The Tesla Psychosis

The Tesla Psychosis

My MS is ordered, due for European delivery in September. On the face of it, now it’s just a matter of waiting. But there’s something weird going on here. I’m addicted to reading everything I can find on the MS. I’ve already had enough solar panels put on the house roof to offset my entire annual driving. I’m busy getting a charge point installed. My wife’s expecting to find me checking out carpet and curtains for the garage. I got into my trusty Jag XKR this morning, started it and thought how primitive it felt. (I mean, who “starts” a car any more?). Late at night I close my eyes and head off into Teslaland. And, to be honest, this is all based on an all-too-short morning driving a friend’s MS a few months ago.

Frankly it must be some kind of madness, I must be going crazy. After all it’s just a car, damn it. It’s just a method of traveling from A-B. So how on earth can I possibly be enslaved to the idea of a mere product? Am I a victim of brilliant marketing or is it something more?

On the other hand… I love the idea of being off the grid, driving on sunlight. And then there’s that ride, that’s stayed with me all these months. And there’s the quiet. And the acceleration. And the idea that this is how a car really SHOULD be… I guess I'm buying more than a car here, I'm buying into an entire philosophy.

But something else struck me after I ordered my MS: one of my kids died a few years ago and life has been nothing but grim since. Losing her took all of joy out of living, all the colour out of life. Ordering the MS has woken in me a sense of excitement that I’d forgotten existed. So I’m indulging my obsession. I’m allowing myself to read every word written here and head off to Teslaland at night. It may be some kind of psychosis, but my view is BRING IT ON.

And keep writing the interesting stuff, guys.

stimeygee | 23. Mai 2013

I get mine in 12 hours.

I hope this obsession lessens, because it does seem a little unhealthy. But only a little bit.

jillalameda | 23. Mai 2013

I was actually kind of bent out of shape when my boss refused to drive it when the two of us had an offsite meeting and we took my car. (He has a Honda Civic - which I think is pretty cool in a CEO, actually - and he said he was afraid to drive such an expensive car). Sure it's nice to ride in, but until someone DRIVES it, he or she won't be able to understand why we are so nuts about the Model S.

I'm a person who has hated to drive for her entire life, and now I find myself wishing my commute was longer than five miles so I could have more daily T-time. Even traffic isn't so bad now because it means more time in the car (and with the regen braking, stop-and-go traffic isn't that annoying anymore).

We really are crazy, you guys. But it's good-crazy and I am GLAD the craziness lasts so long (two months and I'm still in love). This car is great on so many levels: It's green, made in the USA, gorgeous, fast, comfortable, and fun.

akikiki | 23. Mai 2013

@Jill S, Great comment. Thanks for sharing.

Brian H | 24. Mai 2013

You are now free to move to a distant neighborhood, nearer to country roads and interstates, instead of being tied down so near to work!

Joshua Burstyn | 24. Mai 2013

I sometimes let people drive if I trust them. My brother in law and a good friend of mine drove our car and I didn't feel overly concerned about it. Both of them are now more interested in buying a Tesla so it seems like it was worth the risk.

Doug H | 24. Mai 2013

Wow! I feel like I belong to some kind of support group now. I should receive my MS the first week in June.

My name is Doug "hi Doug" the rest of the addicts say. I told my wife the I would either be the smartest guy on the block, or the dumbest six months ago when I decided to buy the MS. I'm feeling pretty smart right now.

My heart goes out to you rch1708. I have 3 girls and 3 boys. My last 2 are twin girls and they graduate high school tomorrow. I'm glad you can find part of the joy you had before in the MS.

I'm sitting on the toilet reading all the responses to your post. My legs are getting numb so I have to go now.

I've put in my Tesla time for this afternoon.

rch1708 | 24. Mai 2013

@ Doug. I bought a new iPad recently. When I was told that Apple care covers two drowning incidents, I took it. Now I don't worry about reading the forums in the bath.

My name is Rob. I'm a Teslaholic.

jeremys | 24. Mai 2013


My deepest condolences.
As a father of 3 (girl - 10, boy - 8 and 10mo - girl), your loss as a parent is devastating.

Your post (and everyone's responses) have made me sad, happy and excited to be a part of something so special. I've been lurking on the forums for some time, but reluctant to engage because I spend too much time reading about the car (and the stock). Now that my MS has finally arrived, I fear that my condition is worsening. Project reports, executive summaries, emails of all kinds now wait in the morning until I've had a chance to peruse the forums for the latest...

