New Supercharger Station

New Supercharger Station

When and where will the next new SuperCharge Station be announced? Will they update the SuperCharger page with the new information?

I'm guessing I-35 in Texas between Dallas and Austin, on 6/14 and yes, the new info will be added to the SuperCharger page!!

Bring it on Tesla!

txjak | 12. Juni 2013

As in the car with 4.5, it would be nice if one could access the list of Superchargers via Google Maps and/or the Tesla app for trip planning purposes.

Tâm | 12. Juni 2013

The supercharger page is dynamic. There wasn't a dot around Reno, NV, now there is.

Touch the Lightning Bolt icon on the screen and it shows the chargers.

New Superchargers will be updated automatically on your car's google map.

negarholger | 12. Juni 2013

your map doesn't show Reno...
it shows Gilroy, Harris, Tejon and Barstow.

Tâm | 12. Juni 2013

Hi Kleist:

That’s because I still need to send my car for a mandatory “crystal ball reading” training :)
Just kidding!

The Model S itself shows real time Superchargers, NOT future ones.

To get future ones, you need to go to:

If you forwarded to the future by swiping the slider to 2014, Reno Supercharger was never existed on that web page when Elon made the announcement since 05/30/2013. Now, it does as of 06/09/2013 thanks to our very observant Dortor!

Tâm | 12. Juni 2013

I am sorry for the confusing wordings.

When I said "page", I mean Web Page, not 17" Console Display.

When I said "screen," I didn't mean desktop web page, I mean 17" Console Display Screen.

hillcountryfun | 13. Juni 2013

Tam: That is very cool! Must be 4.5 -

Any thoughts on which state will get the next new SuperCharger?

1) Texas
2) Florida
3) Washington
4) Colorado
5) Illinois
6) Virginia
7) New Jersey
8) Connecticut

I'm hoping for Texas! Looking forward to next Thursday! (6/20/13)

Tâm | 13. Juni 2013

Hi hillcountryfun:

I don't want to be tedious, but please go to Supercharger web site:

You then can move the slider to see when your Superchargers coming to your place.

For Texas, by 2013 Summer, you'll get one in between Dallas-Austin and another one between Dallas-Houston.

pgiralt | 13. Juni 2013

Anyone know what the grey and red mean? I'm going to guess grey means under construction and red means operational, but that would mean there are still significant parts of the map that don't have coverage with red dots by the 2015 map where they say they will have 98% of the US covered which is the reason I question whether the grey really means it will still be under construction at that time. Maybe it means that one will come online at that time?

Bighorn | 13. Juni 2013

Red means already existing and grey means built in that timeframe, so it exists.

Tâm | 13. Juni 2013

Red means already online prior to the time at the slider's position.

Grey means newly operational starting from the time of the slider but not prior to that.

DouglasR | 13. Juni 2013

To be on the conservative side, however, I think you need to read "Summer 2013" as "by the end of Summer 2013." It will be summer in about a week, and I don't believe they have yet broken ground for the two up in Washington State.

ORWA | 13. Juni 2013

I've heard the Burlington, WA SC has broken ground. Centralia, WA has stalled a bit. Doubtful by the end of June.

Robert22 | 13. Juni 2013

East Coasters:

If I squint, that grey dot appears to be close to Providence RI. Yea or Nay?

jjaeger | 14. Juni 2013

I don't know about squinting vs. interpreting. The dot is nearly the size of Rhode Island itself (and yes - if the center of the dot is extremely accurate wrt the SC placement it would be just east of Providence).

wcalvin | 17. Juni 2013

I went looking in Centralia a week ago and could find no prep work.

GettingOldFast | 17. Juni 2013

@pgiralt My understanding is that when they say 98%, they are referring to percent of population able to access a supercharger (within 265 miles), not 98% land area coverage. In other words, those areas not in the "bubbles" have little or no population.

davidg11 | 17. Juni 2013

Any idea where the Supercharger station is going to be located in central WA state?

Dots are nice, but actually knowing where the locations are would be nicer!

cgiGuy | 17. Juni 2013


Check this thread for an overlay map of the whole US.

But, here's WA.

