People taking pictures while driving behind me!

People taking pictures while driving behind me!

It's happened three times now in about a month - I glance in my rear-view mirror only to find the motorist behind me taking pictures of my Model S with their iPhone, while driving! Is that common? Gee, that never happened to me driving a Prius. Is it just me, or has this happened to you?

NKYTA | 20. Oktober 2013

It was pretty common, even in the Bay Area, but it is slowing down with so many around.

Enjoy it and avoid accidents! ;-)

Captain_Zap | 20. Oktober 2013

Yes, it happens. There is a whole thread at TMC of Tesla owners taking photos of people taking photos of their car. I tried a quick search of the site but I didn't find it.

Zero EV | 20. Oktober 2013

More times than I can count. Not always the driver, though ... sometimes the passenger(s). I've had a few give me a "thumbs up" and several ask me what kind of car it is as I'm getting in/out.

I'm in the Dayton, OH area and there aren't too many around.

gill_sans | 20. Oktober 2013

Got a thumbs-up from a woman while driving up 5 this weekend. So far no photo takers (that we've noticed).

jat | 20. Oktober 2013

I don't mind those as much as the ones driving along side and taking pictures, when they tend to swerve into your lane.

The weirdest one is driving along the interstate at 75, a woman hung halfway out the window taking video while a guy drove slowly past me.

Newampster | 20. Oktober 2013

I remember the days as a semi-geezer when I would glance at a pretty girl at a stop light and get a sneer. Then my MS85 arrived. I drove it home from work the first day and noticed a pretty girl behind me as I approached a light. I stopped and checked her out in my rear view mirror. Up came her phone to the steering wheel. Then I saw the flash. Not sure how I feel about being stalked."Are YOU look in' at ME?"

Mathew98 | 20. Oktober 2013

I've seen other drivers taking pix of my car several times before.

But this is a rather strange twist in NYC two weeks ago...

I happened to get behind a pearl white MS in my MC red MS. It is still quite rare to have 2 MS in a row around here.

After following this white MS for a couple of blocks, I noticed a flash from the passenger side. Then she stood up and popped her head out of the pano roof and took pictures of my MS!

772 | 20. Oktober 2013

Captain_Zap - sounds like a fun thread idea... do link if you find it!

ir | 20. Oktober 2013

I've done something similar, following a white Model S shortly after getting my own (no picture taking though).

It's one thing to see a Model S in the showroom, but somehow it looks even better in motion. Spent a few moments admiring the car (how's that for narcissism!). I was curious one one of these mythical Model S owners looked like, so I pulled up to take a look.

I feel kinda silly now, since I could ask my wife to drive the Model S while I stalked her in our Camry! :P

Bikezion | 20. Oktober 2013

ir you couldn't keep up.

Brian H | 20. Oktober 2013

People using flashes for shots more than 12' or so away don't know how to use their cameras. It actually underexposes the picture; you can't get illumination from a little flash further than that. It's funny watching waves of flashes in a stadium, etc.

As a kid, I was in a fancy cinema on a trip I won to Chicago, and watched Around the World in 80 days. I used several flashbulbs taking pictures of the screen with my little Kodak (annoyed a few people). When developed, the Doh! moment occurred: all that was lit up was rows of people in seats, nothing on the screen whatsoever! Heh.

Eletrek | 21. Oktober 2013

Yes often in greater Chicago-land area. 3 time last Friday alone. Average around 5-7 times per week.

KevinE | 22. Oktober 2013

Every time I travel down the freeway, I see cameras and rubberneckers. Family thought it was cool at first, and later, became annoyed. I had the windows dark tinted and everyone is happy again. And yes, I've taken a few pics, too! :-)

kalel65 | 23. Oktober 2013

Happened to me a while back -the driver behind me taking pictures at 65 mph!

rbgliny | 23. Oktober 2013

Long Island NY. Pictures, questions, smiles, thumbs up, and cars just maneuvering around the S while driving to get a better look. Routine for me as it happens 99% of the time that I am on the road. Tesla has captured the attention of us all. One quote from an employee at a Toyota dealer- "what's not to like"! How true.

Captain_Zap | 23. Oktober 2013

I was behind a school bus today and it stopped to let some kids off. The next thing I notice is a bunch of kids crowded in the back of the bus and pointing excitedly at my car.

It seems like those that are the most excited about the car are the youngsters. That's a big change in the trend.