Slacker as we knew it will be back soon per Elon

Slacker as we knew it will be back soon per Elon

Elon tweeted that the error was in Slacker's code and should be fixed tomorrow-ish. Woo hoo!

Has anyone gotten the voice control update that was reportedly being pushed yesterday?

mikegre | 08. Mai 2013

From an email I got from Slacker today...

"...Slacker comes with a promotional 3-month subscription to Radio Plus, which is the highest subscription level supported by your Tesla car.

Once your promotional subscription expires, you can then purchase a subscription directly from Slacker to continue those benefits."

jnb | 08. Mai 2013

i don't have my car yet, so may be out of turn here, but wasn't the whole problem recently that you once could but now couldn't get songs on demand though the voice control? if that service was available at one time then the car supports more than radio plus since on demand music is not included with radio plus, only with premium, right?

mikegre | 09. Mai 2013

And here's a follow-up:

Michael Greenberg
May 08 17:44 (PDT)

Just to confirm, you are saying my Tesla does not support Slacker Premium Radio? Bummer!

Frank Summers (Slacker Radio)
May 09 09:42 (PDT)

Correct, Tesla does not support Premium Radio at this time. Should you wish to have Premium Radio supported on your car, please contact Tesla and request that they add this feature to your car (since Tesla handles all development for Slacker's integration into your car).