Therapy for Owners

Therapy for Owners

I’ve spent hours reading posts on this forum. And I’m not looking for anything in particular.

Driving my Model S is a dream. I now HATE driving my other gas cars.

I talk about Tesla all the time. And my wife is getting really sick of it.

I’m constantly checking TSLA. Even hours after the market has closed.

I never go on YouTube. Now I’m watching clips of Elon on it.

I love my Model S. Maybe a little too much.

I used to be normal. Now I’m not. What’s happened to me? Are there any plans to host therapy sessions at Service Centers?

elguapo | 25. Mai 2013

I am exactly the same way and I've never been this way about anything. My wife wants to start a "Tesla Widows" group since I just talk about the car and drive it all the time. Amazing.

Mark K | 25. Mai 2013

Focusing so much time on something so positive, and so filled with hope?

Maybe this Is the therapy.

Mark K | 25. Mai 2013

How I cured Tesla widow syndrome?

Bought a second one for my wife.

Now she gets it.

lvaneveld | 25. Mai 2013

Same here.

skymaster | 25. Mai 2013

Driving a "magic carpet ride" Tesla Model S is therapy.

If you have a bad day at work....jump in your Tesla and all your troubles float away...

lph | 25. Mai 2013

If you need therapy it will be painful at 1 TSLA share per hour. But if you wait it may only cost 1/2 or even a 1/4!

mikeflb | 25. Mai 2013

So true!
My wife has become a convert.

trydesky | 25. Mai 2013

And the moment you think you have this "disease" under control, someone new will ask you "How do you like your TS?" And there you go, right back to the bottom again.

CC | 25. Mai 2013

My wife is afraid of stepping into a Tesla store with me, because I would be stuck in there educating the masses, and guide those who are thinking about pulling the trigger to PULL the trigger and order one :)

And yes, I confess, I have watched every Elon clip there is on youtube and other sites....

Steinwand | 25. Mai 2013

Great therapy for me in that now I don't feel so alone in my feelings!!

kback | 25. Mai 2013

Exactly the same for me. It's a strange addiction, but seems to be very common. Hang on, I have to go check my Tesla iPhone app again.

info | 25. Mai 2013

I had to check the author of this post because I thought I wrote it and didn't remember. The only way I could convince my wife I loved her as much as the Tesla was to put an order in for the X for her.

I feel like I should get a commission on future sales. I had a chance to meet Elon Musk at the Hawthorne SuperCharger and he was kind enough to take a picture with me. I'm having it printed out with a caption THESE TWO MEN ARE WORTH 1.5 BILLION.

I was at the Supercharger when they were filming the announcement which will come next week. After the shoot, I asked his assistant if I could get a picture with him. He was called over and stuck out his hand and said, "Elon". I introduced my self, but since I'm not a rock star like Elvis or Cher or Madonna, I had to give him first and last name. Other than a quick hello and thank you, we had no conversation as he had more important things to attend to, and I'm not sure if this whole EV thing was his idea but his execution and direction is gifted to say the least.

If my car stopped and died tomorrow and Tesla went belly up, I'd still have the feeling that I got a chance to see the future. Someone once said, the future is here but it is not distributed equally. Those of us who have Tesla's have seen the future and we are lucky indeed. I'm on the East Coast tonight and my car is plugged in at my office in So.Cal. I miss it already. Fortunately, I have my App with the picture and control so I'll make it for a week or so.

bobinfla | 25. Mai 2013


That was a great line, I busted out laughing.

shs | 25. Mai 2013

Isn't $1.5B before the stock went up. You are much richer than that now!

Brian H | 25. Mai 2013

You addicts are despicable. Deliberately getting your wives hooked! Have you no shame? >:p

RanjitC | 25. Mai 2013

I can't refrain from making comments at any gathering that bring up my car. Like what's the price of gas, I don't care! Or lecturing the kids in a 7/11 parking lot on 0-60 times and the future of automobiles. What kind of a sick individual have I become!

kathleen.weinstein | 25. Mai 2013

New to the group - just got the note that my s is being made and I feel like its Christmas! I'm the convert, been waiting for 20 years for this! I expect my husband will soon be forced out of his MBZ S and come over to the light! Anyone care to comment on the service choice?

Mark Z | 25. Mai 2013

At the Tesla Store parking lot at Fashion Island a prospective customer ask me what I most hated about Model S. It took a couple of minutes to think of something! The 21" wheel scrapes was the answer. I suggested 19" wheels. A creaky panoramic roof on a very hot day driving rough roads was the runner up. Solution: drive smooth roads!