Supercharger Network Built for Locals, Long Distance Travel and Drive-In Dining

Supercharger Network Built for Locals, Long Distance Travel and Drive-In Dining


We’re putting Superchargers in cities, not just between cities. And this is obviously important in places like, you know, Beijing, Shanghai, London, San Francisco, New York, where at times people may have a challenge with having a fixed parking space. It’s more like some of those people don’t have a definitive parking space. And they might have street parking or something, you know. London is particularly tricky one; where there’s – it’s got lot of high-end neighborhoods just have street parking.

Tesla has two choices (edit) DECIDED ON A SINGLE PATH:

1. Build more spots and embrace that they are replacing an entire ecosystem with all the challenges and benefits that come with that system, or

2. Change the deal for future owners in a transparent way so that people know what to expect with regard to "local" charging, including taxis, apartment dwellers and frequent long commuters.

I vote for #1 as it accelerates the advent of sustainable transportation.

P.S. Thanks to @emrul for finding this on the GB site



"So most millennials living in apartments rather than homes, what can we do to make it easier to own and charge a Tesla without a garage, so we are establishing supercharging locations a lot more in city, supercharging locations and there will be a little lower power. But in between a high-power supercharger which is optimized for long distance trips, but more powered than would typically be found in a home garage, so wherever the car is being parked, whether it’s the apartment or work or somewhere in between, we are going to make sure that there is a place to charge your car, even if you live in an apartment. So it’s important to have a system that load levels the power. So that they don’t have to build a new substation just to supply the apartment building. And so that’s one of the things that’s prices are being implemented, but no question, WE NEED TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM FOR APARTMENTS, NOT JUST HOMES." [Emphasis added]

My Philosophy:

1. Be positive. Encourage people to charge at home. It also helps because then they'll be able to offering charging to visiting guests.

2. It will work out. If you don't have home charging you can use the many resources provided by Tesla, including Superchargers, Destination Charging, and other resources such as PlugShare and other inferior networks.

3. Support Tesla. Tesla has announced building 30,000 Superchargers (spots) as over then next 2.5 years. And an equal number of Destination Chargers. Be polite, share spots, charge when nobody else is present. It goes faster and is a lot easier i.e. in your own self-interest.

4. Don't police. People will charge where they want, when they want. That includes Supercharging. I've never run across anyone that wanted to Supercharge after waiting in a long line.

5. Almost solved. Level 4 Self Driving cars will allow automatic plug/unplug and shuffling charging cars.


Tesla has now decided to embraced the entire ecosystem. Let's hope early customers can make the change as gracefully.

UPDATE: Tesla now has permits for their in-city, Supercharging, Drive-In Disco, roller-derby on 14th and Santa Monica Blvd in Santa Monica, CA

pdQue | 10. Juni 2015

Without the current "at will" supercharging agreement that is in place now, whereas i could guarantee you that i would be in for a second new Tesla up the road, I can say that any future change in the current "deal" which would affect current or future cars, will dramatically influence my decision on whether or not to get a new one, when the time comes.

85DBlue | 10. Juni 2015

SUPERCHARGER will not work once Model 3 comes out. I have a doubt once Model X come how they will handle the Q's at the charging stations.

I am sure they have some plan, but we have a Luxury now ie. not many are in Q.

On the 2nd day, I own the car, in line for 35 Mins for a 10 min quick charge at the Belmont, not sure why they have only one super charger inside. Out side all the charging stalls are slow ones not even 14-50.

Any how I got it for my Daily Commute. SUPERCHARGER is once in a year | 10. Juni 2015

@sudababu - I don't think Belmont is an official Supercharger station - it's not on the maps, and is only available for limited hours. It's part of a Tesla service center/store that has one SC stall indoors. I thought it was intended for testing problems on customer's cars, and quick charges for test drives. It's nice they let you use it, but I wouldn't count on this location.

