Tesla ownership email, is it real ?

Tesla ownership email, is it real ?

Did anybody email and got a response back ?
I know it's not bouncing, but it doesn't look like they are checking it either.
I'm a bit tired of using the phone every time.
First, it's an ancient and very inconvenient technology ;)
Second, it's very nice to have something in writing sitting in your mailbox where you
can use search and reference it later.
I lost count on how many different tesla employees I've talked to on the phone.
They are trying to help, but with no audit track and history it's hard to pass issues from
one person to another, so you're starting from the scratch every time with no audit track again.
In addition to that, they have multiple different teams (well, duh), and it's not clear what
team does what. Frankly, neither do I as a customer care.
I think having one point of contact or some kind of a tracking system is a must.

gimp_dad | 09. Januar 2013

Was that a cut and paste of the email address? If so it looks like you entered it wrong (ownership, not ownerhip). Could explain lack of response.

Brian H, sorry about not leaving this correction for you. :-)

But seriously, I have emailed different specific people within TM for specific topics and generally gotten quick responses or notifications if they were out of office.

sergiyz | 09. Januar 2013

I did use the correct address, without the typo ;)
If I know a specific employee's address, I could email that employee again, but the problem is that employee may not be the right person to handle a specific issue.
If I had at least a case number to reference, that'd be nice.
They use the VIN number for some kind of tracking, but it's definitely insufficient.

Brian H | 09. Januar 2013

Early reports were that they were right on the stick, and guaranteed to read and respond. Then they got the tsunami. They haven't been heard from since. ;(

Liz G | 09. Januar 2013

I spoke with my OEA today regarding this issue and he indicated that they of the lag in response time and are working on a process that will hopefully improve this. He suggested people call the Ownership number and if you do not get someone leave a message. 877-778-3752

I know not the best work around at this time but they are trying to figure out how to make this better.


Can you please PM me on the TeslaMotorsClub site. I use the same username there.

Liz G

BYT | 09. Januar 2013

I have been e-mailing my delivery specialist and he's been forwarding my questions / issues to the correct places as I have needed. He did ask me to e-mail the ownership group but hasn't lately. Maybe he's given up asking me to try them or felt he maybe able to help me out better more directly?

Anyway, just sharing my experience... :)

stephen.kamichik | 09. Januar 2013

Try He is an ownership advocate.

sergiyz | 09. Januar 2013

emailed this address, will see if it's any better.
I really don't want to do it over the phone again since it didn't take care of the issue.

jat | 09. Januar 2013

I have had response from the ownership@ address, though it took a day. I have generally found phone calls and email to individuals after I start with them to be more effective.

sergiyz | 09. Januar 2013

got a response after a couple of emails to different reps...


Brian H | 09. Januar 2013

A "lag in response time" sort of implies falling behind in the email response sequence, but working sequentially through it. Is that the case, do you think? Naturally, those emailing are getting the impression that a few get answered, capriciously, and the others are arbitrarily ignored. Repeated emails just clog the system, making the situation worse. Baaaddd mojo.

Richard21 | 21. Mai 2014

I would like to know how to plan a trip from Washington State to Palm Springs, CA.

AmpedRealtor | 21. Mai 2014

Every time I've sent an email to, I received a phone call within minutes. Maybe I got lucky. I've sent them two emails, both times got a call right away.

J.T. | 21. Mai 2014

Every time I send an email to ownership I can almost hear them saying, "I answered the last one, you take this one." Or, "Let's be very quiet maybe he'll go away."

ssarker | 22. Mai 2014

I got prompt email replies to every email to ownership in the last 13 months.