I've tried unsuccessfully to try to go one entire day without mentioning anything to do with Tesla with my wife only to find that it's nearly impossible. Even my best attempts have been thwarted by her casual mention of something Tesla (and she's not a car/gadget/tech person at all). This obsession has extended in other ways as well. I just installed a 20kW generator and nest thermometers to go along with the dropcams we have throughout the house. This means that I can remotely monitor the baby (via dropcam), the newer baby (Tesla app) and house temps from my iPhone or iPad. The generator is there to protect both babies from being without heat or power in case another Sandy or Irene rolls through. The latest indulgence (my wife thinks this is hilarious) is that I just ordered blinds for the garage so that the sun isn't shining directly on the car for x hours a day).

I'm sharing all of this because your post inspired me to finally admit the truth.

My name is Jeremy. I'm also a Teslaholic.

Indulge away, because we're all here with you.


ppape | 25. Juni 2013

Love, Love, Love this thread! This is the kind of thread that gets my heart pumping! I find myself reading it and saying out loud "I know...right!"......."Me too, Me too!". Agreeing with all of you as if you were in the room with me! So many comments made me laugh out loud! Never thought of it that way....buying a Tesla reduces CO2, saves our planet and puts drug dealers out of business. Win-Win! Love it!

Love how generous many are being with letting others test drive their cars! Every car we help Elon sell, ensures that Tesla will be around 100 years from now. My teenagers will be able to say to their children. "When I started driving, you needed to go to a gas station to fill up your car." & they will receive that bewildered look. The same look my teenagers give me when I describe going to the library and using an encyclopedia to do research for school papers.

Rob's original post was very moving!. Thanks for sharing your story. Please update us after your car arrives.

Thanks to everyone for making this forum a wonderful place to share our passion!

Jackie :-)

Colasec | 25. Juni 2013

This thread is amazing. I'm just sitting here beaming from ear to ear. :)

It captures so much of what I was thinking - how I've bookmarked every "how to wash" thread from both this site and tmc, how all I want to do is shout to everyone I know (and everyone I just met) about what this car means, and how I'm so so so so excited for a simple red button to show up on a web page. :)

As P1550X, I know I'm late to get on the train, but man, does it feel good! Now all I need is for the SolarCity guy to call me back... lol

Brian H | 26. Juni 2013

In a year you'll be an old-timer, an early adopter.

rch1708 | 26. Juni 2013

My obsession is getting worse: I was wondering whether to buy Alloygators before the Tesla discount runs out at the end of July... MS is due September/October.

But I could look at them in the meantime and imagine them protecting my wheels! Bliss!

blc1017 | 26. Juni 2013

I had the Alloygators, had reviewed all of Junkman's Youtube videos for two bucket handwashing, purchased all of the recommended car wash products, microfiber towels and connectors for ease of switching out my foam gun and my hose nozzle, ordered and received my Lloyd's mats (front and back), gotten my spare adapters and tire kit from the Tesla store, and had appointments for CQuartz finest application and tinting well prior to ever receiving my MS. I leave home early to get the best parking spot in the parking garage at work. I researched all the ways I could mount my front license plate without "injuring" my baby, and purchased clear vinyl removable stickers to use with my HOV lane stickers so I wouldn't have to permanently adhere them. When I walk in the garage in the morning, I greet her good morning out loud (I have to be careful doing this around people, though. ;)

The other day, while giving her her weekly handwash and massage, I noticed a light scuff on the passenger door. Easily buffed out by my detailer (a benefit of the CQuartz warranty) I got the best compliment detailer said I had obviously been doing everything right in caring for the car as he could detect no swirls or scratches! I was as proud of that achievement as I was in getting a promotion.

I'm away on business but check my iPhone app several times a day. I have opportunities to describe how great the Model S is often, and can't wait to pull out the pictures of my delivery.

I am the mother of two adult children, not a car person, and, echoing others in this thread, this car makes one feel very special. I used to hate to drive; now I look for reasons to drive, and can't wait for the Supercharger network so I can take road trips. I've now had the car 3 months.

Nothing is as devastating as the loss of a child. I hope the MS gives you as much joy as it has given me, and I wish you many, many hours of driving with sunlight.

cmlaff | 26. Juni 2013

When I got mine in November folks would ask me how I liked my car and I would always tell them, "Ask me in 6 months when the novelty is gone." We'll, it's now been over 8 months and almost 10,000 miles and the honeymoon ain't even close to being over. Like you I have solar panels and it's now guilt free driving and fun driving at that. Any reason to drive is a reason to go for a fun drive. It actually gets better believe it or not.
And I used to devour every morsel of Tesla information that I could find, but less so now since I end up talking shop with other Tesla owners that I know.
The psychosis actually is medically called PTSS; Post Tesla Stupid Smile.
Enjoy the drive!