P.S. I last looked at Belmont service center about a year ago, so they could have changed the layout since then.

trixiew | 10. Juni 2015

One thing that I think would help future buyers is for the sales people are more transparent about real range. Intuitively I knew that I wouldn't likely get 220 miles range with full charge (I have a 60), but I thought I would get like 200.

I didn't know that it isn't good for the battery to charge to 100% routinely. So, I charge to 90% and hope to get 150 real miles out of it.

There are many destination chargers around my daily travels so my plan was to visit one, have a glass of wine, if I needed juice to get home. Much prefer the 15 min at the SC.

AlMc | 10. Juni 2015

The solution to this problem is twofold. The first, more SCs, can be achieved. The second, getting SC speed up to a point where you can fill a battery pack in the 5-10 minutes it would take to fill your gas tank. JB indicated over two years ago in an MIT Review article that this should be possible. The ground work may have been laid with the new liquid cooled charging cables.

omega | 10. Juni 2015

I really dont understand the fuss about this. You have a Tesla you should be able to charge there anytime call it local long distance or international if you want.
Have you seen a gas station for long distance only????
Eventually they will have to add more slots to most of the superchargers and they know that. It's just a question of time.

tes-s | 10. Juni 2015

There is no problem scaling superchargers. They are funded with each car sale. 10x the cars sold, 10x the funding. No problem.

SamO | 10. Juni 2015


JB Straubel said that the Model 3 would bring a change to the fee structure of Supercharging.

I'm surprised no other carmaker has take Tesla up on their offer to join the Network. It would have helped to defray much of the cost.


The longer range the car, the fewer visits to the Supercharger.

Raising the delivered kWh/charge and increasing charge speed will also decrease time at Superchargers helping congestion.

SamO | 10. Juni 2015


I'm excited about the liquid cooled connector. I think this is another card they aren't showing.

I've said before that couple a "snake charger" with autopilot self park, and you can shuffle cars all day long and never have to worry about abuse.

Then it's just a question of pricing that kind of service and whether the Supercharging fee of $2000 will cover it in case of the M3.

If there is a partner, maybe.

If not, then TM will roll out it's own fee for service model and generate revenue/profits.




Is there a max use under which the current system will not be able to operate financially in providing power and building sufficient stations?

tes-s | 10. Juni 2015

@SamO - no max use I can think of. They build the full cost of supercharger build, maintenance, and electricity in the cost of the car. They are not providing anything for "free" - it is simply pre-paid. As Tesla gains experience, they may change the portion of the price they set aside for supercharger expansion, maintenance, and electricity.

Some cars are totaled before ever using a supercharger. Some will supercharge 100,000 miles in 3 years. Perhaps some will supercharge so much that Tesla will pay more in electricity than the customer paid for the car.

They may even take a socialist approach, and allocate more from expensive cars for supercharging than from the less expensive cars - in other words, accept lower margins on less expensive cars.

Grinnin'.VA | 11. Juni 2015

@ SamO | June 10, 2015 new

JB Straubel said that the Model 3 would bring a change to the fee structure of Supercharging.

That's not quite what I thought I heard JBS say. I thought he said that Tesla is considering introducing a change to the SC fee structure. Of course, I wouldn't be surprised if they do implement a new fee structure for new buyers. | 11. Juni 2015

One approach if paid per use for the Model 3 could be distance related. For Superchargers less than 25 miles from home, the cost would higher to discourage local charging. Beyond this, it might be very low cost. Then again, the free for life is a very nice feature that might attract more buyers. Guess we won't know for another couple of years how Tesla will handle it.

Pungoteague_Dave | 11. Juni 2015

Wah Wah Wah

Try to find all the loopholes and stupid management statements that you want. Superchargers are for travel. Anything else is abuse, including those who don't have charging alternatives at home or work. Get another car.

mrspaghetti | 11. Juni 2015

Wow, this issue really touches a nerve eh? Three threads by my count on the same topic, interesting.

SamO | 11. Juni 2015

Some people can't resist telling other people how to live their lives.

