Tesla needs this

Tesla needs this

"In Sport mode, the suspension and steering stiffen and the gas engine roars, pops on upshifts and matches revs downshifting into corners. It sounds great, and it should: much of what you hear is a prerecorded soundtrack piped through the sound system."
NYT review of BMW I8

For all the Tesla "motorheads"

KdotB | 10. Mai 2014

If you really want you can load up the McLaren P1 exhaust note on a thumb drive and pop in your MS. I'm hoping there's no future gov't legislation that will force Tesla to add a fake sound to the MS. Just seems silly to me, to be holding on to the past. Sort of like adding a rotary option to an iPhone touch screen.

But don't get me wrong....nothing sexier than a German V8 clearing it's throat. I'm sure when my MS arrives there will be part of me that misses the revs and the roars....but I drive a Camry now, so didn't really have anything to begin with!

info | 10. Mai 2014

It is beyond silly, it's a stupid cosmetic device that simply covers up the deficiencies of the car's concept, design and engineering, to perpetuate an inferior technology. But, 60 minutes would approve.

ParAvion | 10. Mai 2014

Noise pollution!

NO2PTRL | 10. Mai 2014

I love accelerating like a jet plane with absolutely no noise.

The only reason gear heads love the noise from a nasty ICE, like a Lambo 560, is because it is all they have known. Like stone age man is always looking for rocks.

You know the old adage, Can't teach an old dog new tricks.

This is the future, and it is damn fun.

Red Sage ca us | 10. Mai 2014

The most wondrous sound I ever heard from an ICE vehicle was... silence. I was in traffic next to a perfectly cherried out, low slung, immaculate, metallic green apple colored Ford Galaxy 500. All I could hear from it was a low, low, very low 'hiss'. That's it. The light changed, it rolled away, and I heard NOTHING. I was, and remain, impressed.

In comparison, the loud, bleating, insistent ROAR of a Ford Mustang struggling to achieve 40 MPH in the Street Light Gran Prix is downright offensive in comparison. I coined a phrase because of it. 'A loud engine does not a fast car make.'

Lycanthrope P85 | 10. Mai 2014

Despite the ultra sound system sounding pretty damn good and my whole music collection on FLAC available to me I often turn the music off and just enjoy the silence. I love it.

To qualify this I should say that I used to ride Ducati's with Temignoni carbon exhausts and loved it.

I guess I grew up in the meantime.

Jolinar | 10. Mai 2014

As JB Straubel said, with EV you can drag race every stoplight and not looking as moron.

sule | 10. Mai 2014

I figured it out for myself. If you can't not have the sound then, of course, you will prefer some over another (a.k.a. "If you can't beat them, join them"). But EVERY sound gets on your nerves after a while, whatever it is and however beautiful it may be - roars or music. Remember the feeling you have when you encounter silence after long road trips, concerts or being in loud rooms (kitchens, server rooms, whatever you do)? Tesla owners get a lot more of it and are a lot closer to it at all times.

Previously I was listening to a lot of music and radio in cars. Now I find myself NOT doing that and just enjoying a relaxing, quiet, ride. And, yes, occasional hyperspace jump without any drama whatsoever. Why should there be any drama?

info | 10. Mai 2014

sule. I have noticed that, too. I used to have something on at all times (NPT, music, etc.). Now, very rarely.

info | 10. Mai 2014

NPR, sorry.

LEvans | 10. Mai 2014

Not looking like a pompous you know-what is what I like the most about accelerating in a Tesla. You can get wherever you want to go in peace and you can also blow away anyone you want to, also in peace.

The status quo is considered by a feature by most owners. A Model S is not a 60 minute episode to pipe in fake engine sounds. I think it is beyond dumb for BMW to do this.

info | 10. Mai 2014

What always gets me is some broke-dick on a Harley who wants attention so badly, he has to yank the muffler off.

