Tesla to build trains

Tesla to build trains

I would think Tesla has a great chance to enter the Train business. They should make a Train without Batteries and set up a electric wiring system next to the track. I would think they could then make it very aerodynamic, fast, and light. Of course this would be for limited areas, but with the technogy they have it seems cheaper to make a electric train without batteries and just set up wiring. Just a thought for the next 5-10 years. Elon should forget hyperloop idea, if it was a possible idea he would of done it by now. Maybe he could out bid this new cali, high speed rail!

negarholger | 17. Februar 2013

Trains in e.g. Germany work that way today. That was done 40-50 years ago... so your idea is good. And today trains go 200 miles/h - autobahn cars are very slow at only 120 miles/h.

Brian H | 18. Februar 2013

He would have done it by now? What silliness! A revolutionary project worth billions? It will be initiated in due course.

Benz | 18. Februar 2013

@ Brian H

Yes that's right, in due course.

Do you think that these electric trains will travel at a higher speed than the bullit trains that they have in China?

cprenzl | 18. Februar 2013

I think they could, since Tesla has the some of the most powerful electric motors around! Elon would find a way to make them go 300mph+, He needs to build his own tracks though, just so it is the best around.

I would like to see the hyperloop, but in november he said he was finalizing plans and would be announced soon... well it has been 4 months and not a peep. He better get on it or do this.
I assume tesla could say they can do cali. high speed for 1/2 the price, then be funded.

cloroxbb | 18. Februar 2013

The trains that go 200mph+ are mag lev trains aren't they?

negarholger | 18. Februar 2013

no railed trains

from wiki
The fastest wheeled train running on rails is France's TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse, literally "high speed train"), which achieved a speed of 574.8 km/h (357.2 mph), twice the takeoff speed of a Boeing 727 jetliner, under test conditions in 2007. The highest speed currently attained in scheduled revenue operation is 350 km/h (217 mph) on the Beijing–Tianjin Intercity Rail and Wuhan–Guangzhou High-Speed Railway systems in China. The TGV runs at a maximum revenue speed of 300–320 km/h (186–199 mph), as does Germany's Inter-City Express.

Benz | 18. Februar 2013

Honestly, I think that Elon Musk is yet too busy with SpaceX and Tesla Motors. A lot is going on there. Though I think that he will someday manage to do it.

cprenzl | 18. Februar 2013

It seems the world could be even better if Elon had a sidekick!

Timo | 18. Februar 2013

Building something like hyperloop, assuming that it requires a "road" of somekind can't be done fast, it is a long process before you could even use it. That's not Elon "style" somehow. I think he develops a concept patents and licenses to someone else, if there are any interest. If not then he builds one after SpaceX and Tesla are "done", organizations that run themselves. There are limits how much one person can do.

up north | 18. Februar 2013

elon wont use an electric motor with trains. he will use a vacume tube to move many people at a time from like la to ny in an hour or two. he thinks out side the box.

Pungoteague_Dave | 18. Februar 2013

Are you people insane? Or just have nothing better to do?

ian | 18. Februar 2013

Both I think PD. ;-)

negarholger | 18. Februar 2013

P_D - imagination gone creative. Like when Readers Digest talked about video telephone many years ago... now I can do it on my Itouch around the world and costs nothing.

Timo | 18. Februar 2013

Define "many years" :-)

Think of it, that capability has been around for about decade now, smartphones and tablets much less.

negarholger | 19. Februar 2013

40-50 years

negarholger | 19. Februar 2013

I am 62 now and that was when I was about 10-15 years old. Video telephone was technically possible in principle, but just not financially doable at that time.