Rubber Floor Mats are finally here!

Rubber Floor Mats are finally here!

Anyone else notice that there are rubber floor mats for sale in the Tesla Store for the Model S?

I just ordered mine!

rdalcanto | 01. Juli 2013

Thanks for the heads up! Ordered mine too!

AlMc | 01. Juli 2013


drewcomeau | 01. Juli 2013

Just got mine as well

create | 01. Juli 2013


mortgagebruce | 01. Juli 2013

Now if they'll just get some hats!

brett.padgett | 02. Juli 2013


Brian H | 02. Juli 2013

Why do you want a rubber hat?

mortgagebruce | 02. Juli 2013

Actually they just got an L/XL hat in stock. It's the black/red with the T logo on front. The photo shows the blue with white logo but they also have the other color. Been trying to buy a hat for a while...not rubber:)

vkumar7882 | 02. Juli 2013

Ordered mine too!! I'm waiting for the center console....what do u guys think how much will it cost?? My guess $800

cfOH | 02. Juli 2013

New price hike for popular Tesla accessories:
- Logo hat...................... $1500
- Floor mats.................... $1500
- Golf socks.................... $1500
- Drop-in center console........ $10000 (out of stock)

mcx-sea | 02. Juli 2013

Tough to tell from Tesla site exactly what the color is.

Hope they will eventually offer a second or third color; tan?

Robert22 | 02. Juli 2013

Nicely grouped with the other mats I see...

AlMc | 02. Juli 2013

color of all the different area plastic mats is black.