For sale- Rear facing seats

For sale- Rear facing seats

I purchased a fully loaded Model S and do not really need the rear facing seats (no children in my future). Please let me know if you are interested in purchasing them. I'm located in Houston- but if you pay for shipping, I can get them to you. Note-- check to make sure your tesla can support the rear facing seats. for safety reasons, I believe the rear end of the car is designed with additional support to protect riders in the rear facing seats. Many early models had this- but newer models are only being built with the additional support if you preorder the rear-facing seats. Check with tesla. If you are interested, send me an email with an offer. Tesla offers the rear facing seats as a $2500 option.

Drakester347 | 01. Juli 2014

My car will be here in August, i'm in Houston. If they work with my car and still available I will give you a shout.

AZNick | 01. Juli 2014

I was told you have to get the care equipped from the factory with the rear facing seats as there are other issues at play with the building of the car to have them...... I don't know, but something to research.

jajabor | 01. Juli 2014

You can't just install rear facing seats. It requires reinforced rear bumper which is done at the factory.

nathanthart | 25. September 2019

Im Interested in the rear facing seat set for the Model S, Does anyone have a set of rear facing seats, hardware, brackets, reinforcements, trim pieces for sale? Im located in Las Vegas and I would be willing to drive to ca, as, or UT to swap trim pieces if requested.
Best Regards