Tracking highest VINs

Tracking highest VINs

This thread is for tracking the actual highest VIN-number. Actually I found a VIN 9903 at TeslaMotorClub.
When do we see the 10.000?

justineet | 03. Juli 2013

@cfOH......that's pretty cool.....thanks......

nickjhowe | 03. Juli 2013

@cfOH - check out this:

I can't remember which user was maintaining this. Search over at TMC.

Bighorn | 03. Juli 2013

After all the raw data from the petition drive, it's nice to see some statistical analysis for a change.
Great job!

cfOH | 03. Juli 2013

@nickjhowe Ah, interesting! Thanks for posting that link...too bad that spreadsheet seems to have been abandoned. It could be useful if we ever want to get an idea of fast Tesla has been ramping up the production rate.

AlMc | 03. Juli 2013

cfOH...Nice. I want this next to Mr. Musk when he announces the 2ndQ numbers on July 22nd

Brian H | 03. Juli 2013


Colasec | 03. Juli 2013

@cfOH Nice graph! Can you add me? Confirmed 6/16, VIN 15508. You probably can pick up a lot more data from some of the TMC threads - check out "Latest finalize your order date" in the Ordering & Production sub-form.

@Thrak "My wife said I was nesting..." :)

CalDreamin | 03. Juli 2013

@ cfOH
Very nice! Thank you.

Brian H | 04. Juli 2013

Sorry, my POSDH was directed at Matthew.

cfOH | 04. Juli 2013

POSDH = ??

Benz | 04. Juli 2013

Highest: VIN#16448 (SevenOfNine)

dennisg13 | 04. Juli 2013

Do the VIN #'s in the spreadsheet represent DELIVERED cars, or ORDERED cars?

Brian H | 04. Juli 2013

Pictures Or She (7/9) Didn't Happen
version of

cfOH | 04. Juli 2013

dennisg13: VINs assigned as they enter production.

cfOH | 04. Juli 2013

dennisg13: VINs assigned as they enter production.

dennisg13 | 04. Juli 2013

Thanks! I can't remember from the Q1 call, did Elon report 4750 cars MADE or DELIVERED or SOLD? My understanding is that Tesla does not consider a sale until the owner takes possession of the car. So it seems like they built at least 7000!!!!!! cars in Q2????

jkirkebo | 05. Juli 2013

No. There are lots of VINs inside this range that has been assigned to EU cars. Cars that are not in production yet. For example I have VIN 14420 and my car probably won't enter production for a couple of weeks or so.

Mathew98 | 05. Juli 2013

@Brian H - Yeah, only if another celeb like Jeri Ryan becomes a MS owner...

I heard somewhere that Weird Al was planning to buy an MS back in the day...

Then again, anything is possible. We even have alleged "owners" who complains about lack of cup holders and coat hangers...

jeffblum | 05. Juli 2013

VIN 16038, entered production June 26, estimated delivery July 30-Aug 13.

TheCheetahExpress | 05. Juli 2013

Hi guys, i am VIN # 16,358. I had my production on hold for 6 weeks because I wanted to see how progress was being made but three of us test drove it last Sunday in DC and were blown away that I had to get the production released. They are telling me end of July, early August for delivery!

There should be a disclaimer for anybody test driving stating;

Caution: Test driving may cause severe impulsions to purchase.

Mathew98 | 05. Juli 2013

Tesla claims test drives result in 25% purchases... You are not part of the statistic.

Brian H | 05. Juli 2013

compulsions + impulses = impulsions? Very inventive.

Bighorn | 05. Juli 2013

It's an actual word.

Brian H | 06. Juli 2013

So it is, and "a force that moves something along" seems like a reasonable use here. But I like the combo meaning better!

FranknWC | 06. Juli 2013

MS 85 black, Tech pac, Air Susp, twin chargers

06/08/13 Test drive
06/19/13 ordered
06/25/13 order confirmed
06/25/13 Received Vin ...6071

07/30-08/13 promised

Benz | 07. Juli 2013


Benz | 08. Juli 2013

Highest: VIN#16448 (SevenOfNine)

MichaelN | 08. Juli 2013

remember to add the first 1000 Sigs to whatever number - actually 1200 if you include Canada -

AmpedRealtor | 08. Juli 2013

@ fnealnwc, I finalized two days after you did and my VIN is 16XXX. How did you get such a low VIN number? Are you not in the US?

