regenerative braking

regenerative braking

when i allow the car to slow itself using regenerative braking the brake lights, of course, don't go on. How does the driver in the car behind me know that I am slowing down? Isn't it a little dangerous? Should the car have some brake lights when regenerative braking is used?

jjaeger | 13. Juni 2013

when using regen braking the brake lights of course do go on...

shop | 13. Juni 2013

Yes, the lights do go on.

HenryT2 | 13. Juni 2013

My understanding is there's an accelerometer involved. The brake lights don't just automatically go on every time you let your foot off the accelerator. If your deceleration (negative acceleration) is above a certain point, then the brake lights go on.

Haven't had a chance to test this.

Gas_Passer | 14. Juni 2013

The break lights DO come on when you let up on the "gas" pedal. Long discussions on when it activates earlier in forum. Found a way to see for yourself: Find a dark road at night, turn on the rear camera and let up on the gas. You can see the brake lights reflected on the road in the dark. Cool.

mrspaghetti | 14. Juni 2013

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But unless and until that happens, was set up by one of the forum venerables to help people figure out if their question has already been asked and answered.

ir | 14. Juni 2013

Feature Request: Make the Tesla Logo turn red when the brake lights come on. The only time I can see is at night or when I open the About menu while driving.

I'm used to using the brake lights to warn traffic behind me. Not knowing when they come on/off makes it really hard to learn the brake light thresholds.

Theresa | 14. Juni 2013

ir, Off the top of my head I don't recall which page it is but the page where you can see a picture of your car shows all the lights and doors either on or off and open or closed.

RAFellows | 14. Juni 2013

Press the Tesla icon bringing up the graphic of the car. The lights including the brake light are shown in real time so you can watch the brake light turn on and off with acceleration and deceleration.