Strange "hairs" on tesla

Strange "hairs" on tesla

I've had these strange hairs appear in the body panel between the passenger side rear door and the trunk.

RedShift | 19. August 2013

Possibly alien life forms studying the most advanced car on this planet.

Sorry about that, I have no idea who's poodle ran wild in the production line.

danej | 19. August 2013

I've had the same thing occur, after a hand wash and detail. I think it's part of one of the pads or towels that the detailer uses.

mclary | 19. August 2013

Its "Lint". Remove it and move on!

jq5073 | 19. August 2013

Interesting... When did you take delivery? Most Teslas aren't old enough yet, but yours may be the first to have reached puberty.

TikiMan | 19. August 2013


AmpedRealtor | 19. August 2013


J.T. | 19. August 2013

@jq5073 +1 hilarious.

thranx | 19. August 2013

@ampedrealtor: dammit, you beat me to it!

wolfpet | 19. August 2013

Hmm, looks familiar!

bobinfla | 19. August 2013

+1 JQ5073. great one!

mrspaghetti | 19. August 2013

LOL jq5073

hsadler | 19. August 2013

Navel emissions caused by too much squealing.

ORWA | 19. August 2013


HawaiiBee | 20. August 2013

Its not lint, its plastic and stuck in the body....

Favguy | 20. August 2013

You haven't been through any automated car washes by any chance?

danej | 20. August 2013

Seriously, any conclusions here? I've got the same thing.

andrewer | 20. August 2013

Have something similar around the inside edges of the sunroof. It is somewhat like fiberglass. Hard and very sharp. Will just remove it with scissors...

michael1800 | 20. August 2013

I just noticed some on the inside edges of the sunroof as well. +1 Andrewer

danej | 20. August 2013

Folks, could it be from a polishing wheel used by our detail shops?

olanmills | 20. August 2013

This is almost like a multi-billionaire who doesn't know how to shop at a grocery store or something. How can these little fuzzies, either from car wash towels or summer plant life be something you've never seen before, lol?