Red Tesla baby delivered today

Red Tesla baby delivered today

Baby is already 100 miles old and counting. Father is feeling proud. Glad it took only 6 weeks. It was scheduled for late September.

hpatelmd | 15. September 2013

Congrats on the new arrival.

lolachampcar | 15. September 2013

Congrats and welcome to the club!

AudiA6 | 15. September 2013

Thanks guys and special thanks to "nickjhowe" for sharing delivery checklist document. It was very handy.

jrettinger | 15. September 2013


NomoDinos | 15. September 2013

Congratulations on the new baby! You should probably change that login now ;)

JPPTM | 15. September 2013

...need to change your forum handle??? Unless you are just letting your Audi sit on the trickle charger... :)

elguapo | 15. September 2013

Awesome! Congrats and welcome to the club. Enjoy the ride! It only gets better.

Captain_Zap | 15. September 2013

Congrats! Indulge in some joy rides.

@JPPTM- I think I took my BMW off the trickle charger once this year and it wasn't because I wanted to drive it or needed to drive it. I really thought I might want to use it more. I guess I had better set her free. I loved that car...

AudiA6 | 15. September 2013

@NoMoDinos...I will keep my A6 for this winter so the login remains. will post tomorrow.

tchsurg | 15. September 2013

Got my red one 7 days ago, in the rain-Uggghh. Have 500 miles on the baby and love it. Tesla did a great job with the red color; it is so cool looking. Few minor hitches. Tesla phone service has been great. Ranger coming in the nest week or so to fix a few things (glove box not latching shut). My kids love the big screen and all the features. They have really learned all the features quickly.

JPPTM | 16. September 2013

tchsurg--glove box latch is an issue for me. Search over at TMC. Basically the left and right spring latches on the door are tied together. Electrical solenoid in left hand jamb of glove box frame pops out to press in on the left hand latch, and this also releases the right hand latch. For me, the right hand latch pops off of its track and gets jammed inside the door. This holds both latches open and the door flops open. The fix is to get a flashlight and a small flat bladed screwdriver. Look inside the hole where the latch should be, and see if you can find it and, using the screwdriver, gently shift it towards the opening. It should pop out, and then you are back in business. I did e-mail this to TM ownership and Jerome G to advise them. Minor design flaw.