Screen security

Screen security

This topic has probably been addressed but the shear mass of blogs crossed my eyes! Is there a plan to develop some sort of "valet" button to protect our personal info loaded in the cars screen ie "home" location and the remote button that opens the garage door? My Prius doesn't announce itself like the Tesla and I was scared enough to enter that info in it. Yes I'm a bit of a safety-phobe:)

Brian H | 15. Januar 2013

A valet mode should lock that info away, for sure.

eltonf | 15. Januar 2013

Agreed. I basic 4 digit pin to lock & unlock features like with an iPad would be much appreciated.

jat | 15. Januar 2013

And once you have a login on the screen (perhaps just tied to the key in the car), then you can let the browser maintain cookies across sessions. It is a pain to have to login to Google Calendar each time I want to see it on the screen, for example.

dqb | 15. Januar 2013

Definitely. A "valet mode" was something I asked my Delivery Specialist about when reviewing the car. He said he thought it would come soon in a sw update, but nothing definitive. It's needed not just for the console but also for frunk/glove box lock.

hoffgoob | 17. Januar 2013

Thanks for the info:)

portia | 17. Januar 2013

it doesn't have favorites or a Home for nav, so you have addresses there but not a shortcut or label that says Home. you get to name the homelink positions, maybe yoy can be creative, but there are only three, so not much security there. | 18. Januar 2013

Actually we need a guest mode, valet mode, and car wash modes, all which include a screen of tips/instructions for the alternate driver and various feature lockouts. I wrote up a more detailed description. Vote on it if you want to help nudge Tesla to do this!

sboal | 18. Januar 2013

completely agree - found myself logging out of a website to park the car.

Anthony H | 18. Januar 2013


I completely agree!

I propose one more... "teenage driver mode" just for fun. My teenagers are all gone now.

GLarwill | 18. Januar 2013

And that teen/valet mode should limit the acceleration and top speed to very moderate numbers.