SeattleSid | 10. Mai 2014

There's something just rude about people on Harleys who deliberately rev them just for the noise of it. Especially in neighborhoods. Got nothing against Harleys, per se. But when riders do that, they're taking up much more space than they're entitled to. In this case, the space is in the air, and in our ears. I feel the same about Hummer drivers, too, or Armadas (perfect name.) People who talk too loud on cell phones in public places. Generating noise is unavoidable, but to do it thoughtlessly or deliberately is selfish and rude and inconsiderate of others. Which happens to define society pretty well, of late.

Call me smug, but it's part of the pleasure of silent acceleration in the Tesla. Feeling thrill, and keeping it private. Makes me feel civil. | 10. Mai 2014

A surprising number of ICEs with "sporty" pretensions channel engine noise (but not, I hope, fumes) into the passenger compartment. It's not surprising the the i8 would take the artifice one step further with a prerecorded soundtrack.

In a recent thread about mandatory "warning" noises for EVs, someone suggested that a Model S could emit the sound of playing cards in bicycle spokes. Perfect.

Tiebreaker | 10. Mai 2014

BMW does it for the M5 as well, magazines found you can eliminate the sound from the speakers olny if you cut the wires.

Dramsey | 10. Mai 2014

It's actually pretty clever, IMO: a way for those who enjoy the sound of a tuned ICE engine yo get it without the other noises that would normally accompany the minimal sound deadening material required to let it through.

Cars like the Mustang have achieved similar effects with "resonance tubes" leading from the air intake to the firewall.

I love the otherworldly silence of accelerating in my Mod S, but I also enjoy the baritone bellow of my supercharged Mustang.

NO2PTRL | 10. Mai 2014

Vin, Seattle,

This Harley ahole goes by our local Starbucks, puts it in neutral, and revs it up for attention.

Why does god make aholes like this, and why do our politicians continue to allow these machines to put out such obnoxious noise?

jordanrichard | 11. Mai 2014

VW has been doing the same thing with piping noise into the cabin. All of this is fake. It is like the fake louvers Chevy put on the hoods of the 80's Camaros, the "ports" on the fenders of the Buicks, and the other various scoops, wings and vents put on cars a styling. Being a long time fan of German cars, I like the approach of if it serves no purpose, that it doesn't belong. Un fortunately the Germans have slipped in this regard.

Besides, the MS does make noise when accelerating hard. It sounds like jet turbine with out the exhaust roar. It nothing that another person in an other car will hear, but people on the street will hear it. I can certainly hear the difference between light/moderate acceleration and heavy.

dtaubert | 11. Mai 2014

I always think of Shakespeare at times like this:

"it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing."

jcaspar1 | 11. Mai 2014

The MS should be quiet in my opinion but if not, I'll take the roar of a large displacement Dodge V-10 over a small displacement German V-8 any day!

sule | 11. Mai 2014

@Jcaspar1: I'd like refined sounds but more than anything choice... sometimes diesel locomotive, other times dragsters, sometimes x-wing fighter...

RedShift | 11. Mai 2014

I love the V8 growl in a BMW. However, I prefer that sound to be in that car. It belongs there and it sounds natural. Piped sound in an electric? Nope.

sule | 11. Mai 2014

Just discovered - there is an app called XLR8. Works on Android and BlackBerry 10 phones (tried), not sure about others but they mention an iPhone version too. It monitors your movement and generates engine noise of your choosing. Just connect your phone to your car/speakers and go...

sule | 12. Mai 2014

Tried a bit more - not perfect as there is a delay between what really happens and the sound but is cool as a joke...

Thomas N. | 12. Mai 2014

If you purchase a Porsche 911 you have the option of adding PSE - Porsche Sport Exhaust. You don't gain any more horsepower with it - it's merely to make the sound of the engine louder. You can enable or disable it with the push of a button. Videos of the difference are compelling. I think I'd have it optioned in were I to purchase a 911.

greggmck | 17. Mai 2014

If you turn off your sound system and accelerate hard you will hear a faint turbine sound. What would I would like is to be able to have the turbine sound more pronounced. I would pay for that option. Its the sweet sound of the future...

Tiebreaker | 17. Mai 2014

Google "south park bikers"