Standard suspension supply chain issues?

Standard suspension supply chain issues?

I hear that the standard suspension builds have not started because the suspensions are not in stock. Is that true or are they just batch scheduling for max efficiency.

david_se | 16. Januar 2013

I don't know about the suspension stocks, but they seem to be doing a lot of batching, e.g. by battery pack size and by color. So I wouldn't be surprised if it is to reduce production complexity.

yobigd20 | 16. Januar 2013

If that's really the case, I hope the next batch is perf 85kWh black. lol.

djp | 17. Januar 2013

I suspect there is less profit in standard suspension. Why rush into it if that is the case?

Brian H | 17. Januar 2013

Um, because it enables sales of the rest of the car?