Pretty sad.

DTsea | 11. Juni 2015

Well Samo, i am not expressing an opinion on locals... we have no in city superchargers... but you felt free to tell Elon that he misunderstands supercharger intent so

SamO | 11. Juni 2015


I'm quoting Elon. You interpret what he said.

What did he mean?

TaoJones | 11. Juni 2015

That's enough out of you, P-D. Telling people without garages who bought Teslas in good faith with the express assurance from Tesla that supercharger use (exclusively and solely) was just fine THAT THEY SHOULDN'T BUY TESLAS is beyond offensive. It's flat out ignorant. And you, unlike mdemetri and other faux Crusaders and wannabe PTA/HOA presidents, should know better. How are those other doom and gloom predictions working out for you?

Unlike most of these armchair geniuses, I live within 15 miles of 3 of the most heavily used SCs on the planet, and just visited a fair sample of SCs across 7 states. By next month, 12 states, and by the end of the year, easily another 25 states on top of that along with a couple of provinces and states SOTB.

Not only is there no problem with SCs observed or even remotely evident outside the most populous counties, but even in Los Angeles County any future problem will be self-leveling. Think about it carefully and then consider the Costco gas station model for bonus points. Even SJC, with the exception of a few truly clueless folks, self-levels. You could increase load 20x-50x network-wide and even if you ignore technological advances (see liquid-cooled discussion) and network expansion AND the fact that the Model 3 will almost certainly have a different SC usage model, there IS NO significant PROBLEM here. It's evocative of other sheeple favorites such as voter fraud. Of COURSE voter fraud is bad. Thing is, IT DOESN'T HAPPEN to any appreciable degree. Doesn't stop the FUD-slinging and fearmongering by those with an agenda or few brain cells or both.

Same with the FUD-spewing geniuses herein concerning "overuse" and their misguided ideas of "abuse". SCs are agnostic. A traveler's needs are no more important than the local's, and vice versa. You can try to impose your narrow view of the world upon others all you want - but you will fail.

I for one will go from superfan, owner and investor to ex-owner WITH A QUICKNESS should Tesla actually listen to you asshats and renege upon the understanding that's in place for the current non-garaged. Changing policy for future owners is of course fair game - businesses make poor decisions every day.

Thing is, in this case, THERE IS AND WILL BE NO PROBLEM for SC usage (with the possible exception of livery over time) for the reasons stated. The only place this and other wholly-contrived issues are a problem in the main is in small, weak minds. See "sheeple". See "sheeple asshats" should mainstream media decide to amplify the needless handwringing further.

Tesla would do well to issue a clarification ASAP that exonerates the non-garaged, in keeping with past verbiage. Another opportunity for better communication about SC usage will arrive next year when the Model 3 wait list opens up. Reduction of FUD through communication. Imagine that.

priustech | 11. Juni 2015

PD's posts are abusive :P.

priustech | 11. Juni 2015

If only I lived where PD did. I would charge at the local SC just to poss him off.

TaoJones | 11. Juni 2015

I deliberately charged at SJC several times during the last episode of asshattery a few months ago during the throttling FUD and associated handwringing. As expected, charging at peak times was not a problem. I did encounter a couple of self-appointed ambassadors/queue cops, but they were harmless. Again, the episodes of "abuse" will self-level over time, with the possible glaring exception of livery/faux livery (uber/lyft). Fortunately those edge cases are easily managed from afar.

I ordinarily don't mind busybodies - they are an unfortunate part of life's daily friction/drag to be best avoided/ignored. However, when those busybodies attempt to sabotage an existing corporate commitment *and* introduce complete bullshit beyond that (Model 3 impact) that's where I draw the line.

