No Problems with Magnetic Field?

No Problems with Magnetic Field?

I'm just wondering... I assume that such a strong motor creates a strong magnetic field which is of course kept as local as possible to achieve a good efficiency.
My question is, are there any experiences with credit cards or other magnetic equipment that have been damaged by the magnetic field while being stored in the trunk (close to the motor)?

Sudre_ | 19. Juni 2013

There are electric motors in your ICE too. The starter motor draws quite a bit a juice. The amount of pulse current going to the spark plugs is far worse than a motor. There are motors in your house, businesses, everywhere. Some more powerful than Tesla's. Are your credit card erased?

When I spent my time working on a pump storage electrical facility my credit cards never got erased even though I was taking temp readings feet away from the generator rotor. It's a motor when filling the reservoir, generator when draining. The rotor weighed 620 tons. It was a 175 megawatt generator/motor.... no ill effects on me that I can tell. Work there for a year.

I good test would be to have someone place a compass over the motor area in back and watch it as someone in a P+ floors it. I am betting the needle will barely move if at all... yet if I place my compass near my tablet the needle move drastically. Maybe it's time to ask that about laptops, tablets, phones.... none of those cancel the effects like a three phase motor.

Brian H | 19. Juni 2013

A metal housing traps just about the entire field. Look up "Faraday cage".

Gluaisrothai | 19. Juni 2013

Ha. I remember one of the most important lessons I learned about flying- never to set your DG to the compass when there's a headset on the glare shield :)

Bob W | 20. Juni 2013

A Faraday cage traps electric fields, but usually not magnetic fields.


There are meters that measure magnetic field. I don't know if anyone has put one into a Model S yet.

See this old thread for more:

thomas.schlatter | 20. Juni 2013

Thanks Bob.