Parking Sensors...Miss them or NO ?

Parking Sensors...Miss them or NO ?

Am I the only one who's regretting not having the parking sensors, now that I have the car just over 5 days and I miss them already. I ordered my car before the price change/parking sensors availability. But due to price difference of $3k with new configuration did not care much abt parking sensors then. It was twice in 5 days my wife went over the front curb in the parking lots. I hate to give my car to her but can't help it sometimes.

J.T. | 19. September 2013

Like 7 up.

Never had 'em, never will.

Thomas N. | 19. September 2013

I don't think they will pick up a curb from everything I've read.

There was a whole sensor-gate here about them. I think they are nice to have, especially for $500.

Kal-el | 19. September 2013

I don't have then and don't miss then. I like the camera just wish it had a front camera as well

earlyretirement | 19. September 2013

I was one of those caught pre-production post order that reconfigured to add them in. I paid like $5,700 more to add them in but I'm SO glad I did. I use it all the time parallel parking and they work GREAT.

I am in a service car loaner now and I really miss the park distance control. I consider it well worth it to have upgraded considering I plan to keep this car at LEAST 4 years and no way I wanted to go that long without it.

Sure, they might add in some other features later but this was one of those features that I really needed and wanted.

Bighorn | 19. September 2013

I don't miss having parking sensors that have false alarms after being washed or getting dirty. Not having them forces you to learn the dimensions of your vehicle. Saving your car from casualties from other people's bumpers would require that other drivers cared. I lost count of cars parked metal-on-metal on the steets of Paris this summer. In WY, not so much.

AudiA6 | 19. September 2013

@earlyretirement...$5700 was a big bump for $500 parking sensors. I thought zillion times whether ~$3k change is really worth it.
@Thomas...they do pick up the curb, at least what I've experience in DC area.
@kal-el...front camera never thought abt :) but would love it.

darthbeldar | 19. September 2013

I've had my car since end of August and dont miss the parking sensors, like you I had a choice but would have had to pay about $7K more for my configuration. Still getting used to cars dimensions, but so far only thing is I need to remember is to change suspension to high when I park my car at home due to driveway being steep.

earlyretirement | 19. September 2013

@ AudiA6, Yeah, it was a big bump. It might have even been more than that. LOL. Part of me didn't want to really think about it as at the time I wasn't a happy camper. Where you get killed is if you had many upgrades and I did have many upgrades.

But ultimately I was happy to have been given the option to have added it. They work great. To me, it's like yadda yadda yadda for people that say "know the dimensions of your car, etc. etc.". If you are accustomed to having them pretty much for the past many years then you will appreciate it.

Not that you can't do it without it but my feeling is with the technology out there, why wouldn't you have it? Kind of like when I see people that didn't get the technology package and have a Tom Tom on their dashboard. Ummmm ... NO!

After doing due diligence and speaking to Tesla management, retrofit options sound like they wouldn't be easy or cheap. It sounded like it would be several thousands of dollars anyway and I'd have to be without the car a few days while they did it. Plus I didn't like the third party aftermarket options.

It's going to be worth it for some people and not worth it for others. Just a personal decision when it comes down to it. But me personally, no way I wanted to go the next 4/5+ years with no park distance control. I live near the beach and go several times a day and it's so easy with the PDC.

SarahsDad | 19. September 2013

I too had the option to reconfigure my order with parking sensors. For my identical build, it would have been $7,500 more for the sensors. I said no thank you. Thought I'd probably regret it but actually don't miss them. Already have the rear camera so rear sensors aren't necessary. Event though the MS is wider than my old M5, my view of the front hood is pretty good and so far haven't had any issues with estimating front distances either.

Plus the front bumper is a lot smoother without the sensor warts.

So even though this is probably a classic case of sour grapes, I really don't seem to miss them. And $7,500 buys a whole bunch of Tesla accessories...

jq5073 | 19. September 2013

Don't miss them. I was also caught with the decision point. The tilting mirrors capture the curb view. The rear camera captures the rear. And I was one of those (apparently few) that were taught how to parallel park properly.

dlewis | 19. September 2013

Got my car before they where available. Wouldn't have ordered if they where and don't miss them. I have been driving this long and never felt a need for them so no point in starting now.

carlk | 19. September 2013

For $500 I see no reason why anyone doesn't want it.

elguapo | 19. September 2013

Got my car well before they were available. I too would have ordered them if I could have, but not if it meant a $3,000+ price increase. Ordering now, $500 seems like a bargain.

Like others, I await the sure-to-be-exhorbitantly-priced-if-available retrofit.

AudiA6 | 19. September 2013

Well it seems we got to be happy for what we have. Surely it's a +point for pple placing orders now as they hv nothing to compare to. Someone like me who caught up in b/w the price change would regret at some point.

mvannah | 19. September 2013

Does anyone know if a retrofit would require a new bumper cover with pre-bored holes, or could they just drill the existing cover? What does a comparable aftermarket solution cost?

AudiA6 | 19. September 2013 is the link to a forum with pics of after market solution. Not sure abt the price, you can check there.

AudiA6 | 19. September 2013

I just found this website while searching for after market options. Please let me know if someone had this installed already.

stevenmaifert | 19. September 2013

Never had them, don't miss them.

JPPTM | 19. September 2013

Got my S in May...would have gladly paid $500 for them then. Loved them on prior Lexus. If the price is right, might add them if TM makes it possible.

sftesla | 19. September 2013

I got my car last December, so the parking sensors were not even an option then. Even if they had been available, I don't think I would have ordered them. I'm not sure I see the value. The rear-view camera gives you a great indicator of the distance to the car (or anything) behind you. The auto-downward-tilt-when-reversing side view mirrors give you a great view of the curb when you are parallel parking. So that just leaves the front bumper, which is probably the easiest thing to gauge since you are looking forward when moving forward. I should add that I live in the city and parallel park almost every day. Life has been fine without parking sensors.

The car is big and I'm probably still not used to the size, but parking sensors aren't going to make the car any smaller. I'm with the other poster that wanted the front facing camera. It's probably another thing that would not have added much value, but I would have been willing to pay for that over sensors. A front camera with a wide angle lens might actually give me some visibility when pulling out of a narrow garage entrance directly onto a sidewalk or street with a lot of pedestrian or car traffic.

mbcaffe | 19. September 2013

In southern California, Al and Eds charges $800 per bumper. I have not seen them in action, however I did see some cars at the LA Rally have them embedded in the bumper with color matching.

jat | 19. September 2013

I don't miss them.