMA 14-30 adapter is no longer available

The NEMA 14-30 adapter is no longer available

The NEMA 14-30 adapter for the UMC is no longer available in the online shop. The NEMA 10-30 adapter is still there.

shop | 24. Januar 2015

I saw that. I've got an email into Tesla to see if that was intentional or a mistake. It is a very useful adapter so I can't think of a good reason to discontinue it. Then again they discontinued the 6-50 adapter.

sule | 24. Januar 2015

I'm glad I got both with the car. Didn't get to use 6-50 yet, but 14-30 I did.

Tâm | 24. Januar 2015

My guess of why NEMA 6-50 was taken off is the high 50A which did melt some first generation NEMA 14-50 adapters, so they either need to design a new thermo-protection NEMA 6-50 or just discontinue it.

I don't think there's a technical issue with NEMA 14-30 but may be the demand is too low to justify the production.

shop | 24. Januar 2015

According to he latest poll I ran, 28% of people used a dryer plug to charge within the last year. Over a quarter of owners. Thats a large percentage, so not a good reason to discontinue.

Ohmman | 24. Januar 2015

Sadly, I am in the market for one as I have a use case in 2 weeks... Maybe have to put a call out to borrow one locally.

sule | 24. Januar 2015

I see dryer plug as the most commonly available destination charger when visiting family or friends. While many have even better stove plugs they are usually not conveniently accessible or convenient in the first place.

While it isn't the most frequently used (I need it only when visiting distant family/friends) it is the most important one I have beyond the most frequently used 120V one and j1772. Since I use HPWC at home my NEMA 14-50 has seen little daylight...

shop | 24. Januar 2015

See this document:

It gives you info to either build your own dryer receptacle adapter, or buy one from a couple of different stores.

CEYA GAS | 24. Januar 2015

Oh man, where are you? Mine's available...

CEYA GAS | 24. Januar 2015


hpjtv | 25. Januar 2015

You could always get the nema 14-50, chop off the neutral or trim the neutral down to fit a nema 14-30, then dial the current down when charging. Or make yourself a nema 14-50 to nema 14-30 adapter...again, dial the current down when charging.

ChrisC | 25. Januar 2015

I placed an order 2 weeks ago and just got an email (after I inquired) saying it's on backorder.

shop | 25. Januar 2015

Yeah, using a hacksaw or sawzall to hack off the 14-50 neutral blade is a quick way to make your 14-50 adapter into a universal 14-xx adapter. Works well, you just have to remember to dial down the charging amps in your car when plugging into a 14-30. That document I linked to above has a picture of this...

s.grot | 25. Januar 2015

great idea, have you tried it? I wonder if there is a safety interlock that checks connectivity to neutral before charging.

Ohmman | 25. Januar 2015

@tbclark, Sonoma county. You?

CEYA GAS | 25. Januar 2015

I'm in San Jose, Ohmman. You're welcome to use mine if you'd like!

Ohmman | 25. Januar 2015

@tbclark - email me at my temp email I'm considering building an adapter so may not need it, but I'd like your contact info just in case! Thanks.

CEYA GAS | 25. Januar 2015

@ohmman: done

KidDoc | 25. Januar 2015

I ordered and received one last week. Maybe I got the last one.

AmpedRealtor | 25. Januar 2015

If you want to plug your UMC 14-50 end into a NEMA 14-Anything (including new and old dryer plugs), then get these two products:

50' extension cord w/ 14-50 female end to plug into UMC:

Then get this 14-Universal adapter to plug into the male end of the extension cord that allows you to use a 14-30:

Don't forget that if you are using this arrangement, you need to manually dial down the current to 24A if you are plugging into a 14-30. The car thinks the UMC is plugged into 14-50 and will default to 40A charging.

Brian H | 25. Januar 2015

And a 14-30 is 24A continuous.

hpjtv | 25. Januar 2015

@s.grot what I have suggested works. I have done it. What AmpedRealtor suggests is better since you don't have to modify the original adapter.

Rocky_H | 26. Januar 2015

+1 for AmpedRealtor's suggestions--looks like very well made stuff. I just ordered the Camco extension cord, although I ordered the 30 foot version, since I didn't want the extra weight, and 30 foot I think would handle the uses I would probably need. That adapter from evseadapters is a great option.

diaretical | 26. Januar 2015

I have one if anyone wants to buy it at cost. I think I paid $48 after tax for it. Email me at

eladts | 04. Februar 2015

It looks like Quick Charge Power still carries the Tesla 14-30 adapter.

yjou | 27. März 2015

We are visiting family in Phoenix and realized the need to have a NEMA 14-30 adapter in order to take advantage of charging from the electric drier's socket. After finding out it is no longer available online, we called the Service Center in Scottsdale and luckily learned they had two of them. We were very happy that we bought one since the only supercharger in Phoenix metropolitan area is at Buckeye which is not convenient for us. They still had one left if anyone in the area needs one.

woznych | 15. Januar 2016

I called my local service center last night in Watertown, MA last night and they said they had a 14-30 adapter. I popped in this morning and purchased it so that I can charge off my apartment's dryer outlet. Moral of the story is that they may be discontinued, but the local service centers may still have them in stock.