Brian H | 27. Juni 2013

Yep, you def'nitly clazy lady now. Enjoy!

rch1708 | 27. Juni 2013

@blc: you inspired me to order the Alloygaters - made use of the 10% Tesla discount! Also impressed that a lady refers to her car as "she". Increasingly reassured that my behaviour is normal for a Teslaholic. Just got to convince the wife before she orders the straitjacket.

hademarco | 27. Juni 2013

Teslaholic, yes I am....I've got it bad.

I read up on everything Tesla. I look up Tesla news, Elon news, Tesla Forum. I'm on the forum several times a day everyday. I talk about my car to whoever will hear me. Sometimes I talk about Tesla even though no one is listening. I'm not the kind of person that does that. I have to restrain myself from talking too much about the car, the company or Elon. I'm afraid people are sick of hearing it or think I'm just a one dimensional character.

Like blc, I got all the items to wash her myself (yes, it's got to be a her, she's really sexy). I'm not the kind of person that does that. Today, there was some goop on top of the hood when I was about to go to work. I wiped it off with my fingers, but there was still some residue on the hood. I can't leave it like that! What if it hardens in the California sun? So I got my Zaino finishing spray and got it right off, but wait, the rest of the hood now looks dusty compared to the little spot I just cleaned off. So I proceeded to mini-detail the 6 in the morning!? If my husband saw me (luckily he's out of town)...he would have bought me a straight jacket for sure.

mike | 27. Juni 2013

All I can say is that I sat in the car, in the garage, for over an hour, the first night that I had it.


NKYTA | 27. Juni 2013

Only an hour? ;-)
Heck me and my wife probably spent a couple hours each night in the car, for the first three nights!

Epley | 28. Juni 2013

Teslafy, Teslaholic, Telsapsychosis. We've all got it. It's a good thing. What was the last thing that made you feel like a kid at Christmas? Man, I'm totally addicted.

Colasec | 28. Juni 2013

Note to self: not all Tesla owners are Teslaholics.

A coworker visiting from another office mentioned he got a Model S in February - I immediately said excitedly, "Oh, what's your VIN?!?" and got the strangest look as he muttered, "What? I have no idea..." lol

lolachampcar | 28. Juni 2013

I think the strangest thing for me was my slow drift away from wanting to drive anywhere. I'm a motor head and have always loved driving and yet, over the last few years, have slowly lost interest in driving. MS changed all that. Now I drop my daughter off at school every day and I too look for reasons to drive. It is a very pleasant change.

One word of warning though-
MS is new enough to have a very high resale. I took the oporturnity to use a second deposit I placed before the price increase to replace my P85 with a P85+. I delivered my first MS to its new owner three weeks ago and still have three weeks until the new baby arrives. The warning is simple; five months of ownership and 5,500 miles of driving only makes the anticipation problem WORSE. I thought it was bad the first time :)

lolachampcar | 28. Juni 2013

opportunity (I wish I could edit posts here)

rch1708 | 29. Juni 2013

@lolachampcar: a masochistic Teslaholic. Boy do you have problems... ;-)

lolachampcar | 29. Juni 2013

and old dog, new tricks syndrome so it is unlikely I can get my self sorted :)

Brian H | 29. Juni 2013

"sorted"? A Briticism; are you in the UK, or an exile?

rch1708 | 29. Juni 2013

UK exile living in NL, long enough that at the atomic level I'm Duch.

rch1708 | 29. Juni 2013

Ooops, see that wasn't for me...

lisagraham1968 | 04. Juli 2013

Oh my god! I thought I was the only one that felt this way. I talk about my MS to everyone that will listen. I'm also reading everything I can about TESLA in general and watching Youtube videos all of the time. I'm also an investor in TESLA and I'm constantly watching it go up and up and all I do is smile. I truely believe in this company and what it stands for. My name is Jim (and Lisa) and we are TESLA addicts.

cfOH | 04. Juli 2013

I miss being able to +1 posts like you can on Google+ because that last post certainly deserves one. :-)

llyee | 07. Juli 2013

A co-worker of mine received his MS back in Nov 2012 has never stopped grinning since. Whenever he talks about his car his face just lights up. After reading this thread, I am beginning to understand what has happened to him, and what is starting to happen to me. I placed an order for my very own MS in June and expect delivery at the end of this month. The anticipation is growing. I find myself reading the various Tesla blogs and forums daily and have started cleaning out and painting my garage in preparation for delivery. I'm starting to look at various key chain options for the MS fob. My family and I are already planning road trips with MS. Thanks Elon for this wonderful automobile. I believe in your philosophy and vision, and look forward to seeing many more EV's on the road.

