S for sport?

S for sport?

Usually an "S" in a car's designation would refer to "sport". Is that what the S stands for in Model S?

klr39 | 07. August 2012

I believe that in this case "S" = "Sedan".

"X" = "Cross-over"

"R" = "Roadster"

Beaker | 07. August 2012

I think it's:

S: Sedan
X: Cross over SUV (X-over)

brianman | 07. August 2012


Perhaps we should be saying "Tesla Model SS" (which reminds car fans of "supersport") instead of "Tesla Model S Performance".

neemaz | 08. August 2012

Im pretty sure its S = Sexy

Brian H | 08. August 2012

I fear for some (see Tomas' comment on Luxury List thread) it stands for "Superioritycomplex". ;)
See the Priuses are for Losers Slate article: "I prefer not to think of myself as the sort of person who would harbor feelings of superiority on the basis of a material possession. But it is extremely hard, as drivers in their BMWs and Lexuses crane for a glimpse of my ninja-quiet ride, to keep from thinking one thing: suckers."

sk1656 | 13. Mai 2013

At first I thought S referred to a sedan an but it was just named after the luxury sedan the MB S Class. They probably named it like that because the Model S was supposed to be as good as the S Class, and it actually is.

KenG | 13. Mai 2013

S is for sublime.

teriyaki88 | 13. Mai 2013

I don't think many European survivors would like "SS". Just say'n.

teriyaki88 | 13. Mai 2013

Sorry. I meant WWII European.

Seattle | 13. Mai 2013

I always liked that the first model was "R", and then the next was "S", and they skipped "T" because there was already the model T. but it doesn't work for X. R for roadster, S for sedan, X for crossover is too perfect. But then of course VMS + 1 -> WNT.