Again, Tesla (that means you, Elon) needs to clarify that the non-garaged will be exempt from any witch hunt - condoned or otherwise. I have zero interest in living on land or God forbid acquiring a garage in this hemisphere, and Tesla has almost zero presence in Ecuador - but that doesn't mean that remaining silent is the answer. If we don't speak up against idiocy, it will be that much more difficult to eradicate later. And remember - there are FAR MORE non-garaged than there are garages in urban affluent areas. Darn those pesky facts - the enemy of the ignorant/misguided everywhere.

Step up or gtfo.

Archer | 12. Juni 2015

I sided with Dave when he left his MS parked at a SC overnight. A big no no and many attacked him. He had his reasons and I thought they were reasonable. I regret supporting him.

Pungoteague_Dave | 13. Juni 2015

I have NEVER proposed that Tesla should change policy on this. I do NOT believe they should. All I ask is that people behave reasonably. Elon is giving guidance. If you don't take it, it is YOU that will kill our golden goose. I have nothing do with it except having an opinion based on fact.

And @TaoJones, exactly which "doom and gloom" predictions have I been wrong on? Delay in X? That 4wd S will come before X to stimulate interim demand and deflect criticism for the delays? That Tesla will rase capital in Spring '13 and Spring '15 (everyone on this forum said I was an idiot for those predictions)? That the Fed loan repayment was necessary to avoid violating covenants, not because Tesla could spare the cash? That swap is unfeasible with current cars and will never be rolled out after a compliance test site (the shit I took for that was epic - even though I provided pictures proving the shields were in the way)? That Tesla will abandon its old NUMMI paint shop and buy a better system (now being built for installation later this year)? That Tesla would miss its roll-out predictions for AP and other software updates, despite Elon's specific commitments, sometimes by a year? That there would never be a center console beyond pano black? That Tesla will transition to harder solvent-based clear coats once it realizes the mistake it is currently making with water-based soft paint? That there would be no larger battery than 85 in 2014? That the P85D would have less range than Elon said at the roll-out? That @Teo's detailed analysis and predictions for EPA range were ridiculously overoptimistic (everyone defended him when I called him out, won the bet, but most have since identified him as the charlatan that he is)? That my car was delivered with loose bumper nuts, pictures supplied? That I could drive cross-country in the dead of winter on the longest Tesla delivery trip in history - 6,208 miles)? That I could tow a boat behind my S85 from Virginia to Florida and back (pictures provided)?

Go ahead, try me. I am the most optimistic guy on earth, but live with my feet planted in reality. Come by anytime, catch a free charge.

J.T. | 13. Juni 2015

@TaoJones there IS NO significant PROBLEM here Would you mind opining on why Elon mentioned it at the stockholders' meeting?

dborn | 13. Juni 2015

It is costing Tesla more in juice than they were expecting?

dborn | 13. Juni 2015

By the way, I have seen zero announcements in relation to the model 3. Who says they will even have the ability to Supercharge? They can implement any policy they choose with the 3 and not be in violation of any understanding or agreement express or implied.
SamO, I agree, supercharging at present, if you have optioned for it, is for all, especially in the market where I live. All 3 of the existing superchargers are in heavily built up areas, inconvenient to transient travellers. Australians generally are not such great road trippers anyway. At least, not to the same extent as in the USA. We have physically the same size country but it is very sparsely populated. The entire interior is pretty barren. No one in their right minds wants to drive Sydney to Perth even with an ICE.

Grinnin'.VA | 13. Juni 2015

@ TaoJones | June 11, 2015

That's enough out of you, P-D.

SCs are agnostic. A traveler's needs are no more important than the local's, and vice versa. You can try to impose your narrow view of the world upon others all you want - but you will fail.

@priustech | June 11, 2015

PD's posts are abusive :P.

@TaoJones | June 11, 2015

However, when those busybodies attempt to sabotage an existing corporate commitment *and* introduce complete bullshit beyond that (Model 3 impact) that's where I draw the line.

Well put. I agree wholeheartedly.

PD, IMO, you are undermining the Tesla community by fanning the flames of discontent.