Brian H | 08. Juli 2013

I think he omitted the xx1xxx, s/b xx16071

phat78boy | 08. Juli 2013

Finalized on 7-2, VIN 16472.

dkapper | 08. Juli 2013

Finalized on 5/11 - picking up tomorrow morning. Vin 14661

q177onique | 08. Juli 2013

16398. Delivery window 8/4-8/18

BGYWGY | 08. Juli 2013

16487. Delivery window 8/6 - 8/20

cfOH | 08. Juli 2013

Can you guys (and gals) who just recently added your VINs to this thread please also post the date that your order was finalized (i.e., sent to production) along with your VIN? Thanks.

q177onique | 08. Juli 2013

Vin 16398. Finalized 7/1. Original delivery window to Houston service center was 7/28-8/11 then today got a different delivery window of 8/4-8/18

romainiacWV | 08. Juli 2013

16489 finalized 7/8. Delivery window is 8/5-8/19 to West Virginia!! So pumped!

romainiacWV | 08. Juli 2013

16489 finalized 7/8. Delivery window is 8/5-8/19 to West Virginia!! So pumped!

BGYWGY | 08. Juli 2013

16487. Finalized 7/8. Delivery window 8/6 - 8/20 to MA.

drpenberthy | 08. Juli 2013

Took delivery today in Virginia - VIN#13296. Awesome car.

Benz | 09. Juli 2013

Highest: VIN#16489 (romainiacWV)

cfOH | 09. Juli 2013

Here's what I'm doing with the data folks post, in case you didn't see this a few pages ago:

In a nutshell, I'm using the past 2 months' worth of "orders" (reservations sent to production) to get an idea of how fast Tesla is selling new MSes. Now, of course, there's a difference between someone ordering a car and someone actually paying for it, but I expect the difference isn't gargantuan.

The image will update whenever I add new VINs.

dirkhh | 09. Juli 2013

Maybe not helpful... bought a floor model (delivery this week), VIN 11623 (which means I bought an ancient car, I guess)

cfOH | 09. Juli 2013

@dirkhh Based on current production rates, that VIN was assigned likely 10-12 weeks ago, so not ancient (only relatively old by MS standards).

qblack1 | 09. Juli 2013

Ordered June 18
VIN 16425
No word on a completion date.
I requested early August delivery to NC.

ppape | 09. Juli 2013

Love the chart! Awesome....

Am I looking at it correctly? Vin 16489 has a date of 7/8/13 on the chart, but date of 7/2/13 next to "End" ??


sia | 09. Juli 2013

Nice work @cfOH!

And good catch Jackie! Since the slope is computed from the data points, the correction probably won't change the daily rate.

cfOH | 09. Juli 2013

@Jackie, D'oh! I automated the Regression numbers, but forgot to convert the Diff numbers into calculations (since I'm not using them anyway). I'll drop those off the spreadsheet...thanks for taking a close look at it. :-)

SamO | 09. Juli 2013

How does this square with the following:

"kidjay | JULY 9, 2013
We took the factory June 25th after going through all the car pickup stuff. So our tour didn't start till 5:30pm, our appt was at 4:30p. The guy that did the tour ask if we wanted to walk the factory instead of the tram they had. By doing this, we were able to go to section were the tram couldn't go! We saw things that most people could not see and it was just my wife, my son, and myself! We didn't leave Fremont factory till 7:30pm. We spent that much time in the factory learning about the MS and going to almost every station on the ground level with robots in full operation and the factory on full throttle with the second shift of the day. The upstairs is off limit where they have the battery operation and some other secret stuff. By the way, they have monitors within the factory and it show how many MS they have produce that week so far. The week prior to us taking the tour. They pumped out 550 MS. The guy told us that was the most they have every done so far in 1 week!"

cfOH | 09. Juli 2013

@samosam My chart is currently estimating 544 MSes per week, so 550 is pretty darn close. I'm already seeing some evidence that the rate of production is increasing over time (recent holiday time off notwithstanding), so by the end of the year, 600 per week is probably reasonable, if not higher.