Standard Suspension

Standard Suspension

Has anyone heard any news about production of standard suspension MSs? Last thing I heard was they would beging production early March.

tylerhen | 17. März 2013

People are reporting on the forums that they MS with standard suspension is on a delivery truck already so they are definitely getting produced.

crttnarayan | 17. März 2013

Std suspension is in production queue for sure. Mine is in the queue as they did not let me upgrade to air as they will have pull it out and delay production

bostoncde | 18. März 2013

Are you 85 or 60? I reserved my 60 in Dec 2012 and I hvaent heard much other than May/June delivery.

dstiavnicky | 18. März 2013

My 85 with standard suspension is getting 'delivered' in Toronto this saturday (March 23).

crttnarayan | 18. März 2013

@bostoncode mine is 60 as well

bostoncde | 18. März 2013

crttnarayan please let me know when you get your car or estimated delivery because I have heard nothing .

crttnarayan | 18. März 2013

They have assigned a DS and gave me a window apr 1 - apr 15

Darkwax | 18. März 2013

I finalized in late Dec also for a 60kWh model.

@crttnarayan When did you finalize?

1650tesla | 18. März 2013

Good to knnow they are being made. I heard of some delay due to supply chain issues, hopefully not too long.

crttnarayan | 18. März 2013

@Darkwax: finalized mid December

Xerogas | 19. März 2013

Just spoke to a Tesla rep today, and he confirmed that 40kWH cars are just beginning limited production now. Not sure about which suspension though.

Brian H | 20. März 2013
bostoncde | 21. März 2013

Just Got My Delivery email, yippee. April 3 - 17th


crttnarayan | 21. März 2013

Bostoncde: pleased to see your turn has come. My seq number is 10760. What is yours. Trying to gauge when my email will come

diegoaalvarez | 22. März 2013


I have a 60/std. suspension, finalized around New Years, and an even lower sequence number than you (6492), but don't even have a delivery window yet. My last call got a "May/June" timeframe for delivery.