portable fridge in Tesla MS

portable fridge in Tesla MS

Does anyone have experience with a portable fridge in MS?
I've heard that the 12V battery is pretty small so I'm not sure how it would work.
Noise is another concern. Tesla is a quite car why ruin it?
On the other hand we got spoiled by the build-in cooler in our previous car.
So my wife insist on getting a fridge on board for the long summer trips.
I'm talking real electric fridge not some thermally isolated cooler.

treesdad421 | 22. April 2015

Check out the videos on YouTube by Bjorn Nyland. Young fellow in Norway, does a tremendous amount of driving in a 2013 P85. He has shown a plug-in cooler in a number of his videos. Actually it might be easier to start from Facebook. His name there is "Bjørn's Tesla Videos." Seems to me, his unit can be used as either a cooler or a heater, but I could be wrong on that point. Probably you could message him and ask about the unit. He plugs it into the 12 v supply.
I am sorry, though, that I do not know offhand which of his many videos show the cooler....

bejachb | 22. April 2015

Not sure how long you drive but ice in well made portable cooler works just fine for us.

Mathew98 | 22. April 2015

Wouldn't freezing a few bottled water in a cooler works just as well?

NASA spent millions of dollars in trying to solve the issue with writing with a pen upside down in space. Guess how the Russian solved the issue?

A damn pencil.

jordanrichard | 22. April 2015

And just where exactly are you placing this fridge?

jeffgnv | 22. April 2015

Regarding the Russian pencil, it's a cute story, but it's not true.

The plug-in coolers made to run off a car cigarette adapter should work. They're basically a tiny refrigerator. It's a matter of personal preference, of course, but I'd think a cooler with ice (or dry ice) would be more convenient because you could locate it anywhere and not worry about the cord running across the car.

PV_Dave @US-PA | 22. April 2015

We use a small Yeti cooler for long trips:

Works great. Keeps stuff cold for days, and if we're gone long enough to actually need more ice, then we're typically staying at a hotel that has an ice machine.

We typically use solid ice-replacement bricks chilled to -10 in our home freezer. I haven't used dry ice because I haven't done the math to ensure that the CO2 from the melting dry ice is going to be adequately removed from the cabin via normal climate controls. Probably will, but until I have figures on it, I consider safe better than sorry. Besides, with kids, one has to be careful about not touching dry ice with bare fingers. | 22. April 2015

@jeffgnv. Thanks for the NASA pen correction. I have told that story many times and never thought to check Snopes. Now I feel like a fool. Got lots of folks to apologize to. This must be how it feels to work at Fox News. ;-)

Mathew98 | 22. April 2015

Millions, Billions, what's the difference? It's only a few extra zeroes worth of tax payers money!

Dramsey | 22. April 2015

I've used a solid-state (Peltier effect) electric cooler in my Mod S with no problem. Nice for keeping soft drinks and other things cool on road trips, and doesn't use a noticeable amount of power.

TaoJones | 22. April 2015

I do like Yeti products - their 30oz tumbler fits with room for a smaller tumbler next to it barely.

Consider an Engel freezer/fridge if you want high end with low draw and quietness. It will run fine via the 12V, as will a small and I mean small microwave.

johndougan | 22. April 2015

I believe Watertown Service Center helped out with this project.

Blue85DCalifornia | 22. April 2015

I'm lying in my sleeping bag in the back of my S parked at a campground near Bryce Canyon at the moment, and next to me is a Dometic refrigerator. It's a real mechanical refrigerator, not a peltier device. It will cool down to 0F, runs off 12v power adapter. To keep the car from turning off the 12v adapter, I use "RV" mode. Foot on brake, shift into neutral, use screen to apply parking brake. Use screen to turn off headlights and DRL, dim screens, turn off climate control (or not), and car stays on all night. Loses less than 10 miles. Bjorn does this in his videos, too.

This particular model is shaped like the typical cooler. I've used it on several long camping trips (this is the first in my S), and it works great. Very quiet fan when running, and there is some burbling sound from the refrigerant being circulated.

LostInPA | 23. April 2015

My desire to sleep in any car ended with the 1979 gas crisis.

Brian H | 23. April 2015

Cooling bricks: frozen wet sponges inside Ziplock bags. No mess, hold their shape when warm (more or less).

WØQR | 23. April 2015

Mathew98: Urban legend. They did try that but the graphite from the pencil made it into the electronics. Not good. So they contracted with Fisher in the US to get the instruments they needed. Still in use today.

WØQR | 23. April 2015

Blue85DCalifornia: which model?

Rocky_H | 23. April 2015

Yeah, Blue85DCalif, you can't mention a product that great without telling people what it is and how to get it.

renwo S alset | 23. April 2015

Fill the frunk with ice, works great. | 23. April 2015

He did give you the product info. Dometic RV cooler. Specially made for 12 volt use.

TaoJones | 23. April 2015

Would also like to know which model Blue85 has - sounds excellent. Would like to compare and contrast with the Engel MR040F-U1. Search Amazon for Engel 40 Marine. Draws 2.5A via 12V DC. It's not perfect but I haven't found anything better in a 2'x1'x1' (mas o menos) package.

The keys in my mind are:
Low draw
Keeps ice frozen
Can fit stuff in it
Doesn't take up much room
Doesn't break
Doesn't cost a fortune to fix
Customer service isn't horrible

Am less concerned with AC/DC capability, portability, and price point. This is something I would prefer to buy once.

TaoJones | 23. April 2015

Here's some more info:

For occasional trips, it's hard to go wrong with a low-tech cooler and blue ice or similar; toss in a bag of ice a day and all is well. But for more frequent travel and especially in places where the interior temperature exceeds 120F - and that's with tint, a cooler won't cut it.

The next decision point for me is $100 (Peltier) or $900 (swing compressor).

The interim conclusion I've drawn is that for 2 people, a unit larger than 40-quart (1.1 ft^3) would be better. As such, given the larger footprint, it would make sense to wait for the Model X, which will offer a cavernous amount of space.

Choices, choices.

And to those who ask, "Why bother at all?", I'd say ask anyone who drives for a living, or who is fortunate enough to otherwise spend weeks at a time away from fast food. It's not because they have to. It's because they can.

Rocky_H | 23. April 2015

@wayneb, Oh, I thought that was a typo of "domestic", so I didn't think it was a brand name.

Blue85DCalifornia | 23. April 2015

Dometic CF-35

veryannoyingname | 23. April 2015

i have two car fridges . one of them is this got second hand for £6 and is a 6 liter fridgeand works great. Use it when we go to the beach and great to have cool beer on the beach :) Stays really cool. Works both AC and DC so can use it at camping sites too.

Have another Simpsons collectible 4L fridge which i just use in my man cave presently but can be used in the car too. Loads of cheap car fridges on ebay new and old. Works great for days out when its really hot. got this for about 20£.

For the car the first one is better as it has 4 cup holders built into the lid. Several similar ones on ebay and amazon. Mine works great in my car. Hope to use them in my model X when i get one.

Will test the fridge in my model s test drive in a few hours if they allow me to use one in it.

veryannoyingname | 23. April 2015

would be useful to have a car cooler for diabetics to keep their insulin on long trips etc.

2050project | 24. April 2015

This is a good option, the Koolatron, especially for non "D" configurations:

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