Software apps for Tesla Model S, SDK (software developer kit) availability?

Software apps for Tesla Model S, SDK (software developer kit) availability?


Does anybody knows when a SDK will be available? I'm working on a IT company and planning to buy next year a Model S here in Oslo, Norway, but a dealbreaker will be not having a SDK.

Mark E | 07. November 2012

Deal breaker? Which other car companies give you an sdk to develop software for their car?
Just curious.

Volker.Berlin | 07. November 2012

All of the Norwegian auto makers, without exception, have a long-standing tradition of providing an SDK whenever they release a new model... ;-)

Kidding aside, maybe he intends to account for the expense of buying the car as a required testing tool for his IT company. This could offer some tax benefits as well. But without an SDK, that argument is hard to defend.

Brian H | 07. November 2012

Yep, the S will just be a computer with wheels for his company.

sjledet | 14. Januar 2013

BMW provides an SDK for the iDrive allowing for 3rd party iPhone app development. Elon musk announce in his keynote at Cleantech in March of 2011 and again when he keynoted the same conference in 2012 that this will eventually be available from Tesla as well.

dstiavnicky | 15. Januar 2013

I've put in two calls to head office, both times told Charlotte was the person to speak to... haven't heard anything back in over a month...

BYT | 15. Januar 2013

I hope someone can port over to our Model S'

ira | 15. Januar 2013

1 more for WAZE

schumonster | 15. Januar 2013

I work in SW development and this was one of the first questions I asked the TM sales folks. However Given the activity on this forum regarding various SW bugs in the existing implementation, I suspect that the last thing on the TM Director of Software's mind is how he is going to manage the release and support of a 3rd party SDK. My guess is that we are a year off at least. Not only do you want to ensure that your internal house is in order before releasing something like this that would be an additional support burden on your team, you would need to carefully vet the calls you might expose in a public API to ensure your friendly 3rd party developers don't core dump your other systems with their pac-man emulators (or whatever).

I'm anxious to see what amount of integration is possible as well but I think we are a ways off from that day.

Beaker | 15. Januar 2013

WAZE would be great !.

aaronw2 | 15. Januar 2013

I too look forward to a SDK. It will be interesting to see how much information will be made available to the apps. Hopefully things like GPS location will be available as well as access to a number of the peripherals. For example, I can think of some neat ideas for charging apps or even climate control apps that could be possible, or maybe even music apps (maybe add support for multi-channel FLAC files).

david_se | 16. Januar 2013

An SDK would be great. But given that there are still plenty of minor bugs to work out, Tesla might not want to introduce third-party apps that could slow down or crash the system just yet? I think it's better they solve "deal-breaker" things first, then proceed to the "wow":s.

Rumbles | 16. Januar 2013

For those who might be interested, check out It provides a browser-based suite of apps which include a handsome clock, stock quotes, weather and Tesla News. Cheers.

Brian H | 16. Januar 2013

On my XP, the clock still freezes at whatever time it is when I open it.

NaderA | 14. März 2013

Another SWD for Waze! Also would like to see libirvox port as well. Heck, I wish they could just make an API to treat the car like another android phone where you could just pull down apps from the google play store.... Let's see the SDK and I'll get a team together.

diegorey | 20. März 2013

Waze please!

Dante-G. | 16. Januar 2015

Am also interested in a SDK , and a API