Supercharger Map - Updates

Supercharger Map - Updates

Below, the ever-changing Supercharger map, with updates provided from Dortor's thread:

and Tes-s's thread:

and also the TMC forum etc.

By having it's own thread, the map always appears at the top of the page and as it's continuously updated, won't appear multiple times in the same thread. Appearing multiple times in the same thread also makes it unclear, which map is most up to date etc etc. So here it is:

The EUROPE map is a work in progress! Not much on it yet but it's a sign of my intent. Updates coming ASAP!


Benz | 20. Oktober 2013


Good idea.

Sgt Barone | 20. Oktober 2013

Thanks Robby!

robby81 | 20. Oktober 2013

No probs guys. Hope it helps. The obsession continues :-)

Araujor20 | 20. Oktober 2013

good thinking

DallasTXModelS | 20. Oktober 2013

Corsicana, TX shows under construction but has been complete for several weeks. There is a picture of it on TESLA website under supercharging.

DallasTXModelS | 20. Oktober 2013

Correction I had Corsicana mixed up with Waco. The Waco charger is at Collin Street Bakery. Saw Collin Street Bakery and assumed it was the Corsicana location.

tes-s | 20. Oktober 2013

Awesome!! Love that map and having a thread with a single map right at the top is a great idea.

jbunn | 20. Oktober 2013

Love it

CalDreamin | 20. Oktober 2013

Excellent, thank you robby81!

PapaSmurf | 20. Oktober 2013

robby81, are you maintaining this on a Google map somewhere?

Tylyoung | 20. Oktober 2013

What is the address of the Rocky Mount N C Tesla Supercharger? Are there any pictures confirming the location?

Please post all evidence of any new Tesla superchargers here. and on TMC, under the Tesla Supercharger thread.


.. it just makes it easier as well to keep The 'new' Tesla Supercharging Network information on one or two threads.. Thanks!

Bubba2000 | 20. Oktober 2013

Minimal coverage along the coast in Texas > Louisiana > Mississippi > Alabama > Florida on I-10. Basically, the Gulf of Mexico coast needs a lot of coverage. I imagine Tesla was to cover the coasts first and then the interior based on population density, etc.

With limited capital and personnel resources they got to focus on the most important markets and traffic patterns. I suspect that many counties have restrictive regulations and local politics. Certainly not as open minded as Norway. They installed the 9 SCs from Trondheim to Lyngdal quickly.

I think Tesla has to promote the installation of public pay per use HPWCs. Tie in with hotel chains like Hilton, Marriott, restaurants chains, malls, etc. They are much cheaper to install and maintain.

Tylyoung | 20. Oktober 2013

Here is what I could find.... I should have done my research:(

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Rocky Mount‎
651 North Winstead Avenue
Rocky Mount, NC 27804

Brian H | 20. Oktober 2013

9 SCs in Norway? 6, I think.

Sgt Barone | 21. Oktober 2013


It was confirmed by purplewalt on TMC that Corsicana, TX will have 6 charging bays.


robby81 | 21. Oktober 2013

Updated 10/21. Thanks Sgt. Barone!

Brian H | 21. Oktober 2013

That link is someone's speculation from last August. Not correct.

robby81 | 22. Oktober 2013


Benz | 22. Oktober 2013

Today there is the ribbon cutting ceremony at the Burlington, NC Supercharger station (Alamance Crossing).

Any idea when there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony at Corning, CA and at Grants Pass, OR?

tes-s | 22. Oktober 2013

The list of superchargers on the Tesla website has been updated. 28 locations listed now (dots on map are a little behind).

Al1 | 22. Oktober 2013

This is a major milestone. Looks like attention is somewhere else, or people are getting used to superchargers, but still importance of stations in NC and VA can not be overestimated.

Sgt Barone | 22. Oktober 2013

The main focus right now is on the west coast. The entire I-5 is literally days away from being fully complete. However, the east coast is really starting to ramp up as well.

Blueshift | 22. Oktober 2013

Looks like if you have at least 200 mi of range you can travel the entire west coast right now:

BobN @US-CA-SoCal | 22. Oktober 2013

"The entire I-5 is literally days away from being fully complete" - Almost - You can make it from one end to the other, but a day trip from LA to SD and back (my trip, about once a month) still would require San Juan Capistrano, which seems to be bogged down. No signs of progress. Sigh. Not complaining (much). You're right the focus seems to be in the West. We're spoiled. I'd just love to see something happening in that not-quite-red dot so I can drive not-like-an-old-man on that trip.

tes-s | 22. Oktober 2013

4 months since we got our 3rd supercharger in the northeast - any sightings of permit or construction activity??

tes-s | 22. Oktober 2013

...and by northeast I mean the east of Chicago and North of Washington DC.

