Suggested Speedometer Redesign

Suggested Speedometer Redesign

It appears that ideally, we should be using 300 kw/mi. The gauge on the speedo is marked in 20 kw increments from 0 to 20 to 40 to 60 etc. It is a guess to try and keep the car at 300 kw/mi. Why not start the kw/mi at 10 and go by 20's and include 30, wit a red line?

Before the piling on starts, 1)I know it really isn't that hard is to figure out that 30 is between 20 and 40, but why not make it a bit easier. 2) When I said ideally, it is my understanding that the ideal range is based on 296 kw/mi. Ok, now pile on.

Bighorn | 17. Februar 2014

It's not a linear scale ie 20/40/60kW--it's 20/40/80/160kW.
Also the power units are in kiloWatts and energy efficiency data is watt-hours/mile, so I'm not understanding your desire to see 30kWs.

zwede | 17. Februar 2014

Sorry, that makes no sense. It's 300 wh/mile, not kilowatts. The instant energy usage shown on the speedo does not translate directly to wh/mile since it depends on the speed you go. Meaning 30 kw will only become 300 wh/mile at a certain speed.

info | 17. Februar 2014

Well, well, maybe that's the reason I wanted 30kw because I THOUGHT that if you kept the speedo at 30 (the mark between 20 and 40 kw) you would how 300 w/mi on your energy screen. Apparently, this is not the case and I simply was confused by the similarity of numbers. As Rosana Rosanadana used to say, "Nevermind".

Bighorn | 17. Februar 2014

Right actress--wrong character. You're thinking of Emily Litella.

info | 17. Februar 2014

You're right again. It's not my day. I never had much luck on Lincoln's birthday-----oops, wrong again.

Bighorn | 17. Februar 2014

Lost weekend, eh? ;)

bp | 18. Februar 2014

Probably more useful would be to show the projected range based on the selected 5/15/30 mile average - on the speedometer or on the dashboard.

Two weeks ago, I was coming back from a road trip in cold, rainy and windy weather. I made a projection of how much charge I would need at the first SC, in order to make it to the second SC - and even added a cushion.

Fortunately I looked at the energy graph on the touchscreen and noticed the projected range was significantly shorter than the distance to the next SC - and was able to slow down enough to safely make it to the next SC.

Better integration with the navigation software could provide an automatic warning when projected range is less than distance to the destination (especially if it is a supercharger) - but even without that, providing some assistance on projected range on the speedometer or adding it to the dashboard's energy graph display would be helpful...

DTsea | 18. Februar 2014

@bp you can do that already by setting energy graph to be default on left side of speedo display area.

suresv | 18. Februar 2014


While you can have the energy graph on the main dash screen, it doesn't show the projected range. I believe you can only see it on the touchscreen.

jjb94941 | 18. Februar 2014

I must say that I've always felt that the instantaneous power consumption as currently has little value to me and would much prefer to see the instantaneous Wh / mile displayed. I realize that one can deduce it from the instantaneous energy graph on the touchscreen, but it does have to be deduced.

The practical application is if one knows for example, that one has to average better than 320 Wh / mile in order to make the next supercharger comfortably, one could adapt one's driving using the display proposed.

hillcountryfun | 18. Februar 2014


I totally and completely agree, I’d like to see them have the option of switching the instantaneous power indicator to be an instantaneous energy indicator (KWH/Mile). I’d also like to see them BRING BACK the instantaneous KWH/Mile value on the energy app on the right hand side (maybe just below the projected miles value).

info | 19. Februar 2014

I guess since I started this thread with a completely erroneous premise, and you guys have turned it into something useful, maybe I can see if I can prove my brother correct when he said I was an idiot.

Since the car has all sorts of sensing devices and immediate internet access, if you had to reach a certain destination couldn't you put in the destination, have the car check the weather for wind and rain and temperature, check the maps for elevation differences, do the calculations and simply lock on a speed that would get you where you needed to go. Of course, there would be an off switch and you don't want to be doing 28 mph on a freeway. There is a range extender mode, but I think it could be fine tuned to add more variables and assure that you would make the next supercharger, or home.

The first month I owned the S I had to make a 260 mile round trip. I got stuck charging for a couple of hours at a level 2 charger. Someone on the forum pointed out that had I lowered my speed 10 mph, I probably could have avoided the charge stop and I only would have added 20 minutes to my trip. The next time I did the run, I watched carefully and made it back with 15 miles showing. I think the car is smart enough to make these calculations and limit speed in these situations. In addition, it might even be able to tell when going down hill the advantage of N over D, considering the regen lost and mileage gain.

And if this is completely bogus....nevermind.

J.T. | 19. Februar 2014

This is actually on the way. NAV taking into account traffic, elevation, weather, speed and Superchargers will be "coming soon."

hillcountryfun | 19. Februar 2014

I'm hoping it is delivered with version 6.0 which is due out any day now...

J.T. | 19. Februar 2014

version 6.0 which is due out any day now. I guess that's pretty accurate considering "any" day could be a day, like, 6 months from now.

hillcountryfun | 19. Februar 2014

Well jtodtman, while you are technically accurate, Elon mentioned during his trip to Europe (about 10 days ago) that v6.0 would be out in a couple of weeks. So, I'm hoping for it to be out soon...

J.T. | 19. Februar 2014

@hillcountry. Don't get your hopes up.

hillcountryfun | 19. Februar 2014

Too late!!


jbunn | 19. Februar 2014

I'm a year in. I don't even pay attention to the power settings anymore. I can feel how much power I'm using. I just look at the power gague, and to tell the truth, I don't even obsess about that. And I have a 60. She's great, and a year in I can say I don't have range anxiety. I trust her completely.