Space required for doors?

Space required for doors?

Looking at the Model X, I wonder about the problem of opening the door inside your garage.
Will you need more room?

proven | 11. Juli 2015

There's been a number of threads where people have guessed on how high the doors extend. I think 85-88" was the most common estimate (based on examining pictures).

Also, there's been speculation that there may be sensors on the door to prevent them from hitting a short ceiling.

Most likely you will be able to set the maximum height the doors will open just like the trunk on the Model S.

ian | 11. Juli 2015

Which is 7' 1" to 7' 4". My garage door opener is 90" and the rails on the sides are 85 1/2". Could be close!

I'm more worried about the length of the X. My garage is only 5" or 6" longer than the S! D'oh!

DonS | 11. Juli 2015

A standard US garage door is 7' tall. Given the photo of the X in Elon's garage, I cannot believe it wouldn't fit in a typical garage. | 11. Juli 2015

@proven: those are the numbers I recall--85 inches high max, I think.
@ian: I seem to remember Elon saying the X would be 2 inches longer than the S.

vandacca | 11. Juli 2015

George, it was my understanding that the original plan was for the Model-X to be ~2" longer than the S, but now the two are to be about the same length. | 12. Juli 2015

Well 0-2 inches then. Harumph. So much for listening to His Muskiness.

ian | 12. Juli 2015

How do you know how long it is vandacca? Until the specs are released we won't know for sure. With that nose, it certainly looks quite a bit longer than an S.

ian | 12. Juli 2015

To my eyes anyway. | 12. Juli 2015

No point in making the front end stick out more than the MS.
Longer in back means more room for third row plus rear cargo.

ernie | 12. Juli 2015

I am not seeing a problem with garage doors if X is backed in. My floor to ceiling is 103", but where garage doors are stored when up, that diminishes to 83". So...back problem.

vandacca | 12. Juli 2015

Ian, I can't remember where I heard this, but I have a memory hearing that the length was going to closely match the Model-S. Of course, I could be wrong, or my source may have been wrong.

carlk | 13. Juli 2015

Most likely you will be able to set the maximum height the doors will open just like the trunk on the Model S.

Would like the opening height limit, if there is one, to be location sensitive so you can still open to full height outside the garage.

The same for the trunk opening. As of now I bump my head to the trunk lid of my S often even outside in the open because of the lower setting.

grant10k | 13. Juli 2015


I'd imagine you could just push the doors further open, or they'll have some sort of proximity sensor on the door. Using location sounds frustrating as the difference in a place that you want the doors to open fully and the places where there's something in the way is less than the accuracy of GPS.

jordanrichard | 15. Juli 2015

The OP is not talking about the length of the X, but the height in which the Falcon doors will open. I am fairly certain that Elon or JB said that there will be sensors that will prevent the doors from opening too high. Though that still doesn't address a potential problem. What if your ceiling height doesn't allow the doors to go up enough to make easy access in and out of the vehicle. It seems silly for people having to duck their heads to get in and out of the X.

grant10k | 15. Juli 2015

My bet is that people who have low garages and can't open the doors fully, will just pull the car outside and load everyone up there. Or if it's raining, just squeeze in anyway.

So, I think it's a problem, but not a huge one.

Frankly, all doors have issues like this. I've can't count the number of times I've had to squeeze into the front seat because someone parked too close to allow the doors to open a reasonable amount (or when I misjudge the door-pump spacial relationship getting gas). Back when I drove a minivan, I would sometimes climb into the back and use the sliding door to get out, which required much less space on the sides. I'm hoping the Falcon Wing doors affords me the same luxury.

stuart | 15. Juli 2015

If you look at the animation of the falcon wing doors opening the idea of a partial open makes little sense. Most of the clearance of the door panel (the part that is vertical when closed) seems to come in the last few degree of travel of the roof (normally horizontal) panel. My understanding of geometry is that when the roof piece has reached 60 degrees of its travel, it has already reached 87% of its maximum vertical height. At 75 degrees it has nearly 97% of its height.

The only way a partial open would be useful is if the roof panel stops early and the door panel can continue its swing well past its normal 90 degree position relative to the roof. Doing that would greatly increase the width requirement to open next to a wall or tall vehicle. I can't imagine how that could be done, but maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised next month.

Red Sage ca us | 15. Juli 2015

All Model X will be Autobots constructed of liquid metal.