State of Virginia - TESLA Dealership Ruling

State of Virginia - TESLA Dealership Ruling

Just received this email - a reply from an email I sent a few months ago expressing my opinions on Virginia taking action to prevent TESLA from selling cars in their fair state. Not sure though what statutory requirements means to TESLA.

Good Afternoon,

You previously expressed interest in Tesla’s request to operate a manufacturer-owned dealership in Virginia. The Commissioner would like to share this update in that matter.

The Commissioner is pleased that Tesla, the Virginia Automobile Dealers Association (VADA), and the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), through counsel, came to an agreement and avoided litigation regarding the operation of a Tesla dealership in Virginia. After the initial ruling, the parties to the hearing before DMV engaged in discussions and, after consideration of those discussions and additional information presented, the Commissioner could determine that Tesla may own a Tesla dealership in Northern Virginia. To operate as a dealer, Tesla must meet the statutory requirements applicable to dealers and obtain a license from the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board.

Thank you,

Andrew Owens
Legal Services Analyst
Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles

SamO | 02. Oktober 2013


rdalcanto | 02. Oktober 2013

What does that mean? They can't do Stores? They will be allowed to do a classic style Dealership with commission based sales people and a third party owner?

Brian H | 02. Oktober 2013

I think it just means they are licensed to sell. How they do it is now their own business. | 03. Oktober 2013


Virginia, let's rock. | 03. Oktober 2013


Hoping that means we can get a service center to ease the load in Rockville.
With 5 of Forbes ten wealthiest counties in Northern VA they should be a good opportunity for Tesla.

EVMD | 04. Oktober 2013

Yeah but Arlington Virginia is asking owners that live in condominiums to provide plans and load like commercial standards. What this mean is that the installation of a 240V outlet is unaffordable, just to hire and electrical engineer could cost $3000-5000 plus the electrician work, this is a way to say NO to EV's in Arlington. We are the only county in Virginia that asking for commercial specifications for condominiums. What a shame this county, looking to move to Maryland/DC. "I wish they ask for commercial permits to but an assault riffle too"

Captain_Zap | 05. Oktober 2013

It's too bad that this news got buried. This is great!
Congratulations Virginians!

Flyshacker | 05. Oktober 2013

Who knows exactly what it means, how Tesla must conform, etc. Apparently Elon is doing whatever it takes to do business, jumping thru a few more unnecessary hoops in Virginia. Another reason to admire him in my view.

jeffsstuff | 05. Oktober 2013

" Another reason to admire him in my view." and to despise politicians who pander to lobbyists instead of doing what is best for the people they are supposed to represent!

What we need is a national law and national standards (Perhaps Tesla can help some friendly politicians draft something).

carlk | 05. Oktober 2013

Sounds things worked out fine for Tesla to sell cars in Virginia.