I couldn't find a topic on this (other than some notable and deserved negative comments about autonation), so I was wondering if anyone knew how Tesla handles trade-ins (if at all)?

I'm looking into getting a Model S and a trade-in would waive the sales tax at registration in Connecticut. If anyone has any experience with doing a trade-in with Tesla or knows how, please do share...

byoung71 | 03. September 2013

Tesla has partnered with some car buying company that will make you an offer for your car. In my experience their offer was very low; other people in other threads seem to agree.

I don't know how Connecticut defines "trade-in" but I doubt a contemporaneous sale to a different party would qualify.

ian | 03. September 2013

Autonation is (was?) the official partner with Tesla to handle trade ins. From the many reports though, you'll get a better deal selling it yourself privately or to another outfit like Carmax.


rankar | 04. September 2013

thanks guys. from the sound of it, it looks like i have to essentially sell a car and then buy a Tesla and that won't qualify as a trade-in for Connecticut purposes. i'll give CT DMV a call and see what they think. i'm skeptical, but i'll give it a shot.

this is why trading-in in CT is popular because you get the sales tax waived. and for a model S, that could easily be another $5k+ saved.