Norwegian deliveries

Norwegian deliveries

I reserved my P85 #2145 on 27. December. Yesterday I decided to sign up for the Signature wait list. The Signatures are all gone of course but I thought that maybe enough defers to open for a chance. The eternal optimist. Of course, TM UK office confirmed the wait list is long, but that I am on it.
Curious about when they expect deliveries will start in Norway, especially now that production is cranked up. I was told for now they plan 12 months from my reservation date. That means maybe for Christmas. Bummer!

Anyone else with info about Europe arrivals?

psirnes | 14. Januar 2013

I paid my 30 K € on March 31st 2011 and was given EU sig 52
So it has been 20 months wait now, the only comfort is to read about successful deliveries and experience from the US and now Canada
We are told that Signature configuration will start this month and deliverers to start in April, but we'll never know until we get the Time to build button on the home page.

Adrian Thomson | 14. Januar 2013

I have made an reservation here in Norway to. Have paid the reservation fee, but still awaiting payment. How long does it take until they register the payment?

The dealer in oslo said it would be 8-10 mnth delivery time. Hope it comes sooner.

kbrianth | 14. Januar 2013

I made my reservation in Norway on the 9th of January, paid on the 10th and today (14th) received #2473. I was told it would be 9-12 month delivery time!

kbrianth | 14. Januar 2013

given the fact it is -10 C (14 Fahrenheit) Kind makes you think what the range will be on days like today...

Adrian Thomson | 14. Januar 2013

I paid on 04.01.13. Why has your payment been received before mine?? Better send them an email.

kbriant: Im lucky to be on the west side og the country, doesnt get that cold here that often ;-)

tomas.hutters | 14. Januar 2013

psirnes, we are pretty close neighbors - I am EU Sig #45, reserved in January 2011. Still waiting for hard facts to replace the April rumors....

P85_Norway | 14. Januar 2013

I reserved 27.06.2012, EU#1137, and i am on the Signature wait list. It will anyway be a Performance.
12 months from my reservation date, if i don't get the Signature.
Love the Signature-red....

GeirT | 15. Januar 2013

Me too... the Signature red is wicked!

Adrian Thomson | 15. Januar 2013

Finaly, they have registered my payment, got reservation number #2480 ;-)

Chris DC | 15. Januar 2013

Great to see that the model S is going to be a hit in Norway. You all just make sure to get the 85kwh battery... Lots of energy usage in the winter even when the car is just parked

Winnie796 | 15. Januar 2013

GeirT, we must have ordered within minutes of each other. I too got my reservation number #2144 on 27th December.
Anyone else in Bergen with a reservation?

roar.skog | 15. Januar 2013

Tesla is a mega-hit i Norway, due to high tax on just about everything when it comes to cars. Close to 1000 reservation holders equals 50000 in US.
Looking forward to delivery of this amazing car.

joerund | 15. Januar 2013

I'm in Bergen, P528:-) Got a call from Tesla last week. They'll start European production in April and I will probably receive mine in June/July/August ...

Adrian Thomson | 15. Januar 2013

Haugesund here ;-)

GeirT | 16. Januar 2013

joerund, that is the first firm indication of shipments for Europe I have seen so far. As you are an early bird compared to me - and Winnie796 - I could hope for autumn delivery. That said, others in the forum suggest that production is cranked up to full capacity so maybe, just maybe I could hope for a summer delivery as well.

Det er von i hangandes snøre!

Adrian Thomson | 16. Januar 2013

I hope they deliver it sooner than predicted ;-)

ChristianG | 16. Januar 2013

All i heard was that they want to start production for the sigs in march. So they'll have their delivery in april if nothing goes wrong.

Other than that it's hart to tell as nobody knows of how many of those produced cars will for europe. Also Tesla seems to produce similiar equiped cars in a row. So like in the US our number might not fit anywhere close to the delivery spot. you might get lucky and skip some hundered reservations just because you ordered the 'right' stuff. Some suggested that even the location might be an issue.

Brian H | 16. Januar 2013

Well, you can be pretty sure virtually all the Sigs produced will be for Europe; none remain to be delivered in North America.

jkirkebo | 16. Januar 2013

joerund: Did they just call you "out of the blue" or did you initiate the commmunication in some way ? I'm P1088 and haven't received any calls.

I'd be very happy to have mine in July, but August will be fine too. Preferably not much later, I want to experience the car for a while on summer tires ;)

Adrian Thomson | 16. Januar 2013

Will there come super charger stations in Norway from Tesla?

I hav a super charger station nearby today, but this only deliver DC current and not AC. Is there any way to use the DC charger on the Tesla?

