Service agreements - are they worthwhile?

Service agreements - are they worthwhile?

Has anyone purchased an extended service agreement? I read the agreements and still not sure what I get for the money. I got about a week and a half to decide. Any positive or negative experience that you could share be appreciated.

NgcJim0213 | 17. Juli 2013

I guess the answer is no - I'm assuming that few people have purchased the service agreements.

bp | 17. Juli 2013

This topic has been covered in other threads - so others may have decided not to repeat what they've already said elsewhere.

I purchased the extended service agreement (4+4) plus the extended warranty. At least for a P85, the cost seemed reasonable.

However, it's too soon to tell what value I will actually get - since I haven't yet taken my car in for the first 12,500 mile service - which should happen in the next month.

Brian H | 17. Juli 2013

Use to search for relevant terms.

pilotSteve | 18. Juli 2013

I have the 4-year (non-ranger). Just took my car in for 7500 mile service. Their attention to detail and customer service has been AMAZING. Granted my car is a signature with a vin under 1000, but they took my list of 10 (mostly little) items, and added another eight that their computer came up with as suggested service improvements (seals in the tail lights, rattle fixes for the vents, steering wheel click, etc.).

Also scheduled tire rotation and two wheel repairs ($125 each, done perfectly).

Then they sent me home in a new P85 loaner (500 miles on it!). I was scheduled for two days but they called me and asked if I was willing to keep the loaner another two days while they finished up some of the very time consuming items (especially the service improvements on the pano roof to eliminate rattles and creaking which takes nearly an entire day to complete). I said YES and enjoyed a weekend and another day of the P85!

Bottom line: sure much of this work would be (is) covered by warranty, but the COST to Tesla for the loaner car *alone* was over $500 just based on $1/mile depreciation. To me this kind of customer support and personal attention is a bargain at the $2500/4 year price.

I'm now seeing what the Roadster owners have commented about: Tesla service will amaze you and is a superb value.

olanmills | 18. Juli 2013

I purchased it too, mainly for peace of mind and to be hassle free. I purchased the 4+4 plan.

Bubba2000 | 21. Juli 2013

I have a 85P/Pano loaded on order - I purchased the 4 service with ranger + 4 year extended warranty + extended 4 year service with range. I live 230 miles from the nearest service center and want peace of mind, no hassle service. I am not sure how long I will keep it... I reserved a Model X Sig, but I really want one with a 500 mile battery and some safety features like park assist, smart cruise control, etc. So, I may have to wait before I trade in the Model S and that may go beyond 4 years.

All it takes in some fancy part like transmission, motor or PEM to go bad, and it will cost a fortune. Not like I can shop for repairs. After spending $103k+tax, makes sense to buy extra service and warranty.

procarl | 21. Juli 2013

There's a transmission???

SamO | 21. Juli 2013

I live less than 3 miles from a service center and I likely will NOT get spend the money.

Everything is covered under the warranty (even the loaner car) except if you come in for "regular" service. I only plan to come in if something is wrong.

SamO | 21. Juli 2013

I did purchase the extended warranty (4 yr 50K miles) before the price went from 2500 to 4000.

Bubba2000 | 21. Juli 2013

I meant the reduction gear box... "fixed ration transmission".