She has arrived!!!!

She has arrived!!!!

Introducing Phoenix, she is my dream car. We named her Phoenix because she flies and because she rose from the ashes of the electric cars that failed before her, and the ashes of the world we are damaging... and also, as my husband adds, because she is hot - like Phoenix, AZ ;)

15 second instagram video of her being unloaded:

first sunset with my girl! #Tesla #ByeOil #SuckItOpec

I am a very happy girl.

negarholger | 07. September 2013

Very happy for you. Congrats.

robby81 | 07. September 2013

Congratulations!! I saw my first Model S here in Vienna last week. Nearly crashed the ICE trying to get a second look!

J.T. | 08. September 2013

I see why your husband says "she's hot!"

And the car looks great, too!

Keep us posted and have a great time.

JPPTM | 08. September 2013


olanmills | 08. September 2013

Dang, I didn't realize that you still didn't have yours.

Brian H | 08. September 2013

The vid is one of those that sets volume high and can't be controlled. Bad form.

DarrellH | 09. September 2013

Congratulations Leilani and welcome to the family!

reitmanr | 09. September 2013

I join my friend DarrellH in wecoming you to this amazing adventure. To his credit, he helped us decide to get our MS. No regrets. Enjoy!