The majority of forum posts originate from people who have experienced issues with their cars, with Tesla, with the delivery process, etc. etc. I thought it was time to start a thread for people who have had a very positive experience. My car was delivered today, and I am still wearing the Tesla grin. Beyond the customary " the car is beyond belief amazing", everything about my dealings with the company and the process has proceeded seamlessly.

My delivery date was 4 months ahead of the date I anticipated. Upon delivery, everything worked as advertised and the delivery experience was perfect. Throughout the process my calls and e-mails were returned in a timely fashion and the Tesla staff has been pleasant and professional. This is a great start and I hope everything continues along this path.

Although the interplay between people with issues and those that offer constructive solutions is very informative for the rest of us, lets get some posts from people with similar great experiences and great cars. Maybe some of the negative reporters will see how happy we are with our choice to drive the future and not the ICEy past.

cloroxbb | 25. Februar 2013

There are just as many positive comments on here as negative, or so I have seen.

A totally positive thread might be a little boring IMO because it doesnt really promote discussion... maybe

Brian H | 25. Februar 2013

Check delivery stories, etc., here and at TMS. Wildly popular, with posts begging for more.

lolachampcar | 25. Februar 2013

A few issues but NOTHING that even begins to smudge the exceptional quality, nature and engineering that is MS. Oh, and did I mention that people think it is gorgeous?

petero | 25. Februar 2013

My 'S' was delivered within the delivery window. Actually, my 'S' was delivered to the service center before I was advised it was ready to be shipped. The fit and finish was better than I expected from a start up company and reading the forums. Everything worked, phones paired, homelink set up, etc. My DS, Peter J. in Los Angeles, was great. What I thought would be a long, confusing delivery process was quick and easy... I almost hated to see him go. Peter J. even said thank you when he took my check. I am extremely happy. Thank you Peter and TM.

One last point, I often read posts that the 'S' was lacking features, quality, etc. of other luxury brands. Other than power folding mirrors and parking sensors, the car is darn near perfect for me. The simplicity, elegance, and lack of clutter is one of my favorite 'features.' It took me a while to understand and appreciate TM's thoughtful elimination of interior storage, most all of it is not necessary. The quiet, realization that TM started with a clean piece of paper and questioned many of the accepted norms of modern automobiles, makes it all the more special.

The Model 'S' is a remarkable car on many levels. I am appreciative that such a design came to market at the time when I could afford to buy the first, 21st Century Automobile, and it was made in America.

Brian H | 25. Februar 2013

More good news. Following another thread's challenge to my assertion Supercharging didn't harm batteries, though overcharging did, I requested a call-back from engineering. Today, it came.

"####", a field engineer in the testing and vehicle charging group, reports that they have been using a Supercharger on a flatbed in their remote winter testing, etc., and have been unable to detect degradation, even the expected amount, after hundreds of sequential Superchargings of their vehicles. He said the battery is a marvel, and is outperforming all their most ambitious standards.