Pungoteague_Dave | 14. Juni 2015

@Grinnin' "PD, IMO, you are undermining the Tesla community by fanning the flames of discontent."

Come on, can't we have a little fun around here?

Life should not be so serious, especially when talking about toys like a Tesla.

Remember @Robert from Sweden? He had a hissy fit conniption when Tesla temporarily took away suspension lowering. Tesla (Elon) clearly said why they did it and promised a solution after a few fires, ultimately coming up with the shield solution. @robert threatened to sue, claimed that the higher suspension might kill him and his grandchildren due to worse handling, etc. He went on for page after page saying how unfair Tesla was being, that it had stolen something that he already owned by disabling a feature that he found the single most important thing about his car. Then @robert got seriously ill and went away from the forum after saying goodbye. He was elderly, may no longer be with us, yet wasted untold quality of life obsessing about his rights and the suspension lowering issue. @robert had been a valuable member of this community, testing and explaining ways to get increased range using coasting techniques.

A few months later Tesla restored suspension lowering, and added a new feature - geo-located suspension adjustments - remembering where to raise and lower automatically. At that point @robert had what he wanted back, and it was way better than what he originally had. However, the damage was done, his agida had taken him over for a period where he was unconsolable. I am sure that it did not contribute to shortening his life, but he lost life quality nonetheless. How about we let this thing lie where it is? Elon spoke, some of us support his view, others believe it is a breach. Whatever, no one will win or lose the argument, and nothing is likely to change. Don't be @robert. Move on, enjoy your weekend..

SamO | 15. Juni 2015

JB Straubel said free to our customers. Energy cost is less than $10' it's not really worth the hassle of a billing structure.

Not worth the hassle for a whole separate billing structure. For the beginning million cars it's viable way to do it.

13:30 mark

J.T. | 15. Juni 2015

@SamO You're an honest guy, why do you think Elon mentioned it at the stockholders' meeting?

SamO | 15. Juni 2015


I've spoken with TM (several insiders) and they all stated that there were a few bad apples (locals) literally leaving their cars at the Supercharger overnight.

He's not talking about USE.

He is talking about ABUSE.

Others have "interpreted" what he "must have meant" and got it wrong.

Grinnin'.VA | 15. Juni 2015

@ Pungoteague_Dave | June 14, 2015

Come on, can't we have a little fun around here?

Sorry for neglecting the fact that my 85D is a delight to drive.
(I thought that wasn't the topic of this thread.)

Move on, enjoy your weekend..

I'd be thrilled to focus on the fun of driving my 85D.
However, this idle chat, instigated by Elon, about "locals abusing" SC charging intent is, IMO, a serious retreat from Tesla's promise from 2013:

“A properly equipped Model S can charge for free at any Supercharger, any time.”

If you would acknowledge and reaffirm the clear meaning of that, it would help me move on and focus on other things. However, I've read several of your posts on this issue. In every instance you've argued against the rights of "locals". You have pretended that "locals" SC rights should be restricted and limited. That would be the exact opposite of the previous Tesla policy on SC use.

Please recall, I do all my routine charging using an HPWC in my garage. And that would remain true if Tesla installed an SC 3 miles from my home.

J.T. | 15. Juni 2015

@Grinnin' You might not like how he said it but PD said that those who do not have private parking and a the ability to install a home charging system might do well to consider a different car. IIRC correctly he also made reference to his charging habits and how he would always charge at home if he had the opportunity over using the Supercharger power.

He said nothing about locals using or abusing anything, just that he wouldn't do what others are accused of doing. Is he setting himself up as morally superior? Of course, but that's what we love about him. :-)

Please recall, I do all my routine charging using an HPWC in my garage. And that would remain true if Tesla installed an SC 3 miles from my home.

As it should be. No Gold Stars for doing what you're supposed to do.


J.T. | 15. Juni 2015

@SamO I appreciate it but it seems from Elon's comments that there must be something more to it because he specifically mentioned how the purpose of the Superchargers is to enable long distance driving. How does that have anything to do with blocking chargers overnight?

