Selling/Trading my old ICE

Selling/Trading my old ICE

Have always traded in (up) at new car dealer. Anyone have any advice to selling/trading since Tesla doesn't want it?

FLsportscarenth... | 12. Januar 2013

Well tend to buy all cars I own cash and restore them then keep them till the end of their useful life, that way I do not get hurt much on depreciation, some cars I own appreciate... The car the MS will 'replace' is a Mercedes Sedan that now has more than a quarter million miles on it and will be on its last legs when my MS is delivered. I doubt it will have much trade in or resale value left, I will likely keep it till a major engine or transmission failure then scrap the shell.

For sedans Mercedes used to make the best, but now there is Model S!

The real excitement begins when the new roadster comes out!

Cattledog | 12. Januar 2013

We went the Carmax route. Got the Model S Wednesday, went to Carmax today with 2002 Lexus RX300 and BMW 525. They made a better offer for the RX300, so 15 minutes later we walked out with a bank draft. Done, finis. Easy, quick, fair. Happy.