Tylyoung | 22. Oktober 2013

I am going to clean the superchargers while I am supercharging! I'd like others to join me in keeping the superchargers clean and new looking. Just a simple wipe down of the white pedestal and black cable etc. with a damp cloth. Pick up any trash etc. in the immediate area. Heck, I'm getting free energy for my Tesla Model S, keeping them clean is the least I can do. Yeah, It might take a few minutes, but I kinda consider these Tesla Superchargers our own. Pride in ownership, of the car, of the Tesla Supercharging Network! What do you say?

GDH | 22. Oktober 2013

Right below Portland there is a grey dot next to a red dot, where is that and what is the point in putting two so close together?

robby81 | 22. Oktober 2013

Not a great deal different today. But I've updated the map anyway. Hopefully some news coming in the next few days.....

robby81 | 23. Oktober 2013

@Blueshift. Love the map with adjustable range. Nice one.

SamO | 23. Oktober 2013


The dot labeled Yuma AZ is actually El Centro. Yuma is the grey dot to the east.

J.T. | 23. Oktober 2013


When we get one in NY I'll buy paper towels and Windex.

No rush, unfortunately.

dayoreo | 23. Oktober 2013

Thanks for the map update. Too bad Tesla couldn't keep their web site map up-to-date.

Jolinar | 23. Oktober 2013

Could you make similar map for Europe? Please...

SSL161 | 23. Oktober 2013

My Model S' map shows that a SC is up and running in Corning CA as of yesterday (22 October).

Can anybody confirm?

--- Cherif

robby81 | 23. Oktober 2013

@Samosam - I had Yuma on that grey dot before and someone said the same as you but in reverse! I'll check up on it.

@Jolinar - I'm thinking about it.

@SSL161 - Yep Corning is also on the list on the Tesla Supercharger page, just not on their map yet.

I'll tweet it out everytime I update this map. Not sure if you guys are on twitter. I'm @Robby761


WATTAGE | 23. Oktober 2013

@SSL161 yes it is up and running, and fills in that big gap between Grant's Pass, OR and Folsom/Fremont

Christianjacques | 23. Oktober 2013

pretty good expansion in Canada, keep going Tesla. Incredible the lack of consideration for Canada

SamO | 23. Oktober 2013


Yuma is on the state line and El Centro is just south of the Salton Sea (visible in blue) above the dot.

The problem is that the second grey dot is too far east to be Yuma . . .

Oh well

sia | 23. Oktober 2013 I am going to clean the superchargers while I am supercharging!

Great idea Tyl! I will do the same.

robby81 | 23. Oktober 2013

The Europe map is on it's way :-)

sia | 23. Oktober 2013


This is an excellent thread. Thanks!

Nicoletta | 23. Oktober 2013

Robby, thanks a lot for the Europe map. Tomorrow morning will be the official announcement on the exact locations of the 6(I think) upcoming Germany SCs. Looking forward to it. Hopefully Tesla will also give us a timeframe.

Pricee2 | 23. Oktober 2013

The Tesla site map is now showing a red dot at what appears to be Mt. Shasta but it doesn't show on the listing yet.

Pricee2 | 23. Oktober 2013

Also on the right coast.

Sgt Barone | 23. Oktober 2013

The official list and map has been updated! It now reads 30 stations. The only one missing on the west coast is Eugene/Springfield, OR. Looking good!

Al1 | 23. Oktober 2013

Looks awesome! I've lost count how many went online in the last month? There are still two months to go before year end. Any idea of how many permits are granted as of now?

DouglasR | 23. Oktober 2013

Mt. Shasta is now listed below the TM map.

@Sgt Barone - we're also expecting to see one soon at Vacaville. While you can drive from Corning to Folsom on a single charge, you wouldn't want to go through Folsom to get to San Francisco. So the station in Vacaville is needed.

Benz | 23. Oktober 2013

@Blue Shift

"Love the map with adjustable range."

Me too.

But could you also add yellow balloons for Supercharger stations that are yet under construction (just like robby's map)?