DouglasR | 17. Juni 2013

@wcalvin - There apparently was a glitch coordinating with the utility in Centralia, so they started the Burlington station first. That one is well underway:

dortor | 17. Juni 2013

confirmed/planned/existing Supercharger's are discussed on this forum link:

google map with the information is here:

I encourage people to comment/update the forum thread when we have confirmed evidence based information!

dortor | 17. Juni 2013

and just to be clear I believe the Burlington SC meets the evidence requirements, photos and permits have been posted location is nearly confirmed as the shopping center near the Costco…

Brian H | 17. Juni 2013

Noted on the TMC thread, no solar there. Probably the FIT is very low there, competing with plentiful hydro.

Dr. Bob Reinke | 17. Juni 2013

Would be wonderful if Tesla would place a date, with the dot, projecting the date the SC will be on line

negarholger | 17. Juni 2013

I like the suspense...

Doug H | 18. Juni 2013

I don't really care which state gets the next SC. I'd like to see I-75 get at least one SC before 2015. I routinely drive between Atlanta and Detroit using I-75. The proposed map has I-75 north of Atlanta receiving 4 SC in 2015.

How about providing less density on I-85 between Atlanta and Virginia and adding 1 or 2 SCs to I-75 going north from Atlanta through Michigan.

Today, my trip from Atlanta to Detroit would take about 24 hours of driving and charging. One SC would reduce that by 4 hours. 2 SCs would reduce it to 16 hours. Right now I can drive this with an ICE in 12 hours comfortably. Ideally, that 750 mile trip would have 5 SCs but I would take one or two in the interim.

The plan should be to equip all routes first. Next, TM should add quantity and density.

Another alternative might be to put High Power Wall Chargers at or near proposed SC sites so that those of us with twin chargers can at least cut our charging times when road tripping.

mcptwo | 18. Juni 2013

Unless you are charging at home or in Canada where the Sun System delivers 90 amps, twin chargers are unnecessary. Why would you want HPWC at a Supercharger location that delivers about 300 miles of charge per hour, when the HPWC only delivers about 60 miles per hour? Please tell me where I am wrong but the second on board charger only adds weight and reduces range. It seems like a mistake to have it installed, unless you plan to do extensive driving in Canada.

ColonyGolfer | 18. Juni 2013

I read a Boston Globe article where Diarmuid O’Connell, Tesla’s vice president of business development, was interviewed and said they were putting a supercharger on the Mass Pike in Sturbridge. Although it is probably good news for long distance travelers, not much use to a Boston resident.

Doug H | 18. Juni 2013


First, if you read my post you would realize that I am proposing HPWC as a possible stop gap until the SCs are installed in 2015. Although the HPWC only charges at 60 miles per hour, that's nearly twice as fast as most campground outlets and standard EV charging stations.

Of course the SC would charge 5 times as fast but that's 2 years away.

HPWCs are proposed as a temporary measure only.

mcx-sea | 18. Juni 2013


The Burlington Super Charger is under construction about two miles North of Burlington. It is not in nor near a shopping center.

The Costco is in a large shopping center about two miles South of Burlington.

hsadler | 18. Juni 2013

'The Burlington Super Charger is under construction about two miles North of Burlington'

At Bob's Burgers?

mcx-sea | 18. Juni 2013

Rather than repeating details, go to the Washington Forum for the exact street address, the hotel, service station, fast food spots, etc. that share the large parking lot. Also has links to pictures showing construction.

dortor | 19. Juni 2013
george210 | 19. Juni 2013


Thank you for this link

to see supercharger locations

george210 | 19. Juni 2013

for some reason my prior posting doesn't work, sorry @dortor.
Thanks, and here's another try at it.

map at

updated with latest information.

Brian H | 19. Juni 2013

Nope. Google US map, no pins.

ian | 19. Juni 2013

Weird. The first link worked the first time I clicked it but not after I clicked on the second one. Same issue as Brian, just a map with no pins.

dortor | 19. Juni 2013

here is a link to my map where I'm attempting to keep things up to date…

ian | 19. Juni 2013

That one works! Thanks dortor!

imgod2u | 20. Juni 2013

Does anyone know when these are meant to come online? I'm going to be driving to Santa Barbara from San Jose next week (receiving my P85 on the 30th :) and would love a Supercharger there...

hsadler | 20. Juni 2013

Probably a phone call to the Marriott in Santa Ynez would give you the information whether it will be available soon.

If not, maybe a lunch in San Luis Obispo will help. There are several chargers there.