A New Convert

A New Convert

My accountant is a car guy. His ride of choice is a Mercedes 500E. Although he could financially replace it with most anything, he has spent thousands of dollars to upgrade, improve and maintain his 1992 car with the suspension built by Porsche. He fancies himself a great driver. He had little interest in my S85. He was kind enough to tell me that it was getting rave reviews and it was probably a nice "appliance" but it really wasn't a "car".

Yesterday, I had more time than sense and I stopped by his office an offered to let him drive my appliance. I regretted this decision before we left the parking lot. Although I had been warned by him and others that he drove "aggressively", I thought that this was bluster. The man's nuts. He accelerated briskly from the parking spot. Too briskly, considering there is a security gate 25 feet from my spot which requires a couple of seconds to open. His response to my protest was, "The car has brakes, doesn't it." We got into the main lot which has a railroad style gate. He charged up to that in spite of knowing that you have to enter a code to make the gate go up.

We got onto the street and he surged for the freeway. When the light turned green he hit it and all his skepticism was left at the light. His eyes bugged out, he made some weird noises and then blubbered about how he couldn't believe it. I gleefully told him that this was the S85, not the P85 which was the fast one. He couldn't understand how it could be faster, but I assured him that not only was it faster, it was a lot faster. He muttered that fast is one thing but a car has to handle and his suspension was Porsche.

We got to the on-ramp and he took it like you'd drive on Autopia at Disneyland. The car took all he could give it. The car had more ability than he had guts. Suddenly, he stopped driving away from the office and headed home like a whipped puppy. He said that the Tesla could outdo his Mercedes/Porsche. He was shell shocked. His wife is coming home from a trip tonight and I think there may well be a discussion about when they'll install the HPWC in his garage.

Mathew98 | 14. Juni 2013

Congrats on finding someone who is willing to drive your S85 like he stole it.

I just don't have the stomach to do the same with mine...

Vicelike | 14. Juni 2013

Good story... Now go find an accountant that will not risk prison sentence for tax evasion cuz he is so daring!

craigi | 14. Juni 2013

I've let 30+ people test drive my P85. I insist they all "floor" it at least once. Every single test driver now wants a Model S...

hillcountryfun | 14. Juni 2013

Great story...I'm proud of him for admitting that the S was better!

Brian H | 14. Juni 2013

Not tea bags, for a slow S85. Teasing him with the thought of a faster P85 was cruel genius.

jbunn | 14. Juni 2013

I've let a number of people drive mine. First they get the "think of tickets of souvenirs" speech. Then during the drive it's the "I don't condone speeding.... but NOW! would be a good time if you were going to."

ian | 14. Juni 2013

Excellent story!

I finally got a test drive a couple days ago and was pretty much blown away too. Kinda glad they had a speed limiter set at 75 as it's so easy to get up to speed and not realize you're going that fast!