SamO | 15. Juni 2015


It "seems" that way to you and some others.

That Superchargers "enable" long distance travel is not inconsistent with complaints about local abuse.

I don't have to reconcile all of Elon's seemingly inconsistent statement since I don't see the inconsistency.

Superchargers enable long distance travel.

Superchargers also enable locals without parking or charging abilities.

Tesla can either embrace that there are obstacles to ownership and expand charging opportunities or you can take the advice of some fools on this site and close the door on those sale.

Maybe Tesla motors doesn't need any additional sales to city dwellers without fixed parking.

The conversations I've had with TM over the last week suggests otherwise.

Kimscar | 15. Juni 2015

I'm sticking with Superchargers are for trips. I was recently in Vegas for a little over two weeks. While I was there I hit the Supercharger in Downtown 3 times or maybe it was 4. This allowed me to drive around Vegas and visit and do the things one does on a trip. So my case is the ideal reason that they put a Supercharger in the City. Not so locals can use it on a regular basis instead of charging up at whatever there home base is.
Superchargers will not work under this scenario of overuse.
Also Tesla is not made of money. It costs real money to put in a Supercharger, maintain it and provide energy. The business model is that each home is a gas station essentially, and when we go on trips we plug into the Supercharger network. This requires less Superchargers and those that think there will be a supercharger every few blocks 10 years from now are going to be wrong.
The amount of people for now that won't be buying a Tesla because they can't charge at their home base is small.

Sam_S | 15. Juni 2015

Might be easier to just talk about our own circumstances versus lawyering for all possible types of Tesla owners and future buyers.

I use my home charger and use SC's strictly for long distance.

SamO, youve been a very vocal advocate for local charging. Do you not have a home charger and thats why you use the local charger?

J.T. | 15. Juni 2015

@SamO I deleted my thread to @mdemetri because his thread had been reinstated, but in it you admitted you had flagged that thread due to misinformation.

Tesla states that Flagging should be for posts/threads that are "blatantly offensive/rude/inappropriate/spam".

Are you going to try and find some Tesla employee who will tell you that flagging is your right and you can do it anytime you want? :-)

mdemetri | 15. Juni 2015

SamO - SC for locals who have no other choice is not the issue. Pleas stop confusing the issue. It is locals who can charge at home but do not do so to save money.

SamO | 15. Juni 2015


I think telling people not to buy a Model S is "offensive". ;-)


"It is locals who can charge at home to save money".

Please find any citations from Tesla or Elon Musk for THAT b/s statement.


I have enticed friends to buy based on LA chargers being available even where they have no fixed parking. This is not about me.

Sam_S | 15. Juni 2015

SamO, well, you can always call those you enticed and tell them you were mistaken about SC's were for unlimited use by locals even if they can provide their own home charging.

mdemetri | 15. Juni 2015

SamO - the quote from the website that you have posted only justifies locals routinely charging when they cannot set up home charging. It does not give carte blanch for every local to SC routinely when they can charge at home. That is a huge difference and is the primary issue we are discussing. Quoting Elon: "There are few people who are like quite aggressively using it for local Supercharging and we also send them just a reminder note that it’s cool to do this occasionally but it’s meant to be a long distance thing."

GAGSTESLA | 15. Juni 2015

Count me in the SamO camp. Lots of people here think they know what Elon's statement really meant. Everybody is making up their own stories in their own mind on just what that is.

Anyone take a "crucial conversations" class? It happens all the time, someone makes a comment and everybody else makes up stories on what was meant.

I think that the statement "if you do not have your own charging, you should not buy a Tesla" is BS. How many of you use the charging at the service centers? Do you pay there? I did not think so. How many use the HPWC at destinations and then don't move your cars? From what I see, that is a huge problem already.

I expect that "soon" Elon will clarify his statement.

