Tesla Camping in Model X

Tesla Camping in Model X

Will the back rows of seats fold down flat to accommodate Tesla camping? As I look at photos of prototypes I just don't see how it would be possible. Anyone hear what Tesla has announced on this? Thanks!

vandacca | 06. April 2015

I recall a while ago that Tesla announced that the seats would fold-down flat, and I would be surprised if they didn't. However, nothing has been mentioned over the past year, so if there have been any changes to this plan, we won't know until the Model-X is released in Q3 2015. | 06. April 2015

Not only will they fold flat but the backs of the seats may be equipped with conforming contoured cushions with adjustable compression for your ultimate sleeping enjoyment. There will be an adjustable tilt control for each seat back for your added comfort. There will be adjustable reading lights that may be deployed if you wish to read a book.

You may further opt for the Frunk equipped with modular microwave oven able to thaw frozen waffles in seconds. I have heard that there will be aftermarket mesh screen that conform to the Falcon Wing doors allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors while keeping no-see-ums out where they belong. Taking advantage of it's ultrasonic proximity sensors, the doors will shut if approached by creatures like bears.

Release 7.0 will include a timer for the media system that enables it to shut off automatically after a preset time verbally communicated to the car. This feature also includes a wake up option.

If you believe all that, silly person, I have a Model X reservation to sell you.

Actually, Tesla has been very good at keeping the features of the Model X secret. Also the price. Also the date when it will be available except for the 3Q2015 estimate. It's a mystery how Tesla has been able to collect over $100 million in reservation fees based on such little information. In fact, over time the web pages devoted to the Model X have shrunk to a paragraph with a fake image. No one said Elon doesn't have a sense of humor (humour in RWD countries). In fact I'm guessing that, shortly, there just be the word "Model". The letter "X" and the button labeled "reserve".

risalinas1 | 06. April 2015

TESLA has had my $40,000.00 dollars for more than a year and a quarter now and what do I have??
NOT A DANM THING except a number!

Shame on you Elon! | 06. April 2015

@risalinas 1: interesting way to get a rise out of Brian but force him to use profanity if he corrects your spelling.
BTW, Tesla assigned the numbers. They could change them. Think about that while you're contemplating that you could have been way ahead if you had taken out an ordinary reservation for $5 K and bought $35K worth of TSLA. :-)). But what's in a number?

vperl | 08. April 2015

Camp in the X, no way, just go to a KOA and sleep in my 28 ft. Travel trailer. Gotta love it.

Red Sage ca us | 11. April 2015

Realistic Recursive Revelation Redundancy Reservations for the Tesla Model X: The line forms to the left!

Hmmm... There was something, that may have been really clever, that I was about to write here. But I was interrupted by a child who claimed to be hungry, and entirely lost my train of thought.

Oh, yeah! You'll have to order the Bjørn Nyland Signature Edition Model X to partake of the fold flat camping configuration package, as outlined by President georgehawley. | 12. April 2015

Complete.with a supply of canned fish from Thailand. The world shrinks while we await the X.

Brian H | 12. April 2015

Friendly Fish.

ian | 12. April 2015

I think that will be the "Umm, Yeah." Model! ;-)

proven | 13. April 2015

In the X reveal they showed pictures of the 2nd & 3rd row folded flat. Of course that was a prototype so I'm sure a lot has changed since then.

grant10k | 13. April 2015

Really? I don't think I've seen a picture of the X with folded flat seats. I recall them saying they would fold flat, but I'd be super appreciative if you provided that picture.

vandacca | 13. April 2015

I just watched the original reveal again this morning. It is indeed there at 20:09 with an image on the big screen.

grant10k | 13. April 2015

Ah, excellent. But what would I do with all that space?

Brian H | 13. April 2015

Pitch a pup tent?

grant10k | 13. April 2015
carlgo2 | 14. April 2015

Safe from bears unless they have learned to carry the key fobs.

I did go to the Meacham auction and saw a VW camper with a pull-out tent, tables, place settings and all sorts of stuff all VW branded. It was very nice. That sort of thing could be incorporated into the X. You can bet that Tesla plates and folding tables will be worth a fortune some day.

At the very least the falcon doors could be programed to open straight out like awnings.

vandacca | 14. April 2015

It would be interesting to see if Tesla or other third-party vendors will come up with interesting camping accessories for the Model-X, similar to the Pontiac Aztec .

Red Sage ca us | 15. April 2015

Yes! The Model X could certainly benefit from adapting (AKA, blatantly ripping off) various interior storage and convenience functions from vehicles of lore:
• Buick Roadmaster Estate
• Volkswagen Vanagon
• Pontiac Aztec
• Honda Odyssey
• et al