Photos From 2013 Mt. Evans Tesla Road Rally

Photos From 2013 Mt. Evans Tesla Road Rally

The Colorado TMC members held a 57 miles road rally today. We had 29 Model S and over 50 people making the 7,000 ft. elevation climb to the summit of Mt. Evans and back to the start in Idaho Springs. One owner, LizG, made the drive from St. Louis - big shout out to LizG!

We had every color car, except green. The weather was excellent, the people were great, and the Model S did fantastic. Most drivers picked up an additional 18-20 miles on the meandering descent. Here are some pictures taken by KevinR, and others that attended and took photos will be adding to these over the next week, so please check back again:

Plus, one owner mounted a GoPro HD Digital Recorder on the side of his door, and plans to create a YouTube compliation in due time, so look for that, too.

Enjoy, and thanks to everyone who joined in for a FUNtastic day!


bradslee | 08. Juni 2013

Very nice!

Carefree | 08. Juni 2013

You need to send these pictures to Tesla PR, especially the ones with the long lines of Model S's. Must have been a great event!

Velo1 | 08. Juni 2013

^Tesla has PR department?! We owners are their PR ;)

Shesmyne2 | 08. Juni 2013

+29 @Velo1 for the organization!

You rock, the photos and whomever took them rock, the photographer(s) rock.
So jealous we couldn't take the time from NorCal to support.

Let's see how many we can get next year, with the SC buildout, can we get 1,000 MS's there? Whee!

Whose next?

Please do send the pic link to ownership@

Still grinning. ;-)

ajamison | 08. Juni 2013

Very nice, wonder what that restaurant thought seeing that many Tesla customers in one spot.

ajamison | 08. Juni 2013

I especially like this picture

Projected range 999 miles !!!! If only this were the actual range.

jeffaa | 08. Juni 2013 | 08. Juni 2013

@ajamison Each mile travelled on the way down added about 1/2 mile to the range estimate...the projected miles maxd out at 999. | 09. Juni 2013


Great Photos, Great People, Great Scenery!

jjs | 09. Juni 2013


Jealous, jealous, jealous. Would have loved to have joined you all. LizG, coming from St. Louis, is my hero! Omaha, where I'm at, not as far, but no time to allow me to join.

I hope this is done again, maybe next year?

Thanks for the excellent pics.


herkimer | 09. Juni 2013

What a lot of fun! I am disappointed that it didn't work out for me to join this Mountain Top Tesla S parade! Thanks Dennis for organizing the event and posting pics for all of us who couldn't be there.

ajamison | 09. Juni 2013

KevinR i realize that but its not a realistic number since your not going down hill all the time so if you could actually drive on a normal basis at 999 miles it would be pretty stellar to use an old and dated term.

portia | 09. Juni 2013

way cool, looks like you guys had a great time. love the photos too!
we need to do thid more often, everywhere!

Velo1 | 09. Juni 2013

^As organizer I thought about getting local media coverage, but since I am in witness protection...

Not really, I did try 2 Denver news stations and local paper, but no one ever responded to my emails or phone messages. Regardless, we have our own forums to enjoy the photos and videos.

F4D | 09. Juni 2013

Had a great time Dennis. Thank you for organizing the event. Here are my photos and a quick YouTube video:


Let's do it again.


andrigtmiller | 09. Juni 2013

Looked like fun. Yesterday, we went to Estes Park, and also drove up trail ridge road in Rocky Mountain National Park. From my home in Louisville to the Forest Canyon overlook on trail ridge road is about 61 miles. We left the Forest Canyon overlook with 119 miles of range left. I arrived at home with 101 miles of range left, after traveling that 61 miles. At one point during the trip, my 30 mile average was -45 watt hours per mile. I think the true average might have been even lower, but we exceeded the -300 watt hours per mile on the graph for quite a distance on the main decent.

Velo1 | 09. Juni 2013

Thanks guys for posting these awesome shots!

ajamison | 09. Juni 2013

F4D did you just pop your head out of the pano roof to take that video?

Brian H | 09. Juni 2013

Did the mountain woolies approve of your discreet arrival?

glenn.berry | 10. Juni 2013

The event was a lot of fun! Thanks to Dennis for organizing it!

F4D | 10. Juni 2013

@ajamison - My good friend Ben was a passenger and he popped his head out a few times. Only one of the corners got him. :)

Panoz | 14. Juni 2013

Who came from the farthest point for the rally?

Panoz | 14. Juni 2013

Geez, just read the updated heading. Looks like Liz G was the distance winner...

Brian H | 14. Juni 2013
Brian H | 14. Juni 2013
jonathanfsawyer | 14. Juni 2013

Back in the 90's I drove a GM EV1 to the top of Mt Evans and back to Boulder. The drive up required two stops to charge. The drive back was done nonstop. Got both the altitude and range record for the EV1 that day. The range I got using the lead acid batteries was 115 miles.