Noise from the pano roof at high speeds

Noise from the pano roof at high speeds

Just read about someone that took the MS on a major CA roadtrip. He mentioned that he experianced a howling noise from the pano roof at 75mph. Has anyone else had the same experiance or would like to comment if they have had any similar experiance?

nlightened | 13. Juli 2013

Same issue with me. Tesla Service is going to look at it, but said they can't drive that fast to test it out for themselves. So not sure how it's going to get fixed.

Ashu.Goel | 13. Juli 2013

I have the same issue. Just reached out to Tesla folks to see what they can do.

mark_g | 13. Juli 2013

I had the same problem, took it in and TM replaced the seal and its amazing how quiet even at speeds in excess of 75.

Sleeper | 13. Juli 2013

Yes same problem at 75... Need to take it in for service..

NomoDinos | 13. Juli 2013

Mind if I ask what your approximate VIN's are?

Brian H | 13. Juli 2013

Offer to take the tech on a demo drive!

danej | 13. Juli 2013

Ditto. There is another thread here on the topic, the issue seems to be uniform. I haven't heard about a fix yet.

rbergquist | 13. Juli 2013

I get wind noise from Pano roof at 70mph.

Tee | 13. Juli 2013

I noticed mine after my MS had to sit in the sun and heat for a couple of days on vacation. Then it went away on its own in cooler weather at home. Paid a visit to the Gilroy superchargers in the hot summer sun and now the pano wind noise is back again. Could the pano noise have something to do with high temperatures?

fibrillation | 14. Juli 2013

Got the same problem, noise predictably above 75. Tesla service gave the same lame excuse "we can't drive above speed limit." Did some "resetting" and nothing changed. Disappointed at the Santa Monica service station.

BTW does any one know if there is a way to search the forum? I don't see a "search box" anywhere on the page.

NomoDinos | 14. Juli 2013

@a-fib: there is no direct search, but @nickjhowe was kind enough to set up, which uses Google site search. Only works on public threads.

SamO | 14. Juli 2013


What Santa Monica Service Station?

There is a SM showroom.

There is a Los Angeles Service Center.

fibrillation | 16. Juli 2013


You are correct. Technically the service station is in the city of Los Angeles, but it is located on Santa Monica Blvd.

ahm | 17. Juli 2013

I had that same problem at speed. Phoenix area service center fixed it.

ILOVEMYTESLA | 18. Juli 2013

I have exactly the same issue, Tech guys are coming out next week to where I live in Memphis area fix it, they are quite sure it'll be fixed! I will update later.

Brian H | 19. Juli 2013

Let us know if it was a seal replacement. That seems to be a trend.

danej | 19. Juli 2013

@ahm yours is the first report I have seen of a fix. Glad to hear that maybe they've worked it out!


slr_pwrd | 19. Juli 2013

please let us know what was done to fix it. I want to ensure the Ranger coming to fix my car on Monday is aware; even though all Rangers must be aware how other SC have fix it.

AmpedRealtor | 19. Juli 2013

I received an email from Elon Musk on 6/9 stating the following: "We have improved pano roof creaks, AM/FM reception and road noise quite a bit in recent months and are providing those fixes to our service team for retrofit in earlier production cars."

I asked him about these issues directly via email and wanted his response before I reserved. It would seem the pano roof has been fixed in production for a while now, but service centers should be able to remedy based on above email.

PBEndo | 19. Juli 2013

I was able to temporarily fix my windnoise by repositioning the seal at the front edge of the sunroof. In 2 places the seal was a few millimeters lower. Once I repositioned, the windnoise was almost completely eliminated. However, my seal keeps returning to the noisy position. I haven't been able to determine a cause for the seal moving, nor find any associated conditions. It even did it after a couple of days when I purposely did not open the sunroof. Once I reposition it, it sounds fine again for a few days.
My car is in the Dania, FL service center right now for them to look at it again. Last time they kept it for 10 days, stated they had finally solved the windnoise problem, returned my car and it was worse than ever. I discovered the repositioning trick a few weeks ago, so maybe now they will be able to come up with a permanent fix.
If they can't, I may try the DIY approach with some Sugru.

I received my MS in Mid-March. I have already put 1800 miles on loaners because I keep going in for service for the same problems, over and over.
At least the loaner is nice. I wish it had an HOV sticker though.

justineet | 20. Juli 2013

Tesla just bought a race track for car testing especially speed testing. In the future issues like pano roof noise which arise duting high speed will be easily caught during testing and avoided............

JPPTM | 20. Juli 2013

justineet--Tesla did NOT buy a race track. They consolidated purchase of an existing test track adjacent to the factory which was partly on land owned by Union Pacific. GM got 'free rent' from UP during tthe NUMMI days in exchange for the railroad getting shipping business.

justineet | 21. Juli 2013


race track == test track..

consolidate purchase == bought

I know it's not a huge track but adequate for testing cars at high speeds....

ir | 21. Juli 2013

As @pbendo mentioned, the first step is to have close look at the pano roof and the rubber seal around it.

1) Is the roof door sitting flush?
2) Is the seal "out of place" or flipped in?

Spending 10 minutes tweaking the seal & locating the problem will save you the frustration of hoping the tech will find the problem for you.

For me, the seal slipped off the metal "hook" on pano door. It caused the door not to close properly and "stick out". Re-hooking the seal and fidgeting with the gunk that holds it there fixed it for me.