Swaying / Fishtailing / Handling fix

Swaying / Fishtailing / Handling fix

I brought my P85 in to Menlo Park service for a couple of issues, one of which was the car swaying from side to side while driving / accelerating.

This was the second service appointment I had asked for this to be looked at, and this time it seems someone in service:
- drove and verified the problem
- fixed it.

The Cause on the work order says, "Checked suspension components and hardware, found rear upper toe link bolts at steering knuckle are not torqued to specifications"
The Correction says, "Torqued rear toe link bolts to specifications"

It seemed to fix the problem, and perhaps I'm imagining it, but also made cornering at high speeds feel more stable.

RD7 | 19. August 2013

If they adjusted the toe links you might want to consider getting a 4-wheel alignment as well to be safe. Really easy to have your toe out of spec in which case you'd be "dragging" your rear tires.

rpc51 | 26. September 2013

I just took my car to the service center for swaying/fishtailing/handling issue, especially at freeway speeds. They found and corrected the problem by torquing the toe link bolts to the current spec. Apparently the spec changed from the time my car delivered (Apr 2013). This completely fixed the problem. Drives like new again!!

Gizmotoy | 26. September 2013

I agree with rd_redford. If they messed with anything that could affect the toe-in, you need an alignment. Toe being out of spec will chew up your tires before you even know what's happened.