Spambot Banning and/or Moderating

Spambot Banning and/or Moderating

I flagged about 100 posts today from astrologerji99. I presume they just go into a cue for review though, by the admin. Really wish that Tesla would empower long term users and/or owners on this forum as "admins" or at least "moderators" to delete these trash posts and ban "users" like astrologerji99.

Red Sage ca us | 18. Juni 2014

It would be nice.

jkn | 18. Juni 2014

New users should be allowed to make only 3 post in a day (perhaps only 1). Would 30 posts/day be enough for older users?

Red Sage ca us | 18. Juni 2014

30 posts might be enough... if we could edit all of our own posts... Otherwise? No. ;-)

jkn | 18. Juni 2014

Limiting daily posts to 30 might make some ignored family members happier.

I figured better algorithm: Store number of posts a user has posted. His daily quota is this number + 1. Every flag his posts get reduces this number by 1. If somebody flags messages without good reason, all his flags will be ignored. | 18. Juni 2014

The conventional wisdom is that a post goes away (maybe for later admin review, maybe not) if it's flagged five times. I know that more than once I've flagged a spam post and found it gone when the page reloads. You might say that TM has crowd-sourced removal of spam posts, and it works pretty well if everyone pitches in and flags; no clever algorithm needed.

Detroit SuperCharger | 18. Juni 2014

@jkn - good concept, but who would determine what a "good reason" is? Also, I believe this issue has been solved several times over in other forum software, hasn't it?

jkn | 18. Juni 2014


Sometimes one spammer posts 100 messages at once. I have seen that several times. This should impossible.

Detroit SuperCharger,

Moderator is needed to prevent misuse of system. I cannot imagine system working well without a human moderation.

Grinnin'.VA | 19. Juni 2014

@jkn | JUNE 18, 2014 NEW
Sometimes one spammer posts 100 messages at once. I have seen that several times. This should impossible.

I'd like to suggest a maximum of 5 posts per hour for a participant in good standing, less for those whose posts are flagged multiple times.

Detroit SuperCharger | 19. Juni 2014

@Grinnin' +1

NumberOne | 20. Juni 2014

As far as I know, a message gets removed if it has been flagged by five people. If 2 or more messages by one poster are flagged 5 times, all of the posts by that user should automatically be deleted. A very simple IF clause will, that can be added somewhere should take car of it. This cannot be too difficult!

JeffreyR | 20. Juni 2014

I'd like to be able to flag spam from the index page instead of going into the post. The obvious spam is so obvious that it's very easy to spot. For example "love specialist $&#%!" does not belong here.

Brian H | 21. Juni 2014

The mods get rid of that obvious spam when they get around to it.

JeffreyR | 21. Juni 2014

For those of you as impatient about spam as I am, I created a bookmarklet. Check it out in my Tips & Tricks post and here:

centralvalley | 22. Juni 2014

For someone like me who does not understand much of this "spambot" discussion, how can something like this occur continually?

It seems to me that this is the equivalent of leaving your house with all the doors and windows wide open.

Can this be prevented, or are we all subject to whatever it is these individuals are doing?

Timo | 22. Juni 2014

Spambots get smarter every day. These posts are made by bots, not by humans.

Problem is that this forum allows making new threads very rapidly. You could limit posting frequency to something like one post / five minutes and also if same poster sequential posts get flagged fast then that poster should be banned (by IP-address, not by username).

jkn | 23. Juni 2014

I believe these are made by humans not by bots. Several times one new post have appeared while I flagged previous. Note that these appear when moderators are not working. Hiring one moderator from Europe and another from Australia would help.

Timo | 23. Juni 2014

If these are made by some human solution is to get rid of that human. Anybody here at assassination business?

blue adept | 25. Juni 2014

The last thing this site needs is a bunch of egomaniacal control freaks empowered with the ability to discriminately ban whomever whenever at their whim and fancy...That has been the downfall of many a site.

JeffreyR | 25. Juni 2014

@just an allusion I think that what we need is an easy way to mark posts like "get your ex back-call astrology guru +91 11223344" on the main topics page. Right now you need to open them, scroll, hover/tap and click. If volunteers are willing to clean up Spam like the above, then I am all for it. Obviously someone who is filtered would be able to protest to the Tesla Moderator, and have them arbitrate. I would also like to be able to have posts I mark as inappropriate hidden from my list automatically. This would have two advantages: (1) moderators would see clearly when something is overwhelmingly inappropriate; (2) users would get a positive reason beyond altruism to flag spam.

