TESLIVE - Just saw the whole video, great info!

TESLIVE - Just saw the whole video, great info!


So Elon says the maps will be fixed in the next month or two, can change the always north to direction.

The valet feature that is on the roadster is already in the software, just not presented yet. There seems to be a gradual roll out of cool features, they are concentrating on the international version. Once done, there would be a steady roll out of the features. valet feature should be present by end of year.

He says they are not demand constrained, but production constrained when poised with a question about incentives for current owners selling cars. So they are not about to do that yet, buggers. This seems to mean that there will be blow out numbers in Q2 in terms of numbers sold vs guidance.

They are selling all their loaners, they had 300. LOL! in Q3, they will build a steady supply of loaners to replace the sold loaners and they will be slotted into each month, x number of loaners will be produced!!

They hinted will be compatible with quick charger from standards org.

Biggest hurdle to scaling up production is batteries. Panasonic can't produce fast enough. Need lots of plants. No issue with amount of lithium. All batteries around the world would only use 2%?

eddiemoy | 14. Juli 2013

oh, other comment that elon made is that their current run rate is about 25k for this year.

Cattledog | 14. Juli 2013
TeslaModelSOwner | 14. Juli 2013

What did he say about the auto driving and hardware upgrades for existing owners? The audio went silent during that portion

tobi_ger | 14. Juli 2013

Thank you so much for posting, was looking forward to any coverage of Teslive; watching the 1st video now.

eddiemoy | 14. Juli 2013

Regarding auto driving, could be more of a safety feature. I.e. getting from point one to point two, not really have to worry about driving. But that is not priority, though they are researching. The priorty is to get gen iii out there so the carbon footprint is reduced and to make a little more of an impact.

eddiemoy | 14. Juli 2013

Also race car driver hinted that there will be a totally unique model s made for her to drive in a movie. My guess is that it will be a model s that can go over 200mph.

Jolinar | 14. Juli 2013

Nascar Model S! Looking forward to it :-) | 14. Juli 2013

TESLIVE was a great event. I was a little worried as to what it would all be, being a first time event. I have to say, it was 100% worth it. Very professional, lots of great stories and information, so many new friends and interesting vendors. Blink even set up at least 10 temporary charging stations for free charging in the hotel parking lot. No idea how they got so much power! And of course, getting Elon, Jerome and Leilani was quite amazing.

I'd guess at least 35-50 Model S's showed up and at least 10 roadsters. Many more were owners that had to fly in (i.e it's somewhat hard to drive in from Hawaii). The only bad thing is I had to skip my forum addiction for almost 3 days!

Mike_E | 14. Juli 2013

No idea how they got so much power!

Generators. | 14. Juli 2013

Generators make sense. It did see the big noisy box nearby, but I must have been out to lunch, now that I think about it! It does seem a bit odd to use gas or diesel to generate electricity to charge the cars, but it was a good demo, and I'm sure a few owners really needed the charge.

reitmanr | 14. Juli 2013

Awesome event!
Thanks Elon for being with us and presenting great stuff.
The Sunday drive was beautiful winding through the East Bay Hills above Calavaras Resorvoir ( sp?) with many S and roadsters. Check the club site for great pictures.

Tâm | 14. Juli 2013

Can some one correct Elon Musk on the number of Harris Ranch Superchargers? He kept saying "10."

There are 6 new ones, 1 old one so that's a total of 7 Superchargers. There's a Roadster one if you want to count, so 8 chargers total.

negarholger | 14. Juli 2013

Question - who organizes Tesla live? Tesla or owners?

Leilani was awesome. Thanks!
Jerome was cut short a little... would have liked to hear more from him. My service hickup was in March... good to know that there is now someone to reach out to if similar should happen again.
Elon said step jumps in battery technology about every 4-5 years, expect next in about 3 years (matches Gen3).
Hope they do some real cool stuff for the Roadster owners next year.

Bighorn | 14. Juli 2013

Owner organized. Agreed about Leilani--she's a great talent to have in Tesla's corner.

Thanks for posting link to video.

Tâm | 14. Juli 2013

One speaker said that he tweeted about his accident which totally demolished BMW M5 and it was recorded on his dashcam.

I haven't seen it in the news or know about it until TESLIVE.

Can he let us see the footage or pictures?

markapeterman | 15. Juli 2013

Details here:

JPPTM | 15. Juli 2013

Tam--I spoke with GasDoc about his event @ Teslive--he cannot post the dash cam video until the entire matter is fully worked out with all parties (driver/parents, insurance, etc, etc). I have seen the video--very scary.

TMS Doc | 15. Juli 2013

The only support for TESLIVE from Tesla was providing Elon, Jerome, and the party at the factory, although those things were all pretty amazing!!! The rest was owner volunteers. What a great weekend!

I read the threads about the accident on the M5 boards and saw this post: "I can't believe the Tesla didn't hear him coming. He must of had a stock exhaust on the M5". I think the BMW didn't hear the Tesla.

Other posts there gave rationizations on why the Tesla had so much less damage than the M5. Elon commented at TESLIVE about how much effort they put into saftey on the Model S and how grueling the crash testing was.

JPPTM | 15. Juli 2013

TMS Doc--BMW M5 stock exhaust or excuse for a teenage driver to blow through a stop sign at 50+ MPH in a residential zone...wait for all of the details/facts to come out and the video. Lots of interesting audio data as well as time/velocity data mined from GasDoc's dash cam.

Brian H | 15. Juli 2013

Humans with disconnected forebrains should not be allowed to drive anything heavier or faster than go-carts. This includes all teens and some twenty-somethings.

Tâm | 15. Juli 2013

@markapeterman, JPPTM & TMS Doc:

Thanks for additional info on Tesla Models VS BMW M5 in accident.

I didn't find any reference on what happened to the BMW M5 occupants.

What happened to them?

Amped | 15. Juli 2013
tobi_ger | 16. Juli 2013

As a non-owner I'm anxious to add to this thread.
I only saw the video and obviously enjoyed all speakers. But to me personally Jerome, head of the Service programme (former MS programme manager), deserves more mentioning and praise.
He clearly is a very smart guy with strong convictions and passion for his job and a perfect match to work with Elon. His answers were very interesting and showed a lot of determination to reach ultimate customer satisfaction, no matter the cost or man hours involved.
I've never experienced such a short feedback loop with any other car maker thus far.
Hats off to TM for having great products and people, looking forward to seeing the MS roam (+rule) the autobahn here in Germany.

negarholger | 16. Juli 2013

@tobi_ger - yes it is the Jeromes, JB Straubles, etc who make it happen... but without the vision they couldn't get there.
The mission Jerome got is very simple: make every single owner happy, don't worry about the cost. Without that guideline Jerome would not know where to go. Sometimes all it takes is direction.

tobi_ger | 16. Juli 2013

Yes, agree to that, just worthwhile to note the team behind as well. Cheers

pebell | 16. Juli 2013

I watched the full video as well, very educational and entertaining!

At one point Jerome mentions already having a "driving direction oriented" version of Google Maps in his car, and that it would be coming soon. Was that something "we" knew already? It was new to me.

JPPTM | 16. Juli 2013

Tam--my understanding is that the teenage driver of the BMW was fortunate to not have sustained any major injury (even rolling his car).