No AM Radio for Model X?

No AM Radio for Model X?

I noticed on a recent video posted on the forum that the Model X appeared to have no AM band on the radio. Would any Sigs be willing to look into this for me? I assumed the radio would be similar to the Model S which does get AM, it would be very sad if this went away. | 02. Januar 2016

No AM is bizarre unless the Tunein feature is a comprehensive alternative. Some roads in CA use AM for emergency information, as I recall. No AM is a significant oversight.

Guy2095 | 02. Januar 2016

george +1

sp_tesla | 02. Januar 2016

No AM is a robotic decision!

Ankit Mishra | 02. Januar 2016

Your comments are robotic.

carlk | 02. Januar 2016

I don't listen to radio that much but I checked the tunein on my S today. There is a "local" tab that has listing of all local AM and FM stations. I would think X should have the same.

sp_tesla | 02. Januar 2016


That what she said.

Roamer@AZ USA | 03. Januar 2016

I thought AM only broadcast in Spanish.......

At least in Arizona the last time I scanned AM all I found was Spanish.

MYYModelX | 03. Januar 2016

Hi - I went to the Service Center today and after quite a bit of button pressing, I think they figured out how to get us to AM radio - (I had to write this all down, because if I tried to duplicate it, I'm sure I would get lost in all the button pressing)

Go to the Music Screen
Go to "Internet"
Go to "Tune In"
Go to "Local Radio"
Scroll down past all the FM radio stations then you'll get to a list of all the AM stations.

They also suggested using the "Play" command if you want a particular station -- I haven't tried it, so maybe it works, and maybe it doesn't.

sp_tesla | 03. Januar 2016


"Play" command is a great practical solution, please test & post result.

If you are in southern ca, please try ESPN 710am.


MYYModelX | 03. Januar 2016

@sp_tesla -- I couldn't get "Play ESPN" or Play "AM 710" to work -- it searched for and found lots of songs with ESPN in the title, but not the station. So I'm not sure if it could work and I'm just not saying the magic words.

That being said, if you're looking for ESPN, there is something called "Slacker Personal Radio" under "Internet" and there are 4 ESPN stations available. Under "Internet", "TuneIn", "Sports" you can also get basketball and football for a long list of colleges. It's very cool.

I would recommend playing with all the options when your car is parked and if you find something you want, hit "Favorites." Because if you see something you like, it's often difficult to get back to that exact location again. And it would be impossible (and unsafe) to do while you are driving the car.

Good luck.

bobby | 03. Januar 2016

@MYYModelX: I think the solution you posted is, in fact, the TuneIn Radio App that others here have mentioned as a potential workaround for loyal AM listeners. Others have also pointed that this internet streaming solution blacks out live sporting events per contractual obligations to the various sports leagues.

Unfortunately, I cannot confirm any of this since I am not an X owner (yet....). Perhaps try to tune in to your local NFL game with this method and see if it's blacked out. That will tell you if it's streaming on the net or if it's the actual OTA broadcast.

sp_tesla | 03. Januar 2016

I will try getting in touch with ESPN & see if they aware of their station being very difficult or unavailable as an option on new Tesla X model.

Being on the air wave with many higher end listening customers & sponsors, they can easily force Tesla to amend their misguided AM radio trend.

MrBuffer | 03. Januar 2016

The unfortunate part of all of this, is it seems clear there is no AM receiver in the car. Short of going full circle in this thread, in an emergency situation the volume of users/listeners goes up which brings LTE networks down. No network means all of the Tunein "stations" wont work, as well as other apps relying on the in-car LTE service.

FM is mostly automated music formats, but AM broadcasts are often staffed and designed to serve local communities with news and information. By not installing a real AM receiver, Tesla is actively making a choice that could compromise the safety of its drivers and passengers in need of information in an emergency situation.

If you would like your radio to actually receive terrestrial AM broadcasts, we should contact Tesla and ask them to please install an AM receiver in the Model X as they did in the Model S. I think the best place to send the email is to

sp_tesla | 03. Januar 2016

If Tesla intention is higher profit margin they are being pennies wise and $ foolish with eliminating cost of AM receiver.

Red Sage ca us | 03. Januar 2016

MrBuffer & sp_tesla: +1!

drshariff | 04. Januar 2016

On the music screen, go to "Internet", go to "Tune In", then "Local Radio" scroll down past all the FM stations, you will see a list of all the AM stations,some posted this.

Brian Vicars | 04. Januar 2016

I think Telsa removed the AM band because when ludicrous mode is activated, the Amplitude Modulation signal could not keep up with the vehicle.

Brian Vicars | 04. Januar 2016

Hey,stop laughing!. I know for a fact that Captain Kirk removed the AM broadcast band from the Enterprise com section after complaints about loosing the signal when travelling above warp 3. So don't laugh.

MrBuffer | 04. Januar 2016

@brianvicars ~ Maybe you should fact check before posting on this thread. AM travels at the speed of light. That's 670,616,479 MPH faster then Model X's top speed.

However it is true that Warp is faster then AM, but interstellar internet rates are far too high for you to be streaming stations.

Brian Vicars | 04. Januar 2016

Then I might as well wait for "maximum plaid mode" rumoured to be able to bend the space/time continuum. I win.

Red Sage ca us | 04. Januar 2016

Luckily, the Encyclopaedia Galactica archives the entire extent of AM Radio broadcasts in a temporal reserve section of their online knowledge base for historical record. So, just index the frequency, broadcast call sign, and time/date specifications and listen to whatever you like. The cost? Only 2,000,000,000 Galactic Unified Credits (GUC) per week. A mere pittance for anyone who is able to purchase a Tesla Model X, I'm sure.

doubeld | 04. Januar 2016

Really, if the Model S can play AM, surely the X can too. I listen to AM at least 50% of the time. There are no local all-news or talk-radio stations on FM in Calgary & area so to lose access to quick local news/alerts would be a huge loss. Relying on a data connection for this is silly. For that reason, why not get rid of FM too? It's not like you can't find a billion top40 stations online too.