GeirT | 16. Januar 2013

Reliable sources (!) indicate that large gas station chains are looking into providing the charging service. Remember, the gas stations does not make their profit from selling gas, but from the kiosk sales. Thus the charging service provides an even better business model for them as we would need to stay longer hence spend more :-)
Besides the rumoured payment scheme is NOK 50/USD 10 for a full charge. Should be OK for most I believe.
BTW, check the iTunes app "ladeNå" that describes in detail all the charging locations in Norway. It is amazing how many free public points that are already available. Crisscrossing our long and hilly country will seemingly be simple as power charging is concerned.

Adrian Thomson | 16. Januar 2013

Will download the app now. Thanks for the tips!

joerund | 18. Januar 2013

@jkirkebo: The Tesla lady called me to have me confirm I was still taking delivery in Norway(!), I didn't think I'd indicated something else. Anyway, the summer estimate was what she gave me because she didn't want to get my hopes too high (and hedge herself, probably).

The fact that Norway is such a (relatively) big market for Tesla might give us hopes that they'll eventually build Superchargers here as well. Hopefully the recent confirmation about ChaDeMo adapters turn out to be true:-) About those superchargers I wouldn't care to live close to one, as I will charge my car during nights and only need supercharging when on an occasional trip from Bergen-Oslo, Bergen-Molde.

Winnie796 | 18. Januar 2013

@joerund, I am really happy for you that it may be coming this summer.
I know you have been very patient and was in early with your reservation but I hope your delivery convinces them to deliver as many as possible to Norway, as it is such a big market for them. Selfish I know but worth hoping for.
I have never been so excited to get a car. I wasn't even this excited about my Audi A8 and that was a brilliant car.

Brian H | 18. Januar 2013

At last someone who understands Superchargers! You want them about where your home fill-up is likely to be running out.

GeirT | 18. Januar 2013

I pray.... joerund's P528 and mine 2145 seems awfully far apart. But once they TM a ship, a couple of thousands for Norway should be about the right number? :-)

GeirT | 18. Januar 2013

Typo.... "..once TM ship, a couple of thousands..."


Kiteulf | 19. Januar 2013

Who is having the lowest P in Norway?

P183 for me.

Adrian Thomson | 19. Januar 2013

2480 here, hope it wont take for ever to get it.

Cattledog | 19. Januar 2013

To our Norwegian Friends:

Hvordan har du det?

Thanks for being so passionate about EVs. You will love this car. FYI, you have the most visits in the WORLD to my blog site after US visitors. That's awesome. Keep the faith, the future is coming to you this year.

GeirT | 19. Januar 2013

:-) I have hardly waited a month with a prospect of 12 months before I may see the car. I frequent all the blogs daily! in a feverish search for any indication of a speed up. This is taking a toll on mind and soul.

Brian H | 19. Januar 2013

"After a time, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing after all as wanting [waiting?]. It is not logical, but it is often true.
Mr. Spock -- Amok Time

Runar | 19. Januar 2013

P82 here

Bruto Maccaroni | 19. Januar 2013

P2317 here. Reserved Dec 30.

I visited the Oslo Tesla store today. They have a Model S there now, with Norwegian license plates. The car looks even better in real life than on pictures!

GeirT | 21. Januar 2013

Tusen takk! :-)

I hope they all will keep this thread alive so we can have an overview of the local progress. After all, Norway is the 2. largest Tesla market - all due to the wonders of extreme taxation of ICEs.

Brian H | 21. Januar 2013

I guess Norway was hoping the high ICE taxes would drive people back to reindeer, but Tesla happened instead!

GeirT | 21. Januar 2013

Reindeers indeed :-) The last Stalinist nation - according to a recent Swedish politician - has a policy of collective transportation as the holy grail, as in trains and busses. Not that I agree with said polkitcian but...

The P85 could easily have been about USD300,000. Comparable to the Porsche Panamera I would think.

Can't wait to get my P85. No import tax, no VAT, no HP tax, no CO2 tax, minimal annual car fee (USD 100 vs. USD 700), no toll road fees; free public charging points all over (almost), and - no more gas at USD 9.50/gallon. It will be like in heaven!

Brian H | 21. Januar 2013

Yeah, public transportation, just the thing for a shopping trip to the hardware and grocery store. I can attest that it can be done. But you won't like it.

Car-El | 24. Januar 2013

I have #2440 and i wonder?
- Is this number just for Norway? Or all of Europe?
- Any one else up in North-Norway who has order on a Model S? (I am in Tromsø.)
- How will it be for servise? Do i have to drive to Oslo? (1800km/1100miles, That is a short drive for us.)

Adrian Thomson | 24. Januar 2013

The tesla office in oslo dais that they were thinking of opening Tesla shops i Bergen and Tromsø, but nothing was decided yet.

KnutNorway | 24. Januar 2013

#2440 is in Europe, I think almost half of them are norwegian reservations.
They have said they will open stores in Bergen and Trondheim, not Tromsø as far as I know. So you can put your car on hurtigruten(coast boat route) and send it to Trondheim. If there are enough Teslas in Tromsø you could coordinate a visit from Tesla rangers.