If someone is parked longer than an hour at an SC, that would be abuse and "not cool", someone charging several times a day for days/weeks/months on end at a local SC station would be abuse and "not be cool" either. | 15. Juni 2015

It seems to me that there are really two separate issues here that are getting confused in the dialog among us:

1. Money - everyone who paid for SC access is entitled to it. Period. But I don't think anybody keeps track of how many kWh each car draws over its lifetime so you can't accuse anyone of using "too much" and abusing the SC network. Is it "fair" for a local to rely on SC for their everyday charging and potentially use more than the electricity than they paid for? Maybe. Is it possible for those users to harm Tesla Motors by using SC electricity instead of their own power at home? In the long run, maybe yes to this question, too.

2. Fairness and consideration for long distance travelers/vacationers - I live near a SC and every time I've driven past it there are Teslas with local license plates on them, sometimes just parked and not even plugged in. If I were a long distance traveler and needed a charge to continue on my way and saw locals hogging the SC I'd be rightly peeved. I'd be thinking "why don't these dang people charge at home for crying out loud?! I need to get my vacation on!" Assuming for a moment that the money issue above didn't matter, I wouldn't really care if locals charged exclusively at SCs as long as none of them were in my way when I needed a charge to get to my destination. I mean really, locals can charge any time that's convenient for them, but long distance travelers need to charge right NOW.

If we can debate those two issues completely separately (and civilly) we might tease out some solutions that satisfy the vast majority of us.

J.T. | 15. Juni 2015

@GAGSTESLA I agree with your assessment. To be clear, I have no problem with condo/apartment dwellers using Superchargers for their needs. I do not believe as PD does that they shouldn't own a Tesla.

But why did Elon mention it?

Haven't heard a reasonable explanation from anyone from the Free Unlimitec Forever crowd.

dborn | 15. Juni 2015

Elons statement was not " cool". My 2c. For those parking overnight or more than an hour at a supercharger, not cool. For all others, go for it. That is how you were sold your car. I am not concerned with what is on the web site. I am concerned with what I was told by the sales people and hand over specialist. " free for life,". Period!

Roamer@AZ USA | 15. Juni 2015

OK.... I have to admit. We own three Tesla's and I absolutely could care less about getting a free charge. I am much much more interested in more and faster Super Chargers.

"Free" electricity was never considered when buying any of the cars and is still not important to me at all. Building more chargers in more places is important to me.

I also don't buy the "I can't charge at home" thinking. If most owners charge at home and pay for their energy why just because you can't charge at home are you suddenly Moma Tesla's responsibility. It would be completely fair and appropriate for local users who can't charge at home to pay to have Tesla serve as their home charger. We sure live in an entitled world.

All that said it sure is a great marketing theme to advertise free charging for life. To bad free never works in the long run. I just can't see wasting time and energy, better used in other ways, just because it's free. When I road trip I plan my charge stops to arrive at my destination as close to zero as is prudent. I suppose I could sit at the last SC stop for another 45 minutes to suck up as much free power as possible but find that to be an incredibly poor use of my time.

randrave | 15. Juni 2015

I think it's completely reasonable to interpret the "free for life" promise as based on an understanding that Supercharging would be for situations where you could not charge at home -- not as your sole source of charging.

The reason that Tesla did not spell it out is simple: they didn't think they would need to.

You know, the same way that "all you can eat" places don't specify that, well, no, you can't sleep there overnight and never, ever leave, and set up your home office in your booth and just keep eating and eating and eating for free forever.

dborn | 15. Juni 2015

At the Sydney supercharger, and probably the Melbourne one, , a nice comfortable lounge, free wifi, and coffee and TV if you want it. Not to mention really nice folks staffing the place. Plan to charge when you want to deal with your email, and how is that a waste of your time?

Roamer@AZ USA | 16. Juni 2015

@dborn, What would you rather have. ONE really nice SC with high overhead and zero revenue or TEN SC locations. For me more locations that charge faster would be much more important than free electricity.