Tesla Model S 85 kWh, Blue paint, Tan Leather Interior, Tech/Sound Pack, Rear Seats, Parcel Shelf, Twin Chargers, Air Suspension

Tesla Model S 85 kWh, Blue paint, Tan Leather Interior, Tech/Sound Pack, Rear Seats, Parcel Shelf, Twin Chargers, Air Suspension

The US price of a Tesla Model S with these configurations is 85,270 USD. And the 7,500 USD Federal tax credit is included. Also 990 USD for "Tesla Personal Delivery" (whatever that might be) is included. And 180 USD for "Final Inspection, Prep. and Coordination" is included.

Now if I would make exact the same configuration of the Tesla Model S here in The Netherlands, then the price will be 95,650 Euro. I consider that to be a rather big difference in price for exact the same Tesla Model S. The price for shipping a vehicle to The Netherlands is about 2,500 USD.

Now, I am wondering if it would be possible in the near future to buy a Tesla Model S from a US citizen and have it shipped to The Netherlands. In both the US and The Netherlands the steering wheel is on the left side in the vehicle. So, that will not be a problem. But will there be other problems on the way ahead?

Carefree | 16. Februar 2013

You forget two things - and this has been discussed many times before. In Europe you pay VAT and Import Duty! The listed prices in the US do not include sales tax (they are different for each state) and of course we do not pay any duty on the car.

jeroens | 16. Februar 2013

In short, 10% import duties + VAT comes to about 91,000
A difference of less than 5,000 euro for which Tesla needs to...
add shipping, handling extra costs for adapting to EU regulations, more expenses/costs for Tesla under warranty, etc.

Benz | 16. Februar 2013

Import duties for a EV are 0 Euro.
And there is not VAT for second hand vehicles.

LarsT | 16. Februar 2013

Wrong. Import duty is the same as for all other cars. And Import-VAT is charged on the vehicle value plus the costs of shipping.

jeroens | 16. Februar 2013

BPM = 0% not Import Duties...

Benz | 17. Februar 2013

@ jeroen

As far as I know BPM is a special name for Import Duties on cars.

I say that because I know somebody who had imported a Mercedes Benz ML from Germany. He did have to pay an amount for BPM, but there were no extra Import Duties. Not even VAT, because he bought it from a private person. I am not an expert in these matters, this is all I know.

Carefree | 17. Februar 2013

Germany is part of the EU - importing form outside the EU has very different regulations. You should be able to google this fairly easily and find out exactly what you'd be up against. Or go talk to a car importer - I am sure there are many of those in the Netherlands - they would know.

jeroens | 17. Februar 2013


Imported several cars myself. If you Import from within the EU you are right, no import duties, just BPM (in Netherlands) tax and vat added on this bpm tax amount.

Import from the USA you pay import duties, BPM (@0% for EV's) plus 19% VAT, also for private purchases, used cars...

Robert22 | 17. Februar 2013

It will be cheaper post-EU collapse. I just can't tell you when.

Brian H | 17. Februar 2013

At 10 Euro/dollar, not so much. ;)

Benz | 18. Februar 2013

@ Carefree & jeroens

You are right and I was wrong, I apologise for that. There is more to it than I thought.

And I initially thought of this idea because at the moment the Euro is significantly worth more than the USD.