J.T. | 07. Juli 2013


ppape | 14. Juli 2013

Rob (rch1708).....your thread made it to Teslive!

Leilani Munter (race car driver) mentioned your story during her talk. It was great!

This is also my favorite thread! I sure hope Elon gets to read it.

Any news on your car? Keep us updated.

Jackie :-)

Shesmyne2 | 14. Juli 2013

Went down to the Santana Row store today. Asked a friendly Tesla employee about getting some flyers to hand out to friends; the word was "we stopped making those a couple weeks ago". In a couple weeks we'll have an online version of the flyer so you can point people at that.

Still grinning. ;-)

EricWayneAlbert | 15. Juli 2013


Thanks for sharing your story. As a father I can only sympathise with you. I'm glad you have found some joy again in your life. I enjoyed reading everyone's comments on here. I seem to have the Tesla fever also. I do not own one yet or have a deposit on one. Hopefully someday. I'm a fan of Elon and Tesla and hope to join the club someday.


rch1708 | 15. Juli 2013

Hi Jackie, thanks for letting me know about Teslive. I wish that I'd been there to hear the talk. However I was 'stuck' sailing with my family on 38 footer around the Adriatic islands for the first week of my holiday. Essentially no internet connection, so no Tesla updates for most of a week. Man, that's hard - try it if you feel like suffering for a while.

However I was determined not to be reduced to the same state as my teenage daughter, who was behaving like being periodically cut off from FB&Twitter was an infringement of her human rights, as established by the European courts. When I got back into a harbour with an internet connection on Friday evening, I found that my MyTesla page had been updated and my order was "on hold", awaiting my driving license details. I almost panicked, fearful my internetlessness had cost me delivery time! SCARY!

After rapidly adding the details and re-re-reconfirming my order, I rummaged around on the forum and found out that my order had probably only been on hold around half a day, or so. PHEWeeeee!

No further progress to report., only that the Dutch forum is heading towards delivery fever pitch. Every utterance about 1st deliveries, whether direct, indirect, attributed or just imagined, is being mangled to extract the last drop of a hint of a clue of an implication of a sign of a delivery date. European cars are on the boat or the train, in tens or hundreds, for Norway, Switzerland or the Benelux, with or without batteries, assorted charing cables, etc, etc. For any fans of HHGTTG reading this, it rather reminds me of Slartybartfast, Deep Thought and the debate about The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe and Everything.

Thus, I guess that I should expect my car in week 42...

ppape | 15. Juli 2013


Sounds like a wonderful vacation. Thanks for the update.

You can still get to see Teslive on the video below.....scroll down to the one where you see Elon in the shot. First 5 minutes are wasted waiting for things to start. Just forward a little. First Leilani speaks and then Elon.


Brian H | 15. Juli 2013

Only the white mice know, and they aren't talking squeaking.

NomoDinos | 15. Juli 2013

@Rch - this was my favorite thread long before the DA reference. I've never posted on it before because it seemed that all the profound and interesting and heartfelt statements had already been made, so I'll just say thanks for sharing your experiences.

ian | 18. Juli 2013

I'm going to chime in with even less and just add my +1 to all of it.


rch1708 | 18. Juli 2013

I wonder at what point one has to start wondering whether one has crossed some kind of line with this psychosis? Namely, I heard a couple of days ago that I have something called a "labral tear" in the cartilage of my right hip, the treatment of which involves surgery, 2-3 weeks off work and a 3-6 month recovery period.

Looking at the timing, I expect that the operation will be scheduled for mid-late September. And I bet, Murphy being the guy who designed the Universe, it will end up coinciding with the delivery of my MS. I can see it before me: being stuck in the house for 3 weeks while my wife takes delivery of and drives around in my new dream. I can tell you now, I'd go absolutely bananas and my wife would certainly enjoy watching me bounce off the walls - something that would certainly put back my recovery.

So, on and off for the last days, I've been wondering what takes priority, hip surgery or MS delivery?

I've been thinking of calling up my Tesla contact and explaining the story to him to see if I can get a better idea of delivery dates. But I can imagine him sat at the other end of the phone thinking, "Gee, now I've heard every excuse under the sun to wangle information out of us. These people are crazy!".

I've been thinking of talking to the surgeon and trying to explain that I'd like to schedule the surgery around the delivery of my new car. But I suppose I'd get a fairly curt and unsympathetic response, and probably quite rightly.

I've been thinking about just postponing the whole further consultation process for a couple of months, as I can live with the pain and I can still do a reasonable amount of sport without the operation, for the time being at least. I'd like to ask the surgeon if waiting a few months would result in any further damage, but he'd probably think I was being facile.

