Nice newspaper article

Nice newspaper article

The Seattle Times had a nice, positive, article about Tesla today. Go to and scroll down to the Business and Technology section. Nothing new there but what I found most interesting, and depressing, were the comments by the readers. While some were supportive, others were far from it. OK, everyone to their opinion. What is most interesting is that the number of comments they had made, presummably on all kinds of topics. One had responded over 3800 times. That means to me that they like to see their uninformed words in print. (Maybe that's true for me too!)

BYT | 21. Juni 2012

Or are collecting OPEC paychecks?

Brian H | 21. Juni 2012

Weird. Read the article, then went to the comments -- and there were none! I left one, but mine was the only one there. They must've dumped the rest!

BYT | 21. Juni 2012

I didn't even see your comment Brian! Anyway, I read the article and admittedly, I'm biased, but they make the Model S sound like your typical sedan that is no better then a Leaf or Volt, if fact they make it sound worse because, and I quote.

"A charging network doesn't exist in the U.S., and electric-car owners can run out of power between stops. There's no gasoline engine that kicks in as a backup, as there is in the electric Chevrolet Volt."

Yeah, they mention the battery pack is between 160 and 300 miles. But this car isn't just the same old "sedan for hauling kids and groceries." BAH!

I'm bitter and protective apparently... :)

olanmills | 22. Juni 2012

I'm not sure if this is what's confusing you guys but there's two articles, one published yesterday, the other, the day before that. One of them has only one comment, the other has almost 80.

gjunky | 22. Juni 2012

I thought I had seen this before (the mention of Orchids gave it away). This was published a week before:

(sorry for the ugly long link)

stevenmaifert | 22. Juni 2012

Rapid deployment of the Supercharger network will go along way to quieting the naysayers. They don't see the practicality of EV ownership. Tesla will prove them wrong.

BYT | 22. Juni 2012

I just feel the need to be negative far outweighs any logic or common sense in the world today. Just so, SO sad... :(

Epley | 22. Juni 2012
Brian H | 22. Juni 2012

"BYT | June 22, 2012 new

I just feel the need to be negative far outweighs any logic or common sense in the world today. Just so, SO sad... :( "

Relax! Be happy! Your pessimism and bleak moods are very dispiriting. >:-\


BYT | 22. Juni 2012

LOL, sorry, this old man has "done been drug through a lot of mud!"