Car-El | 24. Januar 2013


I talk to the dealership in Oslo before I paid. He says Bergen and Trondheim. It is only 1000km/625miles to Trondheim, who is the nearest. When i says that i live in Tromsø, he mention that they want to open a store/service point.
BUT! Look at the map and in Tromsø it lives only 60 000 people, Nearest town is 160km/100miles away (6000 people). Harstad (300km/185miles) is nearly 20 000 people and Narvik (250km/160miles) is just above 18 000 people. So i do not think it will be a Tesla store/Service point here.
People want DIESEL-engine here. They tows caravans and trailers whit snowmobiles. Everyone laughs when I tell them that I have order an EV. They think I am mad as a fruitcake. And I might be that, but I want my Tesla. I will wait, but I want it.

Car-El | 24. Januar 2013

Thanks for information about reservation number. :-)

BUT YOU ARE JOKING! You think i will sett my Tesla on the coastline... I WILL DRIVE! I only hope it will be any charge point along E6 that is 400V/3f so it can charge quick.

Adrian Thomson | 24. Januar 2013

Julius: You are absolutely right. I just remembered wrong. I absolutely agree with you. You should drive. Enjoy the car ;-)

Carl Barlev | 24. Januar 2013


I imagine Ishavsveien (or somebody else) will have installed some fast-charging station(s) along your route by the time you get your car... or at the very least by the time you need your first service!

They have already installed fast-charging stations at Vestby and Svinesundsparken en route to Gøteborg. Other routes are in the pipeline...

We have been promised that Model S cars destined for Europe will be capable of 3-phase fast-charging. Not full Tesla-style "Supercharging", but pretty quick still non-the-less.

I've also heard a rumour that Tesla is planning 20 "Superchargers" are planned for Norway... if that is true then we have much to look forward to :)

Car-El | 24. Januar 2013

@Carl Barlev

Hi and thanks for answer. But I am going to get installed some charging at home that will "boil" my battery pack. So Ishavsveien (3,75miles/6km) from here (in wrong way) is not helpful. But i am grateful for your help.

But we need 400V/32A AC 3Fase. That will give 72,5miles/116km an hour. That is more then helpful. 3-4 hours from 0 to 100%. Equal to 230V/16A AC 1Fase. That charge the battery whit 12miles/19km an hour. It will take about 24 hours to charge from 0 to 100%.

It is a lot of 230V/16A AC 1Fase. that is "charging point" in Norway. It will take time to drive too Trondheim (625miles/1000km). South from Trondheim I will believe it become an better infrastructure.

E6 is 1636miles/2618km long. 163miles/261km from "Supercharger" to "Supercharger" will be 10 from Svinesund to Kirkenes. Hmmm. I hope that rumor is right. Then I can drive like I do today in my DIESEL engine... Dreames! :-))

GeirT | 24. Januar 2013

Not to worry. As posted elsewhere, gas station chains are planning to put in charging points where they sell gas today. As we know they don't make their profit on gas but the over priced kiosk stuff. And having an EV owner hanging around for an hour os so means more sales, so a perfect 'symbiosis' if you may. I am not worried about charging points. It may take a little while, but you have now about 10,000 EV car in our country. The 50,000 threshold (EV non-tax revision) for 2017 means there are a realistic volume accumulated to justify investments as mentioned.
By the way, check the the "LadeNå" app on iTunes: already there are charging points all over the country, private as well as public.

Car-El | 24. Januar 2013


:-) I have download that APP as you told us to do earlier. It is great.

Sad that it is no charging points in North of Norway. (Nordland, Troms og Finnmark.)

(P.S. Try to se how fare it is from Steinkjer (E6) to Røkland (E6). :-( And it is only 230V/16A!!! It takes a lifetime!!!)

GeirT | 24. Januar 2013

@Julius, I keep repeating myself as I am (obviously) getting old but also a desire to keep the thread active not to be buried way back in the forum. I think a Norwegian 'window' is important for us norsemen ;-) to be informed of the deliveries to our side of the pond.

Your are right of course, a long stretched country has some challenges especially up north due to low density population. But as I keep harping on, I believe that there will be charging points popping up pretty quickly.

If not, we shall form a Tesla Owners Union and demand from Tesla, gas station chains and government alike that we now have fulfilled our part of the contract by getting rid of ICEs thus met their demand for reduced CO2 emissions and ecological footprint (and all that baloney), so time for them to step up by providing power outlets! Unite, and on the barricades!

Well, maybe difficult to get the populaces sympathy while sporting our luxury sedans. I am however sure that someone with a political green agenda like Belona (they drive around in a Roadster and has endorsed Tesla efforts in the past) will front the issue.

So, not being serous about a Union :-) and being a free market believer, I think this will quickly find a solution as long as the business model makes sense. And it will be, eventually.

noel.smyth | 24. Januar 2013

I have to admit I love to see the excitement build in Norway! It reinforces my belief in this company as it expands to other regions. I think the momentum is building.