Tracking highest VINs

Tracking highest VINs

This thread is for tracking the actual highest VIN-number. Actually I found a VIN 9903 at TeslaMotorClub.
When do we see the 10.000?

gt1485a | 03. Mai 2013

10251 on First 40kw thread

StefanT | 03. Mai 2013

It appears from the latest VINs that Tesla Model S has exceeded Delorean production and in half the time.

stevencoberly | 30. Mai 2013

I finalized my Model S order on May 20 and just saw my VIN on the My Tesla page. 12900. Does that mean it is (roughly) the 12900th Model S produced? Or the 12900th Tesla (counting Roadsters)? Or neither?

nickjhowe | 30. Mai 2013

12900th model S assigned a VIN, which is fairly close (but not the same as) 12900th produced. The VINS are a little out of sequence with the build sequence.

J.T. | 30. Mai 2013

12189 issed 5/27

J.T. | 30. Mai 2013


lightbody_s | 30. Mai 2013

12964 showed up for me today. Getting closer!

ellcyc | 30. Mai 2013

12947, appeared today. The robots are working hard this week.

Ddowns2050 | 30. Mai 2013

12599 showed up for me today. Haven't been contacted by a delivery specialist yet. Have any of you above me in this post?

J.T. | 30. Mai 2013

Not yet. Spoke with Matt Aldridge a few days ago (before my VIN popped) and he said I was about 3 weeks away at most.

stevencoberly | 30. Mai 2013

Nope. My window is June 17 - July 1, whatever that ends up meaning.

Mathew98 | 30. Mai 2013

@jtodtman Are you in the Tri States area? I got my VIN# 1216x on 5/26. They must be making batches for the geographic location too. Pick up window from 6/11 to 7/2.

vkumar7882 | 30. Mai 2013

@mathew I got y vin on 5/27 1214x and have the same delivery window as yours. I am 2 hrs west of Philly. Have u heard from a delivery specialist yet?

stevenballard | 30. Mai 2013

VIN# 122XX Just got an email from delivery specialist today. Window June 12-Jul 4.

Whity Whiteman | 30. Mai 2013

13xxx on teslamotorclub-forum...


Ehartley | 30. Mai 2013

got mine today - 128xx

J.T. | 30. Mai 2013

I'm on Long Island. Window 6/11-7/2.

Mathew98 | 30. Mai 2013

@vkumar7882 I was contacted by a DS from Springfield, NJ with pickup date tentatively set for 6/24. Seems like there's a batch of MS heading to the Northeast.

@jtodtman We have the same window for delivery. Perhaps a DS will contact you shortly.

negarholger | 30. Mai 2013

@Whity 7500 + 500 on a boat to Europe.
Looks promising to exceed 4500 US deliveries.

kheadrick | 30. Mai 2013

Got my VIN yesterday on my MY TESLA page. 1298x
Delivery date June 20th at the factory. Can't wait!

Ksamuellee | 30. Mai 2013

Received this today: 12815

jk2014 | 30. Mai 2013

kliest -- add in the new loaners and cars that reservation holders couldn't finance... maybe 100 cars. Still looks like they might get to 4700-4900 domestic. That would be awesome. Tesla has to spike production now it looks like. Have to meet this new demand somehow. Maybe bump a couple weeks here and there to 600-700/week just to get cars out to customers. Would be fantastic to get to that 25k level by the end of the year when supercharger network gets cross country. Builds strong anticipation for the Model X and massive anticipation for the GenIII...

Brian H | 30. Mai 2013

VIN 12900: You can add some demos and the Signature series to that, I believe. ~3,000?

stevencoberly | 30. Mai 2013

Since my VIN popped up this morning, I find myself staring blankly at my computer screen, connecting that combo of letters and numbers on My Tesla page to an actual black 85, black/obeche matte, pano, 19, tech package combo of aluminum, silicon, glass, leather, future, hope, vision, and acceleration that is presently working its way through a factory far away in California. M U S T . . . G E T . . . C O N T R O L . . . !

Mike C | 30. Mai 2013

Love how they just keep churning them out, this thread makes me nostalgic for 4 months ago. Congrats to all the new VINs, there are turning out to be quite a lot of "one percenters" (i.e., the only ones who can "afford" this car).

-VIN 4375

Brian H | 30. Mai 2013

Some are living in garrets and eating on $1/day like Elon did for a while, in order to afford the loan payments. When the car comes, they will move out, sleep in the back, and charge free at public or SuperCharger locations.

Where there's an obsession, there's a way!

