scroll wheel

scroll wheel

I reserved the model x but I was just at the tesla store and sat in the model s for the 2nd time. I really like the quality of the car. But there is one thing I didn't like. The 2 scroll wheels on the steering wheel seemed very cheap. They turned very freely and felt loose. Hopefully the model x will have a better version.

Tâm | 25. Juni 2014

You can always use the monitor instead of physical wheels.

They both work fine for me.

I don't care about cheapness as long as they serve the purpose.

They are quiet, easy to turn, responsive so how will an expensive one do?

aljjr2 | 25. Juni 2014

When I took the model S test drive, I recall the sale person told me that the resistance for the thumb wheels change when the car is on.

Just my recollection, anyone who "knows" please chime in. Also, the suggestion is that the MX will have touch pads in the place. They can't tell from the photos, but that is what they thought.

JustinHardy | 25. Juni 2014

The X is planned to have little touch-screens instead of the scroll wheels.