I created a hide spam bookmarklet to hide them, but it's a bit unwieldy and does not persist nor help moderators. Tesla is a great company w/ a ton of passionate fans. I think all regular users of this forum would like to see it have enriching, lively discussions like these:

Both of these threads covered a lot of ground, and though they were opposites views, neither devolved into ugliness nor trolling.

This forum is not about ego for me. It's about celebrating a vision where the future is electric, bright and full of promise. It's what dreams are made of.

Thanks for obviously caring deeply about this forum, and keeping us all honest.

Detroit SuperCharger | 26. Juni 2014

Well now . . . THIS is interesting. I simply posted "+1 JeffreyR. Well said." which I was instantly replied to with a message that I had triggered a spam filter. Really?!? THAT triggered a spam filter, but "Online Intercast love marriage specialist" seems legit to the SPAM robots? That.Is.1.Stupid.Bot.

Timo | 26. Juni 2014

Too little information, and looks like some facebook spam post.

What we need is blocking based on poster IP-address after some amount of flagging. I bet all these love babaji stuff comes from single address space.

Red Sage ca us | 26. Juni 2014

jaa wrote, "The last thing this site needs is a bunch of egomaniacal control freaks empowered with the ability to [indiscriminately] ban whomever whenever at their whim and fancy..."

Hey! I resemble that remark!


Grinnin'.VA | 26. Juni 2014

As of this morning, spam was a problem on the GENERAL forum.
I'm baffled that Tesla hasn't yet found an efficient, effective way to put a stop to it.

Brian H | 26. Juni 2014

None left right now.

Never once seen a spam filter response. It must be your ****** personality.

jkn | 27. Juni 2014

My posts have been blocked several times. Removing links has helped. Once splitting long post into two parts helped. I guess they have changed rules often. Now it seems that they have a moderator working.

Timo | 27. Juni 2014

They have moderator(s), but it has not been 24/7. More like office hours in US.

rick | 27. Juni 2014

More hundreds of spam this morning. Found this article on a solution which makes sense:

Rocky_H | 27. Juni 2014

I am still advocating for my solution. Notice how this junk always shows up in the General forum? Notice how General is the defaulted selection when you go to post a new message? I think they should create a section of the forum that is called Spam, and have that be the default selection. It would take human user interaction to select it to a different section, otherwise the posts all go into the Spam section.

jkn | 27. Juni 2014

If this spamming is made with bot, captcha should solve it. If not, we need something different. It does not need to be better, only different.

I saw these spams in 'Tesla Model S' also. Those disappeared before I had time to flag.

Red Sage ca us | 27. Juni 2014

The problem is that I've noticed even with my own posts, that Captcha, doesn't. I have definitely had typos from time-to-time and realized it after I pressed 'ENTER'. Captcha let it go through anyway. I think it just looks at the first one or two characters, makes sure you have entered something, anything, as the last three of five, then passes it on as cleared.

mrdaniel | 27. Juni 2014

What's and The spam bots/persons seem to think if you try enough a few spam messages will squeeze through (and they are right, apparently).

mrdaniel | 27. Juni 2014

Oh, $#%^. Tesla doesn't have rel="nofollow" in their url anchor tags. This forum is problem on some list somewhere being sold for money "Forums without rel=nofollow."

Brian H | 29. Juni 2014

Captcha, especially the 2-word version, has a second purpose of interpreting OCR errors and problems. In the 2-word version, one word is known and the other not. Consensus answers are used for the OCR interpretation of the original text.

brod | 05. Juni 2015

Not to necro but imo the best way to defend against spam is to have a more appropriate amount of boards/subs (maybe one for each car and half a dozen generals) and use a grammatical spam check to make sure everyones talking about vaguely the right content with strikebacks so people can still bring up new topics.

stuart | 05. Juni 2015

How bout a separate forum for perpetual motion and free energy threads, and someone authorized to move those threads? I'm trying to learn about a car I have on order (model X) and I keep running into total idiocy.

In a former venture capital business I ran into perpetual motion/free energy schemes about once a month. At least I could tell those people to go away and never bother me again.