Top 10 EV sold in 2012

Top 10 EV sold in 2012

If anybody is intersted in EV sells in the last past year here Is the link

Go Tesla go!!!

hsadler | 09. März 2013

Love it !!

jillalameda | 10. März 2013

Notice that all of the non-Teslas are butt-ugly?

Darmok | 10. März 2013

Ugly, small, lousy range, limited cargo space, very limited availability, in many cases all of the above. Tesla is years ahead.

Velo1 | 10. März 2013

But, my butt's not ugly ;)

Sudre_ | 10. März 2013

None of them listed the manufacturers recommended selling price. I am curious what the average $ per battery capacity is but I am too lazy to do the research.
First you'd simply have to get the price with comparable options but then you'd have the difficult job of figuring out what the actual mileage is the car can do per charge. We all know the S doesn't do 300 miles.

wbrown01 | 11. März 2013

The artical is dated Jan 22, the VIN numbers are above 7,000 by now and the is being soft. Tesla I think right now is building them faster than any other company and unlike them have a buyer already. I am also sick and tire Of them putting Tesla with other EVs. All the others are not desirable, ugly, low range, etc. So what I say is "It is not that people don't want EVs it's that they don't want that EV which includes all the cars on the list except of course the Tesla.