Rag Racing

Rag Racing

3/15 driving through Modesto, Ca I had a 720hp Cameron SS pull-up to me at a red light. The guys had their video cameras out and and challenged me to drag to the next signal light. They told me now special their car was. I accepted the challenge. People stopped all of the street because they sensed what was up. To make a long story short. After all the scay noice that ing made, my Tesla dusted them! At the next signal they did it again, and I dusted them hard! people on the street were mocking them. A the 3d light, I have them a running start of 30 ft. And dusted them again.

* A the fourth signal light they refused to try again. I doubt their video will be posted on UTube, but I sure hope it does. It will be viral. . .

I love my Tesla

carlk | 15. März 2013

Medesto? Are you Paul Le Mat?

ian | 15. März 2013

I wonder how soon it will be before the powers that be start shutting these drag racing threads down. The other car forums I frequent don't allow them.

Hopefully not soon though because they sure are fun to read! ;-)

What are the specs of your S rodney? I'm guessing it's a P85?

rodneynelson | 16. März 2013

Sorry for the typo's. I don't do well with my iPad. I have a P85.