Tesla to provide next US Presidential Limousine?

Tesla to provide next US Presidential Limousine?

The Tesla brain trust may have already contemplated this, but if not, I would urge you to consider pursuit of the next contract for the limo for the US President (see link below)

I'm not a mechanical person, but it would seem that a lot of characteristics of a Tesla Model S (e.g., instant power, battery as "blast plate", low center of gravity, no need for carrying a liquid-filled bomb (fuel tank)) could be expanded to make for one awesome secure ground transport for the President.

Plus it would be some decent earned media exposure, too, even just to say that you were looking in to it.

It could be the Tesla Beast!

erici | 16. September 2013

The fuel tank isn't a liquid filled bomb. A self-sealing tank can be shot full of holes with a machine gun and it won't leak and explode.

Timo | 16. September 2013

If you can get thru armor to the tank you are already using weapon that can explode the tank too. OTOH if you have that, I would be aiming at the windows or the engine block of the car not the tank.

olanmills | 26. September 2013

The presedential limo is heavy because of its bulletproofing and stuff. I think I saw a thing about it on the History or Smithsonian channel. The battery could be bigger, since the car is longer, but I still bet the range wouldn't be very good.

And anyway, what's the point? I don't really think Tesla needs more media exposure. They have plenty already.

Aside from traditional advertising, I would think it would be better to go after racing than something like the president's limo, but I don't think going after racing is that great of an idea either.

Gizmotoy | 27. September 2013

I doubt it. From what I recall, all presidential vehicles are either 100% mechanical or have mechanical backup systems to protect against EMP. Not exactly an option in an EV.

Timo | 27. September 2013

You can shield electronics from EMP. EMP that is strong enough to knock out military-grade electronics that are shielded would require you to be at the almost at the blast area of an nuke. At that point I don't think it really matters if those get knocked out or not, chaos that follows would pretty much prevent that car from moving anyway.

It's harder to do for BEV though: much more to shield. Battery itself is almost completely naturally shielded already (it is in a metallic case) so that probably would survive, but wires in and out of the motor/PEM/battery/controlling electronics and all those sensors are much more difficult to shield. Touch screen(s) would be toast, I don't see how you could adequately shield that in a car.