AM travels a long distance - in areas that you can't receive cell or FM signal. Yes - those places do exist.

Brian Vicars | 04. Januar 2016

@doubeld. I'm sure many of us agree with the value of continuing the availability of AM broadcasts. We will have to wait for Tesla response, if any.

MrBuffer | 04. Januar 2016

@doubleld ~ Tesla can fix this problem pretty easily, it is likely the AM receiver module is already in the car. I think it was just an oversight or possibly a knee-jerk reaction to some complaints about Model S AM reception. I think we're all willing to deal with reception issues vs. not having the AM receiver at all.

I would email Tesla at and request that this feature be enabled as soon as possible.

Another point worth mentioning is AM/FM are free services. XM is paid subscription. While the tab for internet is currently being picked up by Tesla, that may not always be the case, especially if they grow as big as their dreams.

Guy2095 | 04. Januar 2016

It does seem pretty contradictory that Model X has Bio Weapon Defense Mode but has dropped access to the longest range channels of the Emergency Alert System.

MrBuffer | 04. Januar 2016

Guy2095 ~ The irony will be people never activated bio-defense mode because they weren't aware they needed too!

sp_tesla | 05. Januar 2016


Well said.

Ankit Mishra | 05. Januar 2016

AM is a hidden option in the 17 inch screen. Just type "1995" in name screen and enter.

Ankit Mishra | 05. Januar 2016

Okay. Dont try it, I was joking.

Brian Vicars | 05. Januar 2016

Please be cautious, if you start playing with codes like "1995" you may inadvertently active "ludicrous mode" without paying for the option. Oh, dear.

sp_tesla | 05. Januar 2016

@Ankit Mishra

Obliviously NOT sports talk radio fan!

ESPN 710AM best sports talk radio show in Southern California! 1st station I listen to when I get in the car.

Ankit Mishra | 05. Januar 2016

I was joking. I have read this thread and I believe when you guys say AM is important. I am with you guys with your demand of AM.

sp_tesla | 05. Januar 2016

@Ankit Mishra

Thanks for your support.

MrBuffer | 05. Januar 2016

@Ankit ~ you cracked me up thinking there may be Easter eggs for unlocking basic car features. Want heated seats enter code "666". Want to play music from your iPhone enter "8675309", etc.

ian | 06. Januar 2016

And for the AM band just type Ankit Mishra!

Sorry couldn't resist piling on this one. ;-)

Ankit Mishra | 06. Januar 2016

Hahaha. I will be scanning your posts from now on to get an opportunity to avenge myself. :)

David37 | 06. Januar 2016

Hoping this gets added back with a software patch because of the already mentioned Emergency Broadcast System. not to mention all the road alerts on AM radio frequencies around big cities, but I am guessing Google maps will help with that too.

kittylitter | 06. Januar 2016

If I am not mistaken, AM radio requires an antenna of some sort, not necessarily a wire extending up like most of the older model cars. Tesla probably does not have that 'hardware' anywhere on or in the X and, therefore, I believe that 'Tuned in' will be the only AM all of us who have picked up or will pick up our vehicles in the next year can expect. Anyone want to wait for the X2?

I don't like it but I sure do like my X. | 07. Januar 2016

Either I have to tow my My S behind the X to get AM or dig around the attic for my old crystal set. Bummer.

MrBuffer | 07. Januar 2016

Essentially the AM signal is pulled from the same antenna that provides the FM, the only difference being for AM is they use the chassis of the car as a ground plane to help with the signal.

Redmiata98 | 21. Januar 2016

Got my X this past Monday and there is NO AM tuner. You can get some of the AM stations through the internet though. Sorry I doubted the word(s) of those who said the same. I still find it unbelievable that they took out the AM radio, what's next: Self driving cars?

MrBuffer | 21. Januar 2016

After you order the car it says "Zero Emissions, *No Compromises"

*Except for: no AM radio, 2nd row folding seats, door that's open and close reliably, and build quality.

NumberOne | 21. Januar 2016

To be honest, I have another car that has AM, FM and XM. Whenever I listen to XM and want to move back to FM, I first have to go through 2 AM banks and only then can I listen to FM. I will not miss it, but since we all have something that we need that others do not need, I really do think it is unfortunate for those who will not have it. A dedicated antenna yields a better signal than a dual one, so that may be one of the reasons.

sp_tesla | 22. Januar 2016

Southern CA is a huge base of sports fan, best coverage is currently being offered only by AM (ESPN 710am, Etc), they are not wanted by TM radio/electronic engineers as X customers.

mrjohnlnguyen | 06. Februar 2019

Gents: Download the app and problem solved!

Redmiata98 | 09. Februar 2019

It took three years to find the app?

billva | 07. März 2019

So, when there is a traffic emergency and the highway sign says to tune to AM 640, will the Model X be able to tune to that station? When the city broadcasts emergency instructions to its residents on its own frequency, will that station be available with "Internet Radio" since the Internet might very well be down?

jjgunn | 07. März 2019

Install Ham Radio in the X.

If internet is down & cell towers are down, you'll have much more important things to worry about than whether or not the "X" can get AM radio

Teslapalooza | 08. März 2019

With, you have to put up with cheezy ads. Thanks but no thanks. I will carry a AM pocket radio. $22 in Amazon.