Scott2613 | 30. Mai 2013

#13017 P85+ issued 05/25/13 proposed delivery window June 17th - July 1st.

dvarien | 31. Mai 2013

I picked up my S 3 weeks ago, VIN 09923.
Looks like Tesla is pretty close to their production estimates of 500 per week. That's cool!
It does appear that the S is batched, not by region but by color as far as I can tell.

hugo | 31. Mai 2013

Kleist: I see you posted "@Whity 7500 + 500 on a boat to Europe" is this confirmed? Good News for us Norwegians...I have waited over 2.5 years now....Can't wait to get my signature performance plus as one of the first in Europe :-)

J.T. | 31. Mai 2013

Just got my end of line date of June 3rd. VIN 12189. Delivery to east coast within two weeks of that.

Mathew98 | 31. Mai 2013

@jtodtman: What is your config? While my Vin# is about 30 lower than yours, I was told my car would be delivered a week after yours in NJ.

MS60, MC Red, pano roof, air, jump seats.

J.T. | 31. Mai 2013

My status just changed to "reserved"
85, tan, piano, panoramic, tech, air, 19" , white

Snicker | 31. Mai 2013

VIn# 12937

Mine just hit "reserved". What does that mean?

J.T. | 31. Mai 2013

No idea

cleota | 31. Mai 2013

Mine also went from "in production" (I think I recall it was) to "reserved". Uh oh.

Mathew98 | 31. Mai 2013

@jtodtman: My status was changed to "Reserved" too.

Does anyone know what the various statuses mean? Mine went from "The factory is building your Model S" to "Reserved".

NICE | 31. Mai 2013

Yikes! Mine did too. I'm supposed to get mine next week.

jk2014 | 31. Mai 2013

S-Car-Go -- Yo, I love Trading Places. Hope your MS is awesome when it arrives!

Sleeper | 01. Juni 2013

Status just changed to confirmed. Vin 12965

johngratcliff | 01. Juni 2013

Yesterday, on another thread I voiced concern and confusion about the switch to reserved, then confirmed, on the web site which many have expressed. Then, early this afternoon I heard that 1100x arrived in Dallas this morning. It had not been made clear to me that what was a (I thought) tentative earliest date was a firm delivery date. Will pick up in a day or two. Politely and pleasantly discussed need for clarity in sales and delivery process with receptive employees. I for one am okay with tentative dates and the need to change dates. I am not okay with not being told when tentative dates have become firm or have changed. In fairness my very competent and helpful "delivery specialist" (those of us from the old country - Louisiana, in my particular case - just sigh and say, "those crazy, wonderful Californians" - reminds me of "appliance model" from Steve Martin's movie about L.A.) thought she was clear that the tentative date would be firm unless I was notified. Maybe she's right. I'm just glad the car is in Dallas well ahead of the last day of the delivery window, June 10th.

Whity Whiteman | 02. Juni 2013

12965 ... wow. If this car is out the door, does that mean Tesla delivered 5400 Cars in Q2 so far... ok minus servicefleet and the cars for display.. but it seems, that the 5000 for Q2 should be achieved easily. )

Nicu.Mihalache | 02. Juni 2013

nope, it probably just got the VIN; it will be delivered at the earliest 2 weeks from now; also 500-1000 cars will be for on the water Europe, will not count as delivered; but we may end up in the 5000-5500 deliveries in in Q2 anyway :) - looking good

Whity Whiteman | 03. Juni 2013

maybe there is a surprise out there. They knew monthes ago, that there will be a lack of delivery because of the european shipping. But on the other hand they produce parts since more than a Year. Maybe the European Cars have there own VINs?

If they can bypass this shipmentlack, we could see a big surprise on July 22nd

FLsportscarenth... | 03. Juni 2013

Mine is VIN 12647 in production...

David70 | 07. Juni 2013

Order to the factory on May 29th.
I just noticed the VIN on the MyTesla page.


J.T. | 07. Juni 2013

121** being delivered June 17. Could have had it June 13 but out of town.

brandtlings | 07. Juni 2013

Delivery date June 21 - July 5. VIN 13453 P+ Grey, Black interior, carbon fiber dash, with everything but the rear facing seats and paint armor. (The wife will be driving 006706) Getting excited again!

michael1800 | 07. Juni 2013

130XX issued with a late June. That's a large range of VINs just recently.

David70 | 07. Juni 2013

Yep. I think the manufacturing rate has increased. Or maybe they're just pushing like they did at the end of last year to get a better than expected Q2 report.

Mathew98 | 07. Juni 2013

Picking up 1216x on 6/15. This is five weeks from finalizing the order on 5/11.

The factory is moving at an accelerated pace. This is much more efficient and way faster than the 6-9 months wait from the beginning of the year.