Supercharger feedback: Great to use, hard to find

Supercharger feedback: Great to use, hard to find

Tried out the supercharger today for the first time in my brand new Model S. The supercharger experience was fantastic -- extremely easy to pull up, plug in, and enjoy superfast charging while taking a lunch break (We were at the Folsom station).

Some constructive criticism though: It took a long time to find the supercharger station. We had the address from the website, which seemed to indicate the shopping center across the street, and the picture, which looks like a fancy covered carport. We ended up driving around for over 10 minutes just looking for the charging station, and asked a gas station employee if they knew where it was. They didn't, but they said they'd had other Tesla drivers in there before asking the same question. When we found it, It turned out that the charging station didn't look like the picture, since it didn't have the covered carport or big Tesla column shown in the picture.

Couple suggestions that would help with this:

-Include a detailed description of each supercharger's location, as well as a photo of that *particular* station. That should be on the website, and in the mobile app.

-Include the superchargers as known locations in the Nav system, and make sure they geocode to their actual location, rather than a general shopping center address.

-Add a Tesla "Supercharger" app to the dashboard with all of the above info for all superchargers (and show where the nearest ones are to current location, how many spaces are currently available, etc).

Looking forward to more road trips to take advantage of the supercharger network in the future!

Brian H | 14. Februar 2013

Yeah, you might want to post this in the Bulletin Board here:

The big rocketship marker seems to have been nixed; maybe it was too obtrusive to get permission to install? Too bad; something like that is needed.

spguymon | 14. Februar 2013

Thanks, I'll try reposting over there.

Brian H | 14. Februar 2013

For 15 minutes? In a small parking lot? Where others find it easily and obviously? You really are a sucker for selected BS. And then you spew your own.