I've been thinking that maybe I'm using the MS to hide behind, to postpone the moment of having to go under the knife and then face up to all the months of recovery afterwards.

I've NOT been thinking about delaying the delivery of my MS. Some things are just plain inconceivable. And the thing must be delivered this year for the tax breaks - at least, that's my excuse. That my hip problem precedes the order of my MS is irrelevant and the fact that I'm thinking of postponing dealing with my hip just goes to show that my hip's not really that bad... doesn't it?

And then, of course, I started thinking about what I'd been thinking about these last days and I started to wonder if I've not lost my marbles completely... Just get on with it, Rob, it's your damned health that we're contemplating here!

But on the other hand, I think it will be very bad for my mental health if the MS ends up being delivered as I'm being sliced open.

And just thinking ahead: does a legal person happen to know if the "crime of passion" defence would cover one's actions in the event that - hypothetically speaking - one's spouse takes to illicitly using one's Model S?

Man, I hate this...! What kind of crazy cult have I got myself into here?

J.T. | 18. Juli 2013

Considering the clout that you might have with Leilani Munter, perhaps an email to her can get you some information or even an early delivery. You never know.

All the best to you

JAFIC | 18. Juli 2013

@rch I would recommend the surgery 1st. The Model S will still be there after your recovery period ( assuming your spouse aint that crappy a driver/no accidents by other persons). Your health may not wait so long

EdieMilo | 18. Juli 2013

Hi Rob,
I am a Physiotherapist, and without knowing any specific details, a labral tear in the hip should not take 3-6 months of recovery. I work on TOTAL hip replacement patients that are up and about in 2-3 months ... and driving :-) they may not be playing tennis or running a marathon in 3 months, but if they are a good patient and do their exercises daily, they are certainly walking without an assistive device and driving for sure.

So, take care of your health first. Get the surgery sooner rather than later, be diligent with your exercises, listen to your Physio and you will be driving when your precious MS arrives.

just my unsolicited 2 cents worth.

to your health ... both mental & physical ;-))

rch1708 | 18. Juli 2013

Hi Edie, that's very encouraging, thanks. I made the mistake of reading about the op on the internet. Bad move. Better to watch Tesla videos...


FranknWC | 18. Juli 2013

I too have caught the psychosis. I wake at 3 AM to thoughts of the car I was just dreaming of. While my wife sleeps I am checking the forums, my dashboard and looking at Edmunds long term test to see if they have added any information.
The best news is that yesterday I received notice that my Model S will arrive late July rather than July 30 - Aug. 13.
Finally I would like to give my condolences to rch1708 who started this thread on the lost of his child. I hope he is enjoying his Tesla and it has eased his pain.

rch1708 | 18. Juli 2013

@Fnealnwc: not yet. I'm a Brit living in the Netherlands and thus low down the ranks of Tesla acolytes.

rch1708 | 18. Juli 2013

Jackie: just got round to watching the Teslive video of Leilani's talk. Was very touched...

@leilanimunter: if you happen to read this, thanks for a wonderful presentation.


GLO | 18. Juli 2013

rch1708 | July 18, 2013

"Jackie: just got round to watching the Teslive video of Leilani's talk. Was very touched...

@leilanimunter: if you happen to read this, thanks for a wonderful presentation."

Her presentation was great and we all have enjoyed "breaking up with gas" an being psochotic at the same time...

BGYWGY | 18. Juli 2013

Thanks to all for this thread. It is such a powerful validation of everything I have been going through. An Aug 20, P85 delivery here. So good to hear all the same things going on...

Electrician finished bringing new service to the house yesterday and out to the garage (goodbye gas pump!). Meeting tomorrow morning with someone to give the gargage floor that showroom, high gloss finish. Signed up for the 100% renewable energy supplier through the power company (limited opportunity for solar install in my neighborhood/area and haven't had the nerve to suggest moving yet.) Hadn't thought of the blinds yet.

I laughed out loud and teared up reading these posts. To be around people with such powerful stories and feelings is humbling. Thank you all for sharing.

My heart races whenever I get to read these forums. I check the mobile app several times a day just to see if it is going to say anything other than "no car linked". I ordered sample 18650 batteries to show people. I fear I have become that bore at any gathering who just talks about the same thing over and over. I have even started on some thoughtful review of what I am doing with my life, as in, is my job / the way I spend my time in line with this glimpse of a new, higher sense of purpose and the impact a person can have.

Next step, a deposit on an X for my wife who really needs the SUV like size.

Thank you to everyone in this movement.